Flick Kick Football Legends Walkthrough [Guide]

Flick Kick Football Legends

Two years after your coach’s untimely demise, your team is back together and are now ready to take the football world by storm once again. Guided by your deceased mentor’s ghost, you must now help in managing your own roster of players as you climb the ranks across different divisions and create bitter rivals along the way. Add to that the hipster-inspired artwork and the very amusing exchanges, and this game will tickle the fancies of those who are not even fans of the sport. Get your moustache ready for some intense football action, and read up on this guide to better guide you towards winning ways.

Kick Flick Football Legends is a football simulation game that has been simplified such that both offense and defense is controlled via flicks on the screen. These include passes, interceptions, and shots. Shots and passes can be directed in any which way, and may also be curved to avoid defenders. On the other hand, defending requires proper timing when trying to knock balls off opponents’ dribbles as well as intercepting passes and blocking shots. Players can rise in the rankings and join different divisions, and they can also bolster their team’s skills along the way by buying and swapping players as well as leveling them up for more developed abilities.

Coins and cash are the two currencies within Flick Kick Football Legends. Both can be earned by winning games, with cash being awarded mainly for ranking in divisions once they have been completed. Coins can be used to purchase card packs which include new players that you can use for your team, while cash is used for retrying games that you have failed to win and to regain your energy. Players may also purchase additional coins by spending cash, and better card packs may be bought using this currency as well. Like most games, extra cash may be acquired via in-app purchases.

Energy is a resource required in order to participate in a match. Energy regenerates over time, but it can be refilled instantly and even have its capacity increased by spending cash. This is important especially for players with money to burn and would not like to wait in order to play their next match.

Additional players may be acquired via card packs that can be purchased using either coins or cash. Some players have special abilities which would be triggered once they are the ones performing actions during matches. They can also be leveled up whenever they participate in a match. Having higher level players with improved skills will definitely be an advantage, as not only will they perform better, but some skills will also allow you to earn extra coins and experience. Thus, managing your roster and filling it with good players will surely benefit you as a whole.

Matches are made up of two halves. Players must move the ball towards the goal, after which they will be ordered to take a shot. Players only have a limited time to make a move; otherwise, their turn will be forfeited. The opponent will also get possession of the ball once it has been intercepted while you’re passing or shooting.

On defense, players must prevent the opponent from moving the ball towards your goal, and the team with the most points at the end of the round will be declared as the winner. Players should also take note of the time, as any events that will result on possession changes after the time expires will end the half. If this is not the case, then the game will continue for as long as possession does not change.

In between matches, there will be intermission sessions where characters will ask you to make a decision. Depending on your answer, players would either earn currency or lose a certain amount. The best bet if you are undecided on how to respond is to choose the best answer that you think would please your deceased coach.

The game is divided into divisions with each one having a set number of games. Players must try to win matches in order to rank first amidst other teams after all games have been played. Losing games will not get you points, while draws will get one point and winning will earn your team three points each. By winning divisions, the succeeding level will open up and you will also get to earn some extra cash. Winning matches will also earn players coins which you can use to buy more and better players.

Make sure to check your rankings after each match, and make it a point to replay finished divisions in order to earn more currencies to buy better players especially if you find succeeding matches to be very difficult. This is the best way to not waste energy on losing battles that will leave you at the bottom of the rankings.


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