Team Monster Walkthrough [Guide]

Team Monster

You’re stuck in a land where dangerous creatures lurk, but luckily you’ve got some allies of your own to help your newfound friends and to find your way back home. This is Team Monster, a battle strategy game where players can utilize and organize animals in order to clear various islands of enemy monsters. The game also has monster capture elements thrown in, so there are potentially a large number of combinations that can be made to your team. Along with your anthropomorphic chicken ally, this guide will greatly help in allowing you to survive this beautiful but harsh land.

Team Monster is a battle strategy game where players can visit different areas and battle creatures using your team of animals that turn from adorable to deadly. Your team’s actions are semi controlled by drawing lines towards where you want them to move, or who they want to attack. Players also have access to skills that can be triggered at opportune moments. Monsters can be acquired and managed, allowing you to form a team that works best for your style of play. Strategy and proper formulation of attack and defence are extremely important as players should know when to strike and when to retreat and regroup.

Shells, crystals, and cash are the three forms of currency within Team Monster. The first two can be rewarded quite frequently by simply engaging in missions, and can also be acquired via daily log in rewards, with prizes given being greater for each successive day, or by exchanging for them using premium currency.

Cash is the aforementioned premium currency within the game. Cash is earned in special events and by completing achievements. You might find yourself running out of this resource pretty fast though, and at this point you should consider purchasing cash using real money. Cash can be used to purchase special items that will boost experience gained as well as speed up the game, among others, and it can also be used to quickly fill up your energy.

Energy is a resource that behaves much like other games. Whenever players enter an area, a specific number of energy will be spent. Energy regenerates over time, but can also be refilled automatically using cash. Once you have spent all of your energy, you can use cash to fight immediately again or spend the time to manage your time while this resource fills up again.

Missions are divided into islands or dungeons which are further divided into different areas. For each island, there’s a chance for players to encounter and capture different monsters, so it would be wise to replay these levels even if you have already completed them. Doing this will also allow you to acquire bigger prizes as the game rewards completion of areas with items such as energy, shells, and crystals, among others.

Not all islands and dungeons are the same, and some would even be available for only a limited time. Of course, with the increased difficulty, the rewards would also be much better. Keep in mind also that whenever you enter an area, energy will be spent.

Boosters are special items that you can bring along with you during a fight. These will provide you with beneficial effects that will help you even if you have weaker monsters in your team. These boosters cost shells to acquire, and will only be available during the current round. More boosters will be unlocked and will be made available to players once they level up.

Monsters can be both bought via the hatchery or acquired as you engage in fights across the various islands. Each monster has varying attributes as well as classes, indicated by a symbol next to its name. For example, healers can help restore your team members’ HP, ranged attackers can do significant damage from a distance, and tankers are tough and can deal a lot of damage at close range, among others. Being able to mix and match these attributes is important to have a well balanced team, although it is recommended that you have a healer as well as a tanker on your team flanked by those that can do ranged attacks, in most cases.

Up to four members can be added to your team, and players can choose between those in their collection to make up their party. Players may also choose to set free monsters, especially if they want to free up some much needed space. Alternately, they may also use these spare monsters for enhancing the ones that they want to keep.

Monsters can also be enhanced and fused so that they can be made stronger in battle. Enhancing involves sacrificing monsters that you don’t want so that your target monster’s experience level would increase. On the other hand, fusion involves combining two monsters of the same kind. Both processes would require a certain amount of shells to be spent, and both will result in stronger monsters that will be much more useful in battle. Also, players should take note that certain monsters can only be used during enhancement, depending on the type of the target monster.

Aside from stats and types, monsters are also set apart by their skills. Skills range from offensive, defensive, or support types, and triggering the right skill at the right time can be very advantageous especially if you are swamped by enemies or if you are facing a tough boss. Skills have a cool down period before they can be used again, so make sure to activate them only when necessary and if the situation calls for it.

Items can also be equipped to your monster so that their skills would be upgraded. Most items will be acquired as loot, and these can be equipped to your monster for boosted attributes. Take note that there are only a specific number of items that you can equip for each monster, and that items that have already been equipped can no longer be removed.


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