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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V has been out since September. It’s almost the new year, and many people are hailing it as the best game of 2013. Rockstar is doing DLC the right way and instead of cutting content off the disc and then selling it later as DLC, Rockstar is creating and releasing DLC post-release.

Some multiplayer DLC has already been released as a free update for GTA Online. Rockstar announced a few days ago that “significant” story DLC is on its way starring Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in 2014.

New weapons
If one visits a Amm-U-Nation in Los Santos, they will fine that one of the walls is almost completely bare. There’s plenty of spaces for new weapons to be added, but as of right now, those weapons are simply not there. GTA V has plenty of deadly tools at the disposal of the players, but there’s definitely room (and want) for more.

More mini-games
Mini-games are a huge part of the GTA experience. There’s nothing like going on a crime spree and then relaxing with a fun game of golf. GTA V was a bit lacking in the mini-game department, so I hope more activities are added for both the single player and multiplayer experience in future DLC.

I have a few ideas as to what to add to GTA V. Ping pong would be great. Yes, there’s tennis, but ping pong and tennis, while conceptually similar, actually play very differently. Furthermore, Rockstar themselves put out an entire game based around ping pong called Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis. Taking what they learned with that super realistic table tennis game and applying it to a game mode in GTA V would be great. That’s the general theme of the Grand Theft Auto games; Rockstar takes what they learned in the other games they develop and apply it to creating an ultimate gaming experience.

Skateboarding is also something I wouldn’t mind seeing in a GTA game. Or snowboarding. Just something with a board. It seems strange that Rockstar hasn’t really tackled this in a GTA game yet. With the Tony Hawk franchise MIA, there’s a certain skateboarding gap that needs to be filled, and Rockstar may just be the ones that can fill it.

Speaking of mini-games that GTA has yet to attempt, football is another one that has been suspiciously missing. Online multiplayer football in GTA? Sign me up.

In the jump from Grand Theft Auto IV to Grand Theft Auto V, some of the best mini-games were lost in translation. Pool and bowling were a lot of fun in GTA IV and I spent a lot of my time with those activities. With GTA V adding true GTA multiplayer to the mix, allowing online players to play all the mini-games and what-not together that are available in the single player mode, it was a big disappointment when I found out that bowling and pool were not included in GTA V.

Niko Bellic
Rockstar likes to blend the universes of their Grand Theft Auto games. GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories all take place in the same in-game universe called the “3D Universe.” Meanwhile, GTA IV, Episodes from Liberty City, and GTA V all take place in the same universe as well, called the “HD Universe”. The original, 2D games in the series are called the 2D Universe.

Niko Bellic is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. And I firmly believe that his stories is one of the greatest ever told. Seeing Niko showing up in Los Santos would be great. We hear about him at various points in the GTA V narrative, but those teases aren’t enough.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are great and I can’t wait to experience more stories with them in the upcoming single player DLC for GTA V that is coming in 2014. However, I also want to experience the stories of new and returning characters, mostly Niko Bellic.

New locations to explore
The GTA V map is gargantuan. It’s one of the largest video game worlds ever created, larger than the combined maps from Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV. Still, future DLC adding some new locations to explore would be great.

As Rockstar has stated, Grand Theft Auto Online is an experience that they plan on bringing to their future GTA games. They hope on expanding on GTA Online as it goes along to create something that is constantly growing and truly incredible. Because of that, it is imperative that they build on to the playground at some point.

One of the most interesting areas in GTA V is the city that hosts the prologue called North Hampton. This snowy town shows off the visuals of GTA V better than any other area of the game. The town is small, quaint, and personable, which is in stark contrast to the rest of GTA V.

This area is accessible through a glitch currently in the single player, but opening it up fully so that all players can access it without having to exploit the game would be a great improvement.

* * *

Recently, Rockstar released the “Beach Bum” DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, releasing it as a free update for GTA Online. This DLC added some new items to the multiplayer, such as new weapons and vehicles, Furthermore, the DLC also added new missions for the multiplayer mode.

Just a few days ago, Rockstar announced that single player DLC is on the way for GTA V as well. This is very exciting news. In the past, single player expansions to GTA IV have been incredible. Both The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony added a lot to the gameplay and story experience. I can’t wait to see what Rockstar has up their sleeve for GTA V’s single player DLC.

For more on Grand Theft Auto V, stay tuned to Cheat Masters! We will have full coverage of the single player DLC for GTA V in 2014, including guides, reviews, and more!


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