Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest Walkthrough [Guide]


Bandits have taken over your land, and it’s up to you to exact revenge on them. Heaven help those who block your way, as you stand for truth, justice, and freedom. In Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest, players can combat against different baddies and reclaim territory so that they can restore their land to its former glory. This is an action-packed adventure that focuses on you upgrading your equipment so that you can match up against the meanest and baddest scoundrels out there, with some simulation building elements thrown in. Are you ready for a fight? Read this guide to be better prepared.

Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest is a building simulation and battle game where gameplay revolves around building up your character by equipping and purchasing items, as well as constructing different stores and establishments in reclaimed areas so that you will be able to generate income. There’s also a PvP function where you can test your skills around other players also playing the game. Epic Empire requires strategy and proper management of resources since all items come together and will impact your base and your character in one way or another.

Coins and starstones are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are mainly earned via income generating buildings that are constructed on your land, and may be used to explore surrounding areas as well as upgrade and evolve your equipment. Coins are also used for purchasing buildings and, in some cases, upgrading them. On the other hand, starstones are the game’s premium currency and can be used to purchase extra coins as well as speed up tasks. Starstones are also used at the blacksmith where players can get the chance to acquire rare and powerful items. Starstones are earned whenever players level up, and can also be purchased in exchange for real life cash.

Players can equip gear such as helmets, leggings, armor, and weaponry. All of these equipment can be used to boost your stats, which include health and attack. Items can be dropped by enemies as loot, and more powerful ones can also be created at the forge in exchange for starstones.

Players can increase the attributes of equipment by fusing them with other items. This will increase the level of your items and will require spending coins. Equipment may also be evolved by spending coins as well as gathering the required items. These two processes will greatly increase your hero’s attributes even if you have common items equipped.

Energy is required in order to be able to fight. Each battle will require a certain amount of energy, and this can be refilled instantly using starstones. Naturally, however, energy will refill on its own, which means that players will only have to wait for a certain amount of time in order to be able to fight again.

Players can extend their territory by exploring other areas. Initially, this will require coins but can be revisited without spending any other fees. Players must clear the area of bandits by continuously tapping on them. Once the area has been cleared of enemies, players can now build on these territories, and locations adjacent to them will also be made available for exploration.

Different types of buildings can be constructed in areas that you have already freed, although its only purpose is to generate and store resources for you. Most buildings are used for generating coins, and these can be upgraded by spending metals, which are also collected by exploring. Upgrading buildings will increase their production, so that you can collect more within a smaller amount of time.

There are also buildings that determine how may coins and metals you can store. Like other buildings, these can be upgraded using coins. The type and number of buildings that you can place will depend on your current level, so keep on playing so that you can build more.

Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest also has a PvP function where in players can battle others online. Like battling in normal mode, playing under PvP will require a different type of energy. This is one of the best ways to earn extra items and currencies as well as to test your mettle against other heroes. Multiplayer functions will only open up once players have reached a certain stage in the game.

Different types of quests are available within the game. This is the best way to earn starstones without having to spend real money. Quests vary from building structures within your land, or battling different types of enemies. Multiple quests can be done at the same time, and more will open up once current quests have been completed.

Keep posted for updates on the game, as it will eventually have the function that will allow players to join guilds with others. There will also be other content that will be made available within the game, so make sure to update once one becomes available.


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