Clash of Clans Walkthrough [Guide]

Clash of Clans

If you’ve ever wished to lie in the times of the Vikings, scrounging for whatever resources you can get and battling goblins and invading territories along the way, then Clash of Clans is the perfect game for you. This smash hit lets you take on the role of a leader of a Viking clan, and you are given a free hand on how you would like to organize your territory and build up your troops. Of course, resource and time management is still ever present, but you won’t mind all of these due to the sheer fun that you can have pillaging other lands for goods that you can use for your own gain. Gear up and read this comprehensive guide so that you can stay ahead of the pack in this very addictive game.

Clash of Clans is a building and battle simulation game where players are able to manage their own land by building structures that will help towards earning resources as well as training troops. These two are very important as the latter will help maintain your daily operations while the latter can be used to do battle in both single player campaigns as well as PvP battles.

Players are also susceptible to attacks, which is why they must arrange their bases in such a manner that they can better protect their towers and other resources by building defensive structures and creating a suitable line than can repel any invading forces.

Leveling Up
By performing quests, players can earn experience points that they can then use to level up. By levelling up, players can match up with other players of the same level during PvP. This is pretty much the only purpose of levelling up, aside from the fact that the way towards allows players to be lead towards the steps that can be done in order to further improve their bases, resources, and troops, as well as to let players know what other features are available within the game.

Gems are the game’s premium currency. Gems can be used to purchase resources as well as to speed up tasks like building, upgrading, and training. There are also some cases where you can use gems to purchase special items from the store. Clearing debris from your land will give players a chance to earn free gems, although the most usual way to acquire this resource is to purchase them outright using real life currency.

Gold and elixir are the two resources available within the game. These two items are very important and can be acquired in a variety of ways. Structures can be used to generate these items, while another way is to loot for them in single player and PvP campaigns. You may also opt to acquire additional resources by exchanging premium currency for them. Players can only store a fixed amount of gold and elixir, and this value is defined by the number and level of storage buildings already in your base.

Gold is commonly used for purchasing buildings, while elixir is used for training troops. Upgrading buildings often takes either a fixed amount of either gold or elixir. Thus, just to be on the safe side, make sure that you have a healthy stash of both at all times.

There are several types of buildings that can be built within Clash of Clans, and each serve a specific purpose. There are buildings that are used to generate and store resources like gold and elixir. Others, on the other hand, are used for defensive and offensive purposes such as training barracks, army camps, defence towers, and many more.

Other types of buildings include decorations and walls, the latter of which can provide a primary line of defence against attackers. Most buildings would require time and resources to construct and upgrade, and in addition, a builder must be available to do the task. Initially, players are provided with two builders, but players may choose to buy using up to three more using gems. Upgrading buildings will not only make them more productive, but will also increase their overall health, allowing them to sustain more damage before being destroyed.

There are different types of troops that can be deployed in order to invade other bases. Each type of unit has different stats and has varying attack and movement patterns. Troops also have a specific cost, which would determine just how many of your units you would be able to bring into battle. This number can be raised by increasing and upgrading your army camps. Training times for troops also varies, and different kinds of buildings can be created so that you will be able to create more powerful types of troops that will be able to turn the tide of battle into your favour.

There are also some “hero” type characters that you can bring into battle, and can also help in defending your base. Having the right combination of troops and knowing their strengths and weaknesses are extremely important in order to be able to use your trained units to the max.

Town Hall
The town hall is your primary base of operations. Not only does upgrading it will cause you to be able to build more structures, but this will also serve as your benchmark on just how high you can upgrade buildings that you already have. Still, it is very important to protect your base, as you will be defeated instantly once invaders destroy this structure. Similarly, players can make it a point to attack an enemy’s town hall as this will result in victory.

There are two types of campaigns where in players can do battle, namely single player and PvP modes. In single player, players can enter a series of campaigns where they would invade a preset number of territories. Once they have looted a particular level, they could no longer get more although they could still attack them, primarily in order to get full star rankings, which depend on how many of the environment has been destroyed.

Under PvP mode, players can invade the territories of others, although this will cost coins. For PvP mode, the main goal is to destroy the opponent’s town hall, although this still follows the three star ranking depending on how much you have destroyed. Players can also loot resources from these territories, and this is a great way to get gold and elixir without having to wait for them from your own base.

The main difference between single player campaigns and PvP battles is that the latter has a specific time limit. For both modes, however, gameplay remains the same. Players can deploy any available troops in any of the allowed locations, after which they would act on their own, attacking buildins based on their preset attack patterns. Deployed troops, whether they have survived or not, will be lost to you; this would require you to rebuild your army once again after each battle.

As players are matched against others within their level, the level of their town halls will however differ. In this case, players will be able to get less loot should their town hall’s level be higher than the opponent’s. This also applies conversely, whereas your potential loot will be more should your town hall’s level be lower than your opponent’s.

Going into PvP mode will earn players trophies, which would increase and decrease in number whenever players win or lose battles, respectively. The amount of trophies that you have gathered within a period will make you eligible to join leagues, which would be able to provide boosts on how many extra loot you will be able to acquire.

On the defensive end, players can also get attacked and get their resources stolen. Thus, players must arrange their base in order to be able to best defend their more important structures, especially your town hall. This would require proper spacing and positioning of your buildings as well as defense towers that can help in destroying any invaders. Walls will also be helpful as they can delay your enemies’ attacks.

Players are initially provided with a shield that will be active for two days. This will prevent others from attacking you while you build your base. However, this protection would be removed once you decide to battle other players. You will also earn a shield should you get attacked, and additional ones may be purchased in exchange for premium currency.

Social Function
Clash of Clans has a social function where players can chat with each other, and there are global leaderboards that will allow players to see just how well they fare against other players with regards to the amount of trophies that they have collected. Lastly, players are able to create and join clans where in they will be able to get some helpful boosts and assistance as well as additional troops that you can bring into battle. The better your clan, the more help you will be able to get.


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