Dead Rising 3 – Side Missions [Guide]

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 features a variety of different side missions that can be
started throughout the game by answering calls. These side missions are marked
with blue objective markers.

If you’re looking for the full Dead Rising 3 guide that covers all the main
story mode missions and more, please try here:

Dead Rising 3 [Guide]

Dead Rising 3: Side Missions
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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Chapter 0

Signs of Safety

Chapter 2

Craven Consultant
In the Cards
Darker Gods

Chapter 3

Love Thy Neighbor
Time for A Hero
Let’s Blow this Joint
Zombies Gone Wild
Blood Barter
A Question of Law
Lesser Evil

Chapter 4

Family Style Dining
Dog Gone!
Under Armed

Chapter 5

Kin & Comfort
Don’t Look Now
Will or Away
Fashion Victim
Contraband Conditions
Eat the Rich

Chapter 6

The Hunted

Chapter 7

Memory Lane
Love’s A Drag

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Chapter 0
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When out exploring the town at Rhonda’s behest in the beginning of the game,
you’ll get a call. Answer the call by pressing “up” on the d-pad. This will
in turn lead you to Anna at a motel.

Climb the large military truck parked outside the motel to reach Anna’s
position on the balcony. Note that there is also a Frank West Limited Edition
Statue to collect here that is worth a healthy amount of PP.

Speak with Anna for a bit. She’ll explain that she has found a safehouse for
other people that are moving through the town and she wants to mark it with
spray paint. She needs three more cans to finish the job.

The cans are very easy to find as they are pointed out directly by objective
markers. You can sprint to each one or use vehicles. Along the way, you will
come across a lot of weapons that will make it a fairly painless experience
when it comes to dealing with the undead, so don’t worry too much about weapons
or healing items as they are plentiful here.

If you are having troubles, check the roof of the movie theater. There will be
an LMG and a katana up here as well as various healing items. Grenades and
other weapons are also plentiful in the movie theater area as well.

Upon collecting all the cans, return to Anna. Give them to her and she will
finish the marking. You can then use the safehouse for your own purposes as
well, and now Anna will tag along with you.

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Chapter 2
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Ravi is a coward that has locked himself in a big freezer. Talk with him for a
bit and he will explain that he has the schematics to cobble together a
special combo weapon to use against the undead.

However, what Ravi needs is a meat cleaver and a chainsaw. These items can be
found in various places in the game, but the easiest way to find them is at
the gun shop in Ingleton. You probably also have the side mission “In the
Cards” available, which involves someone standing on the roof of the gun shop,
so follow that objective marker to find it.

Inside the shop, look behind the counter to find a dead body leaning against
the wall. The dead body has a chainsaw and a meat cleaver next to it. Return
the items to Ravi and he will create the mini chainsaws like the freaky clown
used in the first game. Ravi is too much of a coward to use these things as
well, so he drops them on the ground. Pick them up and leave with Ravi to
complete the mission.

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On the roof of the gun shop is Simon, a psychic that refuses to leave without
his tarot cards. To get on the roof of the gun shop, simply walk around it and
go through the alley to easily climb to its roof. Talk with Simon for a bit
and then the location of all five of his tarot cards will pop up on your HUD.

As you near each location, keep an eye on the objective marker. The objective
markers will show you the EXACT location of each card, but when you get too
close, the objective marker turns into a blue radius. The card is located
inside that radius. The idea is to get you to look for them, even though they
are all extremely easy to find.

Collect all five cards and return to Simon. Climb back on top of the roof of
the gun shop and hand them over.

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Before worrying about this side mission, you’re going to want to follow the
main objective marker. Basically, Nick is in need of some Zombrex that can only
be found at the local morgue. Meanwhile, this objective marker takes place in
the graveyard that leads to the morgue, and the walls surrounding it make it
impossible to get in unless you go the main mission route.

Anyway, upon arriving in the graveyard, Christina is clearly visible standing
on top of a mausoleum and ranting about something or other. Talk with her and
then the different sigils that are somehow burned into the ground of the
graveyard will all be pointed out to you via objective markers.

It may seem natural to hunt down a fire extinguisher and use that to put out
the sigils, but nay. In Dead Rising 3, we do things hardcore. We put out fires


That’s right, what you need to do is go to each sigil and kill a zombie while
it is standing on it. If you are having troubles getting a zombie to walk on
a sigil, remember that you can say “OVER HERE!” to the Kinect and zombies will
be attracted to your voice.

Upon putting out all five sigils, return to Christina and chat with her for a
minute. You can then choose to stop the ceremony by punching Christina or
let her stab herself in the gut as sacrifice. Your call.

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Chapter 3
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

It seems that two neighbors are having an argument about guns and food. Talk
with the two of them to calm down the situation. The old woman wants firearms,
five to be exact, and the “baggy pants guy” wants food. Five food items, to
be exact.

So now all you need to do is collect firearms and food (spoiled food won’t
work; explosive firearms won’t count either) and then dump them in their
respective crates. When that’s done with, speak with both of the neighbors and
the dispute will be peacefully resolved.

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Kenny is at a construction site, all depressed because he doesn’t know how to
kill zombies. Talk to him about this and then Nick will offer to show him how
to properly slay the undead. First thing’s first is hand-to-hand killing
using special moves.

To kill a zombie with a special move, first punch them five times and then
hold B + Y together to make Nick grab them and perform the move. This should
kill the zombie. If it doesn’t, just grab the zombie again and keep repeating
the move until the zombie dies. This needs to be done successfully five times.

Talk to Kenny after this is done. Nick then tells Kenny about the magical
world of weapon combinations. Kenny wants a demonstration, so find two items
that you can cobble together. If you have the blueprints for it, there is a
2×4 and iron bar right near Kenny that can be used to make the weapon “Heavy
Metal”. Remember to ALWAYS grab the blueprints when you see them; they are
displayed on your map as blue gear icons.

Demonstrate how to use the combo weapon to Kenny by slaying more zombies. Talk
to him again to complete the mission.

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Hank needs to use propane (and propane accessories) and an acetylene tank to
power up his RV (is this a reference to the Beavis and Butthead movie?
Probably not, but I can dream). Lucky for you, these items are located nearby.
Just wade through the zombies and keep an eye on the ground to find them and
then return them to Hank.

Of course, Hank also needs a gas canister. Again, just look around the area
near Hank and the RV to find it. Give this to Hank and then retreat to a safe
distance and see how Hank’s RV situation turns out for him…

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When in a zombie apocalypse, one should always remember three rules:
1) Find shelter.
2) Master the art of zombie killing. And
3) Make as much zombie porn as possible.
Talk with Joey in his mansion and Nick can have a slight role in cobbling together such a film.

Joey wants “three hot zombie dudes” for his flick. Leave his house and as luck
would have it, a bunch of zombies fall from his roof. Lead them to the room
where the shoot is going on by saying “OVER HERE!” using Kinect. When they
enter this room, they will ignore you and get on the bed. Just get three
male zombies in the room and Joey will have enough material to make his
(I’m sure very tasteful) film.

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Troy is sobbing at a bus terminal because he traded a locket of his daughter
for a way out of town. Unfortunately, he was swindled by a conman. Go to the
location of the conman, appropriately a strip club.

Go up the stairs and talk to the bodyguard to initiate conversations with
the boss. A fight will break out. Try not to hit the bodyguard (Jesse) too
much, instead focusing your attacks on the boss. Beat the boss to death and
Jesse will give up the fight.

Grab the locket off the ground. Return to Troy and give it to him.

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Carrie wants her briefcase. Unfortunately, her associate that had her
briefcase is now zombie. Kill the zombie and grab the briefcase. Return to
Carrie and swap the briefcase for her shotgun.

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Big D can be found on the southern bridge. Talk to him and he will ask that
you bring him a combo vehicle. If you went to him in a combo vehicle, then you
don’t have to worry about it. However, there is a garage nearby anyway so it’s
not a big deal.

Big D will get in the combo vehicle with you. Drive it as close to his “pad”
as you can. There will be barricades all around it so you can’t drive the
combo vehicle directly to his place. Get out and kill the zombies on the way
to his pad and go inside with him.

Follow Big D into the next room to find a woman named Kandy tied up on the
bed. Kill Big D when prompted. Grab his gun and grab the limited edition
Frank statue from his dresser. Free Kandy before you leave.

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Chapter 4
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Jason wants to keep his undead family fed just in case a cure is found after
the Los Perdidos incident has been cleared up. He needs some fresh meat for
them. Any type of meat will do, whether it is a hotdog, BBQ chicken, whatever.
Just get some meat and then give it to Jason.

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A master hotdog chef needs Nick’s help so that he can continue creating his
glorious noms. Talk with the chef and then get in the blue van that is near
him. Drive to the kitchen, going right through the Rockets Red Glare store for
a shortcut and so that you can drive the van right up next to the kitchen.

Kill the zombies in the kitchen and then while the chef makes his hotdog,
keep zombies from coming in. When the chef is done, talk to him and then you
can take the master hotdog food item from the counter.

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Dwayne in the police station is having problems breaking into the armory. He
needs a handgun, a grenade, and a riot shield. All of these items can be found
in the police station. If you have any on your person, hand them over
immediately. There’s also a safe zone very close by so you can grab the items
out of the locker there if you don’t feel like searching for them.

A handgun can be found right outside the front door of the station. There’s
also a few cop zombies in the cell block that have handguns they’re randomly
firing. Grenades can be found on a crate near the parking garage ramp, which
is marked as the EVIDENCE STORAGE on the signs that lead you around the police

On the ramp as it leads out into the street are two riot shields. The shutter
that leads into the garage usually isn’t open unless you come from inside the
actual garage. Anyway, grab the riot shields and with all of the items in tow,
return to Dwayne and hand them over.

Dwayne has one more favor; he wants a shotgun. Simply go around the corner and
you will find a shotgun lying in front of some lockers along with a machinegun.
Grab the shotgun and give it to Dwayne to complete the mission.

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Chapter 5
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Kelsey is on the roof of a jewelry store. Break through the window and then
go to the stairs to get on top of the roof. Talk with Kelsey and she will ask
you to take her to her family.

Head to Kelsey’s home and she’ll let you inside. Follow her to the dining
room and kill her zombified family members.

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Head to the security room. The woman holed up there is wanting you to check
the garbage outside various government buildings to look for suspicious
documents. Go to the piles of garbage and smash it to find the documents.
There are five different areas marked by the objective markers on the HUD,
but only three documents can be collected.

Upon collecting all of the documents, return to the security room and report

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A man wants the will his dead wife left him because it will make him rich.
However, the will is in his house and his house is overrun with zombies. When
you are done talking to him, you can freely open the door of the house and go

There is a hallway filled with zombies. Kill all of them and then you can
reach a door there. Open the door and you’ll hear someone yelling for help. Go
to the closet doors and open them to meet Warren. Warren explains what is
REALLY going on here.

Go with Warren to the man standing outside. Talk with them, and the man will
try to kill you and Warren. Kill the man before he can do you in.

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Speak with the freaky woman at the second floor of the clothing store. She
then wants you to “shop til you drop” (or chop as it were) at three different
stores that are all nearby. Go with her to each store. Clear out any zombies
inside, and wait for her to gather the clothes she needs for her new outfit.

When she’s done at the three clothing stores, she needs new shoes. Go with her
to the shoe store and wait for her to kick the doors open. Then wait as she
changes in the dressing room into her brand new meatless outfit!

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Marcus is on the freeway and needs you to destroy vans that were stolen by the
gang members. There are five vans in total. Just go to each one and blow it
up. A couple of them will be protected by gang members, so be prepared for a
fight. When all the vans have been destroyed, report back to Marcus about your

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Jose wants to eat the “hunk of meat”, or the hands of the zombies. Icky. But
who are we to judge? To get hunks of meat, you can blow up zombies for them
by tossing dynamite at them (there is dynamite located right next to Jose), or
just find them on the streets.

However, if you’ve already picked up a hunk of meat in the past (and there is a
good chance that you have), then there’s an even easier way to complete this
mission. Jose is conveniently located right next to a safehouse. Just go to
the locker and grab all five hunks of meat and give them to Jose.

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Chapter 6
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

During this chapter, you will receive three different calls all involving the
same side mission called The Hunted. You have to complete one mission of The
Hunted then wait a certain amount of time and you’ll get the call for the next

The Hunted involves saving people from the special ops forces that are all
around the city. Get a good combo melee weapon and some health before going
after these people. Kill the special ops guys and then talk with the people
they were holding captive.

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- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Chapter 7
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Meryl is an older woman that is on her last legs. Before she dies, she is
hoping to revisit some of her favorite places. Basically, you just take her
around town to the different locations that she wants to visit and then finally
take her home.

A drag queen named Adam is on the concert stage. Destroy the speakers that are
around the stage using a firearm. This will then convince Adam to join your

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