Knack’s Quest Walkthrough [Guide]

Knacks Quest

Those who have acquired the title Knack for the Playstation 4 will be pleased to know that there is an accompanying mobile game for it. Although the mechanics are very different from the beat ‘em up and platforming mechanics of the console version, Knack’s Quest does offer players the chance to unlock special items that can be used in the former. In addition, it’s a pretty decent puzzle game at that. Regardless of whether you have Knack for the Playstation 4 or not, Knack’s Quest is still pretty enjoyable on its own if you are a fan of the genre. Read up on this guide to make the most out of the game.

Knack’s Quest is a match three puzzle game where players can switch tiles within a grid to make matches. Scores earned while playing will then unlock parts of gadgets that can be used in the Playstation version of the game. However, this will only be accessible once players link up the game to their PSN account. Players must then race against time as they acquire the required amount of matches in order for your robot to level up and clear the stage.

The game is divided into chapters, which is then in turn divided into three stages. By completing one stage, the next one will unlock, and completing all stages in the chapter will unlock the next chapter. Each set of missions are focused towards a specific challenge, and players will encounter different types of tiles in each round that may require players to alter their style of play. For example, players will see ice tiles that will add to your number of matches but will slowly melt, as well as logs on fire that will destroy all other log matches that you have already acquired. This will require players to think on their feet depending on the situation at hand.

Two other important things to consider is that the game will provide hints whenever you do not make a move after a certain period of time. Also, the tiles on the grid will refresh whenever you don’t have any possible moves left. This guarantees that the only way to lose is if the timer runs out without you reaching the required level.

Players must race against time in order to clear the stage. Your timer will slowly diminish, but you will get more of this once you have made matches. Players can even earn more once they have made combos or matches of more than four tiles or in L or T shapes. Pay attention to the time remaining so that you will know when to pick up your speed.

Leveling Up
Players must reach three levels before a mission would be cleared. This will require making a certain number of matches each level. Each time players level up, your robot will increase in size, although this only serves as an aesthetic effect. Thus, make sure to make as many matches as possible, although you must also balance between simply trying to clear the stage and earning enough points to unlock gadget parts. Also, take note that your time will not increase even if you have cleared a level.

Special Attacks
By making matches, players can fill up to three meters. These, in turn, can be used to trigger special attacks that can help you out when making matches. Using one meter will allow players to remove any combination of tiles, regardless of whether they are connected vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, provided that they are of the same tile type. Using all three meters at the same time, however, will clear all of a certain tile type depending on which tile you have clicked. This can get you out of hairy situations and can pretty much refresh the tiles on the grid.

Take note, however, that eliminated tiles using special attacks are not added to the number of matched tiles that you have made. Also, making combos as well as matches of more than three tiles will speed up the process of filling your meters, so make this a primary objective especially if you want to use these attacks to their fullest extent.

Aside from clearing the level, players must also concentrate on scoring more points. Gadgets are unlocked whenever players have reached a certain score limit. Thus, the higher your score, the faster you will be able to unlock the necessary parts. This is done by chaining matches and by making matches of four tiles or more. To do this, players must have the foresight of where tiles will fall, as well as to act fast in making consecutive matches as combos will also award more points than usual.

As mentioned, gadget parts will be unlocked once players have  acquired a certain amount of points. Once all parts have been completed, then it will be accessible in the PS4 version of the game. The awarding of parts is random, and players can check up on the parts that they have earned by accessing the collections area of the game.

Endless Mode
Endless mode is unlocked once players have beaten all chapters in the game. Endless mode will have players racing against the clock in scoring as many points as possible. This is a great way for players to try out something new and to challenge their previous performances, and is also a more practical way to earn extra points without having to move from one mission to another.


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