Heroes of Dragon Age Walkthrough [Guide]

Heroes of Dragon Age

The history of Thedas is long and storied, but players will get to experience the epic battles firsthand. Even better, you will also be able to have a hand on how it all plays out. Heroes of Dragon Age is a mentally stimulating game where formation and strategy are very important. Players can get the chance to duke it out with familiar characters and creatures from the Dragon Age franchise when they go on quests as well as battle other players. Get ready for an epic history lesson with Heroes of Dragon Age, and read this guide to make sure that you come out of it alive.

Heroes of Dragon Age is a collection battle and strategy game where players can form teams comprising of characters hailing from the Dragon Age series of games. Players must focus on developing their teams and creating effective formations as they engage in team and turn based combat. Both single player campaigns and PvP modes are available, with players required to acquire and upgrade their party as well as use strategy in order to come out on top during battles.

Gold and Gems are the two main currencies within Heroes of Dragon Age. Both can be acquired via quests, and both can be used to purchase new characters, although using gems instead of gold will often yield a much more powerful card. Gems can also be used to instantly refill your energy and stamina. As this is the more premium currency, gems can also be purchased using real money.

Leveling Up
As players go on quests, they will earn experience points. This will cause you to level up, instantly refilling your energy and stamina no matter what their current levels are. Your level will also determine as to whom you will be able to fight under PvP mode, where in those at higher levels will typically be more difficult to defeat as they have already had the chance to level up their fighters as well as get more powerful characters, aside from the experience that they have gained.

Energy and Stamina
Energy is a resource that is required to go on campaigns. Energy refills over time, but you can use gems to refill it instantly. You can also refill your energy instantly by leveling up. Stamina works and behaves just like energy. However, stamina is used during PvP and is consumed each time players engage in fights with others online.

Different characters have different characteristics such as attack and health. They also have differing abilities that, when used properly, can definitely be an advantage during battle. In addition, characters have different speeds, which means that this attribute will determine as to who will be able to attack first in each turn.

Like you, your characters will earn experience points as they participate in fights. Players can choose to upgrade their characters and make them stronger by either consuming or combining. Consuming characters will require players to sacrifice other characters which will result in the target fighter to earn more experience faster. On the other hand, combining, as the term implies, will require two cards of the same type, which would then result in a stronger card.

Typically, players should sacrifice higher level characters so that the resulting card will gain more experience. In some cases, this will also result in the target fighter to have a higher chance of dealing double damage.

New characters that can be used to bolster your team or for sacrificing in order to create stronger fighters can be acquired via packs that can be purchased using either gold or gems. The rarer the card, signified by the color of its base, the more powerful it will be.

Aside from the attributes mentioned above, characters also belong to a certain faction, which is signified by the secondary color on their base. Should players form a team with the same color, they will get to enjoy a boost in attack damage. Factions also work like elements, where as certain colors are strong against a particular color while weak in another. Take this into consideration when fighting teams belonging to a specific faction.

Buying character packs will sometimes reward you with runes. Runes are special items that can be equipped, which will provide you with boosts such as increased experience or cash collection, increased health or attack, and many more. Up to two runes can be equipped and activated at a time, and they would be gone once their period of effectiveness runs out. Using runes can be very important especially when facing tougher teams.

Your team’s formation is as important as the characters that you bring into the field. Typically, players should place characters with high HP in front, as they will block direct attacks from the opposing team. In addition, they will get an increase in health which will allow them to take more damage. Those in the back row, on the other hand, are able to do extra damage to enemies, so a good strategy is to place heavy hitters on this section.

Players can place up to four characters in the field, with an additional fifth slot reserved for big creatures like dragons and bears and such. It is at this stage that formation is very essential as, once the battle begins, attacking is pretty much automated, although players have the option to speed up the action in order to see the results faster.

Quests are single player campaigns that you would be able to participate in, and each set tells a specific story within the Dragon Age mythos. Here, players can complete missions in order to earn gold, and winning at the same stage a specific number of times will also reward players with gems which are important for those much needed character packs. However, the more times you play a stage, the more difficult it will get. Playing quests will also require energy, so make sure that you have a supply of this whenever you want to try your hand at this section of the game.

PvP allows players to battle with other teams online. Matchmaking will depend on your current levels, and winning will earn players both gold as well as trophies, the latter of which will serve as bragging rights as well as earn you a place in the leaderboards. PvP battles behave in the same way as regular quests, although stamina is used here instead of energy. Battles will also be much more difficult most of the time since higher level players will have acquired more powerful cards and have learned from experience which formations would be most effective given the fighters that they have.


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