Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squads [Guide]

Call of Duty Ghosts

Squads is a new game mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Use your multiplayer
character in a variety of different online game modes!

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Call of Duty: Ghosts [Guide]

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squads Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
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1. Game Modes
2. Squad HQ

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1. Game Modes
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Squads has a variety of different online game modes attached to it. These
different modes mix and match the human and AI players. AI players take the
form of other multiplayer characters that you have unlocked by playing the
multiplayer component of the game.

TYPE: 1-6 vs AI

The main game type in Squads. One team defends and the other attacks. The
defending team is able to choose the game type and map that the match takes
place on.

Because of this, the maps and gametypes can vary greatly. Other rules can also
dictate the amount of AI soldiers in the game and the amount of people that are
controlled directly by the players.

A good way to practice these different game types is to do the Wargame mode or
by playing the multiplayer.

TYPE: 1 vs 1 with AI

Fighting against another player, this mode will give you a random game type and
map to do battle on. That player is accompanied by all of their squadmates and
you are as well.

Your squadmates will react to situations based on what weapons they have
equipped. For example, if you have an AI partner that is equipped with a
shotgun, this person will then start fighting in a way that allows them to get
in close quarters.

Equip your squadmates with snipers and they will play the long-range game.
Obviously, the strategy to this is to figure out which maps require the most of
which type of weapon. For the most part, the maps are fairly balanced and have
areas that all play to different weapon strengths.

TYPE: 1-4 vs AI

Basically Horde Mode, Safeguard is where you and up to three other human
friends fight 20 waves of bots. This can be done on any map in the game, but
Safeguard brings with it its own set of rules and strategies.

With Safeguard, you fight numerous waves of enemies, with the ultimate goal of
getting through wave 20. The enemies will increase in number and power in
each wave. They will start wearing heavy body armor and bringing riot shields
with them; they will start being more aggressive, etc.

The key to Safeguard is finding a spot in the game to hide. Hide there with
you and your partners and just kill the enemies as they file into the room.

Enemies will drop powerups that will help you in various ways. One of the
most useful is one that allows you to fire at the enemies across the entire
map from a helicopter. This allows you to significantly thin the amount of
enemies that are attacking at once.

Be warned, though. After the helicopter sequence is over, it will drop you off
on the map wherever it happens to touch down!

TYPE: 1-6 vs AI

Combat Training was a popular game mode in the first Black Ops, and it more or
less makes a comeback in Ghosts in the game type called Wargame. In this mode,
you fight your bots in any game type and on any map that you want, with other
AI companions on your side as well or even human ones.

The bots can be set to four different possible difficulty settings. Recruit,
Regular, Hard, and Veteran. These mimic the campaign’s difficulty levels. So
if you have the bots set on Regular, they will act like the AI does in the
campaign on that difficulty setting. Set it to Veteran, and they will clean
house easily.

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2. Squad HQ
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This is the center of everything you do in Squads. From here, you can create
new soldiers, check out the leaderboards, see if anyone else has challenged
you with their squad, edit your squad name, edit various game settings, and

When challenged by other players, you are considered the “defending player”.
What this means is that you are free to choose what map you play on for the
defense and also choose what game type is made. This gives you a homefield
advantage of sorts.

For the most part, Squad HQ is about managing your squad before jumping into
matches. Since your Squad is made up of the soldiers that you use in the
multiplayer, editing them in the multiplayer will also edit them in Squads.

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