Lawless Walkthrough [Guide]


Whoever thought that being bad could feel so good? With lawless, players will take on the side of the outlaw, as you try to build your own criminal empire and take down both the authority, as well as other criminal organizations that are standing in your way. Create a posse of fellow bad guys and climb your way to the top of the underworld using your weapons and with the assistance of your crew. Are you ready to be the bad guy? If yes, then make sure to consult this guide in order to avoid capture and possibly even death.

Lawless is a collection and shooting game where players can create a crew of criminals and take them in different missions. During each mission, all players have to do is to survive and shoot down the expected number of enemies per stage. This has to be done along with performing the requirement for each level. Currency earned can be used to upgrade both your crew members as well as your weapons in order to be able to keep up with the increasing challenges along the way.

Players can also acquire additional crew members that can help you during missions. Some can be managed directly while others would have to be hired. There are also special abilities that can be triggered from time to time either manually or automatically.

Gold and cash are the two types of currency within Lawless. Gold and cash are earned through missions, although they are rewarded differently from each other. Gold will be awarded depending on your star ranking each time you play missions, while cash can be won again and again regardless of how many times you’ve played a certain level. Gold is used to increase your weapon or crew’s rank, while cash can be used to level them up. Both currencies can also be used to purchase items in the shop.

On the other hand, premium currency can purchase even better weapons as well as buy you boosts that will give you perks with regards to rewards that you can earn. This currency can only be acquired via in-app purchases, and thus can definitely give you an advantage over other players that are not willing to spend real money.

Players only have a limited number of lives. Should they die and fail a mission, they will lose a life. Lives regenerate at a rate of one every twenty minutes, so players would have to wait until this is replenished before they can participate in a mission again. Another alternative to this is to quit the game before dying so that you can start again. This is especially important if you have only one life left and would not want to play the waiting game.

There are various missions that are available within Lawless. For most of these missions, players will have to navigate through three stages and kill a set number of enemies in the process. However, the way to successfully complete the mission is to meet the objective before dying or before the timer runs out.

Players can also earn up to three stars per mission depending on how high they have scored. In order to reach a higher score, players must be able to kill enemies in quick succession and to hit those with white auras. Your combo will stop, however, should you hit civilians. The number of stars you get will determine how much gold, cash, and guns you would be able to get at the end of the round. Your cash, however, will decrease should you hit civilians and if you had hired help in the form of allies with you.

Completed missions can be replayed should you want to farm for cash and if you want to collect all stars available, although only by completing the latest mission will the next one be available. There are also periodic missions that are only available for a limited period, but as the difficulty is higher, so would the rewards be. Also, these special events do not decrease your number of lives should you die in battle.

Players can have access to different crews, and they can set them up to be either the leader or the wingman. All crews have different stats and boosts, the latter of which includes providing increased damage should they be equipped with a particular type of weapon. Crews also enjoy perks should they be able to reach specific rankings as well as special abilities, so make sure to select which one is best for you when selecting you would like to take to a mission.

With regards to levelling up, those who participate in a mission will earn experience points that will increase their level. However, take note that leaders and wingmen do not earn experience levels equally, so take consideration of that especially if you want to have a more well rounded team. Once your crew’ s level has been maxed out, players can then use gold to increase their rank. Increased ranks will result in new perks and abilities to be unlocked as well as increase overall stats.

Weapons can be acquired in a variety of ways. Earning two or more stars in a mission will cause players to be awarded with guns, and the shop also provides players the chance to purchase weapons in exchange for either gold, cash, or even premium currency. Each gun has different attributes such as fire rate, power, and reload time.

Like your crew, weapons can also be levelled up. However, in order to do this, players will have to spend cash, which would then cause your weapon to be more powerful. Once maxed out, gold can be spent to rank up your weapon, which may allow you access to unlocked abilities that you can use during battle. However, these abilities will have a cooldown period so players cannot activate it for a while after being used. Guns may also be sold off in exchange for cash should you want to get rid of duplicate items or if you simply want to prioritize upgrading your chosen weapons or acquiring enough funds to buy the gun that you want from the store.

During battle, players will have to reload once their ammo, which is infinite, runs out. This can be done manually by tapping on the ammo button, but is also performed automatically for as long as you are not shooting at anything. Not pressing at the screen will also cause your character to hide, but will not make you safe from grenades and other similar weapons. In order to be able to reload faster, swipe at the screen until your clip is full once again.

Boosts are enhancers that can be purchased using premium currency. Boosts will allow you to collect more experience, cash, and gold, but is only available for a limited time. Use boosts if you do not want to grind for too long in order to acquire the resources that you might need.

Allies are additional help that you can get for a price. As compared to wingmen, they will only appear from time to time during battles, but are able to provide some huge assistance in the form of powerful support attacks. Elite allies can be bought using higher level currency and can also be hired in exchange for a certain percentage of your winnings for the round. In addition, allies who have helped you in the past can be added on a more permanent basis. This means that they will always appear in the list of options of allies should your request be accepted. Of course, you can always go at it alone so that you will get all earnings instead of sharing it with others.

Social Function
Once allies have been added, players will then have the option to send resources like cash and weapons to them. Of course, players would be able to send items to you as well. In addition, there’s also a chat function where players can talk to each other. Lastly, leaderboards exist so that you will be able to see how you fare against other players. This will allow you to get more encouraged to make up your crew with better people and more powerful guns so that you can take on more difficult missions that will increase your reputation within the criminal world.


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