Hunter Island Walkthrough [Guide]

Hunter Island

In a fantasy world where cute but dangerous creatures called Arkadions exist, you are tasked with the quest to bring peace into the land. With your powerful crew of monsters, you must best those who seek to bring chaos into the world before it is too late. As such, you must train your team of Arkadions in order to ensure success. Hunter Island is a typical monster capture and battle game which will remind players of Pokemon and other similar titles. Gamers who are fans of the genre should certainly make it a point to try this game out. However, make sure to read this title first before you venture into a journey that is similar but unlike any other that you have played.

Those who are familiar with Pokemon and other similar games will not need to be oriented too much about Hunter Island, as it is a role playing game where players must capture and train monsters so that they would be able to form a formidable team that can match up with enemies. Players must navigate through different areas such as fields and caves where they would be able to encounter both random and predetermined battled. There are also towns that players can visit and interact with NPCs for quests and even free items.

Gold and silver are the currencies within Hunter Island. Both of these currencies are used to purchase items at the store such as extra monsters. Gold, however, are the game’s premium currencies which means that monsters purchased using these types of currencies are more valuable and powerful. On the other hand, silver can also be used to level up your Arkadions. Both of these currencies are available as rewards for quests and other actions, but additional gold and silver may also be purchased using real money.

Hunter Island features several creatures, each having many different stats and abilities. Aside from these, Arkadions also have elemental affinities such as fire, water, and others that may be taken advantage of especially when dealing with enemies that are weak or vulnerable against a certain element. Monsters can either be captured in the wild, given as rewards, or purchased outright.

With regards to capturing monsters, weaker monsters have a higher chance of getting captured. Players will also have to spend silver in order to perform this action. Thus, make sure that the enemy is weakened enough before you attempt to catch it and add it to your collection.

Once added to your lineup, players can now organize which monsters to include into their team. Monsters can be levelled up using items bought at the store, or they can sacrifice hatchlings in order to increase their stats. Monsters also earn experience by participating in battles, which is why it is important to have your monsters join your lineup so that they can have a more well rounded team. Aside from increased stats, monsters also earn new skills once they reach certain levels, adding more formidability to your monsters as well as to your team as a whole.

Players may engage in multiple quests that will reward players with special items. Some of these quests may be finished quickly while others would require you to explore different locations and engage in numerous battles. Quests open up depending on your current rank, and more quests will be made accessible to you once existing quests have been completed.

In battle, players can take a maximum of three monsters. They will fight one by one, with the next one in the lineup only being available once the current monster falls. Players can select the strikes that they want, as well as choose the enemy that they would like to attack. In addition, different strikes have different Time Units, or TU, which basically defines how fast before they would be able to use the attack again. Also, the monster’s grade will determine if they would be able to perform multiple attacks in a turn.

Health is a very important factor when it comes to battle. Health regenerates over time, or certain items may be used. The best way to heal your monsters, however, is to visit a town, as this will replenish the health of all your monsters. Alternatively, players can also have several backup monsters that can be used when your other Arkadions are resting. This strategy will save up some time as you will no longer have to wait around a lot or go visit a town.

Towns are friendly areas where players will be safe from attack. When visiting towns, your monsters will be healed, and you will be able to visit markets as well as talk to NPCs that will be able to send you in quests. Most towns also have an Arena where players can engage in combat. Teleporting to your last visited town can be performed by pressing the dedicated button on the screen when you are navigating the open world.

Hunter Island also offers a multiplayer mode where players can battle with others online. Combat is pretty much the same, and there are also rewards such as currencies and other items up for grabs. This function requires a Wi-Fi connection and will only be made available once players have reached a certain level.

Online Missions
Online missions are special events where players can do battle with stronger opponents. This also means that the rewards are much greater. Participating in online missions will require tickets that are available in most markets. Make sure that you are strong enough as most missions will be very challenging and difficult. Online missions, as the name implies, will also require a Wi-Fi connection.

The Arena is an area that is found in most towns. Here, players can pit their Arkadions against the NPC’s. There are several battles that players can choose from, and depending on your rank, these can range to manageable to very difficult. Players may only fight n the Arena once every twelve hours, so make sure to choose your fights wisely as you would not want to waste the possible rewards in a losing effort.


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