Neon Shadow Walkthrough [Guide]

Neon Shadow

Nothing good happens whenever any computer gets a mind of its own. Players can experience that first hand in Neon Shadow as you take on the malicious AI, as well as other robots that aim to stand in your way. With that, you must make use of all the resources available in order to come out of it alive, as only you stand between the intelligent but evil ship and the safety of the galaxy. Are you ready for some old school FPS? Make sure to read through this walkthrough as you’ll need all the advantages that you can acquire.

Neon Shadow is a first person shooter where in players must follow a storyline as well as quests given by the game. Controls are pretty basic, and players are guided towards the locations that they would need to go to via an arrow on the upper area of the screen. Along the way, players will get to encounter several types of enemies with different attributes and attack patterns, and failure to dispatch them may lead to you failing the stage and being forced to restart the mission. Different items and weapons may also be picked up to help you along the way.

Players start off with a finite amount of health. Whenever players are attacked, their health will diminish. Players would thus have to maintain their health or pick up items that will restore a certain amount of health to your character. Should your health reach zero, you would have to restart the start, albeit with a full bar of health. Players should also take note that the player’s health does not refill at the end of the stage as this will be carried over to the next mission.

Neon Shadow features different kinds of weaponry. These range from the shotgun, which serves as your primary weapon, to machine guns and grenade launchers. Weapons differ from each other in terms of behavior, firepower, and other attributes, so make sure to equip the right item for the situation. Weapons that you will be picking up later in the game also have limited ammunition, but reloads can be picked up in the levels. You initial weapon, however, has infinite ammo, but has a slow fire rate as well as ammo capacity.

At the end of each mission, players will be given a rank based on their performance. Factors that will affect your rank include destroying all enemies, collecting all items, and completing the mission quickly. There are also secret items that can be collected which would further increase your rank. Another way to increase your rank is to perform combos, which is done by destroying enemies in quick succession.

Neon Shadow has a multiplayer function where players can battle others either via Wi-Fi, online, or split screen. As there are no upgrades available on a per player basis, you need not fear that other players would have a more distinct advantage. Players must thus utilize their skills on a more or less even playing field in order to win against one or more opponents.

The game provides different settings so that you will get more used to the controls. Settings include control sensitivity and control inverts, as well as a feature that will allow players to aim more easily. These changes can be made at the settings menu even in the middle of a mission. Adjust these settings accordingly so that you will have an easier time with controlling your movements and shooting.

Tips and Tricks
Should you find yourself facing multiple enemies and you would need to make every shot count, make it a point to move backwards without taking your eye off the enemies. This will give you ample space between yourself and the robots while still being able to make potshots. Just make sure that you don’t back into a corner as you would probably get dealt with a lot of damage should you get surrounded.

Most enemies have distinct attack and movement patterns. Watch out for these to predict their moves. This is also a great way to determine when you can stand still and increase your chances of getting a direct shot. However, make sure to move away once they take their shot at you.

Also, don’t pick up items that you don’t need. In the case of health items, for example, don’t get all of them especially if your character is still healthy. Once you’ve gotten into a scrap, you’ll have something to refill your health with if you’ve left some behind for future use. This goes the same for ammo refills, so make sure that you are going into battle with full resources as much as possible.

Lastly, don’t charge into battle head on. Learn to look at all visible areas of the room before you enter so that you can determine if there are any enemies ahead and where they are located. This will ensure that you are better prepared once you walk into a firefight.


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