Doctor Who: Legacy Walkthrough [Guide]

Dr. Who: Legacy

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi series that has been around for quite some time, and fans of the franchise will definitely love to know that they can now play as the eponymous Doctor and his allies in this exciting match-three game. Following some plots from the episodes themselves, players can battle Sontarans, Cybermen, and various other aliens, villains, robots, and other characters, and they might even get to meet a Doctor or two from another timeline. Get ready for an adventure outside of time and space with Doctor Who: Legacy and this guide will help ensure that you don’t get left in the dark.

Doctor Who: Legacy is a match three game where players must create a party with a maximum of five members and do battle with enemies by matching three or more gems of the same kind. Each party is represented by a particular color, and attacks depend on the matches being made. Players can target specific enemies or allow the game to choose which enemy to attack. Making more than three matches will cause your team member or members to hit all enemies in one strike.

Enemies can also attack the party, and this is represented by a timer. Should this counter run out, the enemy will strike, either causing your team damage or affect your tiles in a variety of ways. Aside from the usual matches, players also have access to different skills that can be activated after a specific cooldown period, helping you gain an edge over enemies.

Unlike most match three games, Doctor Who: Legacy allows players to switch gems from any position. This means that they are not too limited with regards to the moves that they can make. Players can also switch gems that will not result in matches, although this will still consume turns. There are also pink gems that will help regenerate your health once matches are made. Aside from that, the game is more or less similar from other match based battle games where you must manage and organize your team in order to make the best out of the cards that you have.

Time crystals are the game’s main currency. Time crystals are earned by winning episodes, and can also be acquired via in-app purchases. This currency can be used to buy new cards as well as to upgrade your characters should you desire to not wait until the prerequisite items have been collected. Time crystals are not really that needed, as players will be able to earn a lot of different cards through normal gameplay. However, those who would like to create the best team possible would certainl benefit from spending a crystal or two.

Gameplay within Doctor Who: Legacy are divided into seasons that comprise of several episodes or battles. Within each episode, players have a chance to earn new fragments, costumes, or even cards, so make it a point to replay episodes so that you don’t miss out on any available content. The next episode will open up once current ones have been completed, and whole new seasons will open up once all episodes in the current season have been completed.

There are also special seasons that are only available for a limited time. These provide some great rewards, but the challenges are much more difficult. Make sure to always bring you’re A team as enemies can easily wipe your out with a mediocre party at your side.

Players can acquire cards in two different ways. They can win cards by completing episodes or purchase them outright using Time Crystals. Either way, cards can then be modified and added to your team. However, only one Doctor card can be placed on the team at a time, with this card serving as the leader. Also, your Doctor card will define just how your team will behave overall during battle, so choose wisely on who you want to lead your team should you come in possession of more than one Doctor.

In the case of ally cards, up to four cards can be placed on your team. They will also gain experience whenever they are used, and this will result in you earning skill points that you can use to upgrade their health, attack, or healing. All of these would also work towards improving your team as a whole.

Each card has a corresponding color, which would define as to when they would attack during battle. Having the appropriate roster is also very important as some enemies are susceptible to a particular color while more resistant to others.

Cards can also be upgraded using fragments, but time crystals can also be used to do this if you do not want to wait. Otherwise, players would have to wait until they have collected all requisite items via drops during episodes. Collecting all fragments will vastly improve your character as well as provide him or her with upgraded skills. Lastly, your team members can also wear different costumes, but this is only an aesthetic change and will not affect how your card or your team performs.

Skills are cards’ special abilities which can be triggered after a certain cooldown period. During battle, a character with a ready skill is displayed as having a glowing background. Skills affect gameplay in a variety of ways, such as dealing large damage to one or multiple opponents, healing your party, or changing certain colors within the grid. Make sure that you have teams that complement each other’s skills in order to have a well balanced team.

Also, take note that sometimes your card’s skills would be boosted. This means that its effects would be much better than usual. This often happens when you chain combos related to your character’s color, or if you have not used a ready ability in a while. Take advantage of this especially if you are on the losing end of the battle as this will certainly be able to turn the tide in your favor.


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