Clumsy Ninja Walkthrough [Guide]

Clumsy Ninja

Not all ninjas are graceful and lightning swift killing machines, and the character featured within Clumsy Ninja is proof of just that. Your new friend is awkward and prone to stumbling and falling on his backside, but with a little patience and training – as well as a lot of prodding on your part – you can turn your character into the best ninja that he can be. Ultimately, so that he can earn the respect of his sensei and his peers. Along the way, he might also get the chance to rescue his good friend Kira. Get ready for one of the cuddliest and endearing games recently released, and this guide will help you get going when it comes to training your very own clumsy ninja.

Clumsy Ninja is a Tamagochi-style game where players can interact with a ninja character on screen by dragging him along, poking him, tickling him, and hurling him in the air. Players can also acquire items that can be used to train your character so that he wouldn’t be so clumsy. These will also work towards letting your ninja gain enough experience, learn new moves, and earn new belts from the sensei. Ensuring that you make the most out of your game time by making sure that you constantly train your character is essential for quick and steady improvement.

There are two types of currency within Clumsy Ninja. These are coins and gems, and both work towards helping your character improve his ninja skills. Both coins and gems can be used to unlock and purchase items from the Ninja Kit, although the latter can be used to acquire items early while the former can only be used once the particular item has been unlocked. Gems can also be used to fix items quickly and to purchase items that cannot be bought using basic currency like exclusive costumes. Both coins and gems can be acquired via in-app purchases as well as by completing quests or collecting from daily bonuses.

Leveling Up
Training your character, completing quests, or simply interacting with your ninja character will earn you experience points. Experience points are a necessary part of the game as it is the only way to climb up the ranks and earn new belts. In addition, leveling up will allow you to earn gems as well as unlock new items that can be purchased and used within the Ninja Kit.

Quests are objectives that are given to you by your sensei, and completing them will earn players additional currency as well as lots of experience. Most of these quests will teach you the basics of the game, and will also more or less force you to interact with new items that you may have unlocked. Oftentimes, however, quests would also require you to grind in order to complete the objective specified.

Quests often come in threes, and a new set will open up once the current ones have already been completed. Make it a point to complete quests as soon as possible as this is the fastest way for your character to level up and to earn more coins that you will need in the future.

Ninja Kit
The Ninja Kit is where players would be able to purchase and access items that can be used to help train your ninja. There are also items, such as animals and plants, that would help in earning coins so that you will get more aside from the usual method of training your character. All items within the Ninja Kit can be acquired using coins once you reach a certain level. However, players who want to gain access to these items early can opt to use gems.

Some items need only to be purchased once, and after that will be accessible all throughout the game. Despite this, these equipment will also break down, and players can either wait for it to be fixed or spend gems or perform other actions in order to be able to use them earlier. On the other hand, some items like balloons, crates, and potions must be purchased each time you run out of these resources.

In order for your clumsy ninja to not be so clumsy anymore, regular and constant training must be given. This can be done by using the items found in the Ninja Kit. These include trampolines, punch bags, kick dummies and even basketball hoops so that your ninja’s moves and overall coordination can be improved.

Under each category, there are different items that can be used. These, however, would have to be unlocked first using coins or, if you are in a hurry to use a specific item although not being in the required level yet, gems. Once these items have been unlocked, players can reuse them over and over again, but some items will require small fees in the form of coins in order for them to become available.

By training your ninja, he will earn mastery of a specific move. This is represented by stars that gradually fill up as you use a specific item. Once all three stars have been acquired for a specific item, your ninja will now be able to perform these moves, and you will also be able to see that his movements will be much more fluid and smooth as well. Training will also earn players lots of coins, and sometimes even gems, as well as experience points.

Other items, currently, do not serve an official purpose such as balloons and potions. However, purchasing these items are often required as a part of quests. Thus, players should make sure that they have enough coins to acquire these products whenever the need arises.

Daily Bonus
Clumsy Ninja also offers a daily bonus where players may be awarded with currencies should day log in for consecutive days. This is a very easy way to earn some free items. However, it is important to put your ninja to sleep at least once a day. This is done by clicking on the bed near your home until the ninja lies down and rests.

Social Function
While Clumsy Ninja does not have a social function per se, it does reward players that link up their game to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. In some cases, gems are rewarded while sometimes they would fix your equipment for free. Players can also take screenshots of their ninja in action and share them via Facebook for your friends to see.

Tips and Tricks
Players need not be stuck in front of the game all day in order to speed up your ninja’s training. Players should keep in mind that, the higher the level required to unlock a specific equipment and the higher it costs, the more experience you are likely to earn. Still, don’t underestimate the amount of experience that you can earn from earlier equipment. A wise strategy is to play through the lowest equipment for each category first before moving on to the next level. Chances are, by the time that you have finished playing through all items, the first ones that you have completed would have been repaired once again and would be ready to use once more.

Also, don’t spend your gems on fixes. Sometimes, it would be just better to play around with the other available stuff or just play around with your ninja by poking him or hurtling him in the air. This will not only allow you to save your premium currency for more important expenses, but it would also earn you experience along the way, albeit in minute quantities.

Make sure that you screen as well as your fingers are clear of any dirt. This can greatly affect how well you perform during training especially if you are tasked with controlling your ninja himself. Players should also make it a point to be steady when making gestures as the slightest mistake will probably cause your ninja to lose his momentum. Don’t worry, though, as your progress would not get lost even if you stumble or fail.

Take advantage of any free items that might come your way. These include login bonuses as well as free videos that might be offered. These would grant you easy access to additional currencies that would be badly needed at later stages. Consequently, don’t spend coins on items that are not required for a quest. These include balloons, potions, and crates. Although players can potentially earn experience with them, the time that it would take to purchase equipment that are actually part of the next quest would not be worth it, especially if you are very short on cash.

Lastly, do purchase animals or plants should you have enough gems on hand. These provide passive income in the form of coins, which means that you’ll have a healthy amount of cash waiting for you once you log back into the game without having to participate in any training session. Out of all the items in your Ninja Kit, these are the best items that you can spend your precious gems on.


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