Gun Zombie 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Gun Zombie 2

You are part of a special operation that is investigating the outbreak of zombies in the area. With your shooting skills, you must stop the infestation before it reaches catastrophic levels. Are you ready to take on this mission? If you are, then get set to play Gun Zombie 2, the upgraded sequel to the popular first person zombie shooter. Players can gain access to realistic weapons and equipment, and of course you will also get the chance to encounter some scary looking zombies that are out to get you. Read this guide to increase your chances for success. Good luck, soldier, because you’re going to need it.

Gun Zombie 2 is a railway first person shooter where the goal is to get rid of waves of zombies that will approach you. In order to do this, players must shoot at them until none are left in the stage. Players have access to weapons that they can upgrade as well as other tools like grenades and boosts that will be able to help you complete your mission. There are two campaigns that will test your skills, both with regards to accuracy and endurance. Different kinds of zombies will make their appearance, and getting rid of them will require strategy and being able to think on your feet as they quickly approach you.

Controls are very simple, as the left side of the screen controls aiming while the right side controls shooting. Players stand still, so the only thing that they have to worry about is to make sure that each shot counts. There are also other buttons like reloading and changing ammo, chucking grenades, and activating bullet time that can be used whenever the situation calls for it.

GP and Gold are the two currencies at play within Gun Zombie 2. There are lots of items that can be purchased and upgraded within the game which would require players to spend either of these currencies. More basic items can be paid for with GP, while gold is used primarily for more premium items. GP is earned via regular gameplay, while Gold is mainly acquired via in-app purchases, Players can also get to earn more GP by linking their game to Facebook or Twitter, and bonus currencies may also be acquired through daily missions, which are only available for a limited period, and through daily login rewards.

Energy is required whenever players would like to play or retry a mission. Energy regenerates over time, but will also regenerate over time. Players can also spend gold in order to refill this resource instantly, although the best way to keep playing is to simply wait for it to refill naturally. Another way to refill energy is to level up. Leveling up is done by earning experience points which is in turn acquired by simply playing through the campaigns.

Various weapons are available within the game, and these can be unlocked after reaching certain points within the game. Some can be purchased via GP, while some would require gold as payment, depending on how powerful the weapon is. Each gun has different base stats, so it is important to equip the best for the situation in order to increase your chances of success.

Weapons can also be upgraded using either currency. Regular stats like fire rate and damage are upgraded randomly using GP, while other attributes like capacity and reload speed requires gold to upgrade. Players can also choose to max out all attributes instantly by spending more gold. Upgrading weapons is essential so that you can play through harder levels successfully even with a lower level weapon.

Players can also purchase different types of ammo that they can switch between during a stage. Each bullet type has certain attributes that will make them more effective than regular bullets in certain situations. In additions, having more bullets is especially necessary as you deal with more and more zombies in harder rounds.

Boosts are purchases that will make you more effective for the duration of one round. Boosts will help increase stats such as damage done or total health. Depending on the boost, players will have to spend either GP or gold. Use boosts if ever you find yourself stuck in a particular level and not having the necessary funds to buy a more powerful weapon.

Powerups are consumable items that will definitely give you an edge during battle. These are grenades and bullet time. Grenades will clear the screen of all zombies while bullet time will slow down their movements, giving you more time to properly align your aim. Players can buy as much of these items as they want and could be activated at any time, and they could also be earned as bonuses for performing certain actions of completing objectives.

Campaign Mode is divided into acts and stages, and playing through these will require energy. The goal is to clear all zombies within the stage and to avoid dying. The more continuous headshots the players perform and the less damage they take, the more GP they will get to earn and the higher ranking they would be able to get. How fast they are able to dispatch of the waves as well as how good their shots were made will also be taken into consideration.

Each mission also has a specific objective that, when met, will add to the potential amount of GP that players will be able to earn during Blitz Mode. While not required, completing these challenges are still recommended in order to be able to earn more currencies.

Blitz Mode
Blitz Mode serves as Gun Zombie 2’s survival mode. The goal is to last for as long as possible using whatever resources you have. As the game progresses, waves become more difficult to destroy as zombies become more numerous and more difficult to kill. This is the best way to earn GP if you don’t want to play through Campaign Mode. Blitz Mode will be unlocked once you have reached a certain point in Campaign Mode.

Berserk Mode
By killing zombies in succession, a bar at the bottom of the screen will slowly fill up. Once maxed out, players will enter Berserk Mode, which will greatly improve your performance for a limited time. Your attributes during Berserk Mode can even be improved by upgrading your stats, allowing it to be activated for longer and to have its effects increased in effectiveness.

Daily Missions
Daily missions are objectives that players can meet during either Blitz Mode or Campaign Mode. Players can complete these for the duration of a day, after which they would refresh. Completing daily missions is an easy way to earn free items such as currency and powerups, so make sure to check up on what the challenges for the day are and try to complete them during regular play.


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