Pocket Avenger Walkthrough [Guide]

Pocket Avenger

In the post-zombie apocalypse, you and a handful of survivors are the only hope against the undead hordes in Pocket Avenger. Weapons and other items and abilities will be made available to you, but your most important instrument has to be your reflexes and wits. Help your camp survive by acquiring supplies, and don’t let the zombies turn you into one of them. Are you ready for the zombie invasion? If so, then read this guide as it might very well save your life.

Pocket Avenger is a platforming game where players must, among other objectives, reach the end of the level while avoiding death. There are various obstacles like spikes and ledges in the waym that can be avoided by jumping, as well as zombies that will stop you from reaching your goal. Players can shoot at zombies using weapons that can be purchased and upgraded, and they also have limited access to powerups that can be triggered when facing tougher enemies or a long wave of zombies.

Players will have to go through campaigns which encompass different missions across different areas. There would also be special challenges where in players must defeat boss characters or save fellow survivors, among others.

Vaccine and food are the two main currencies within Pocket Avenger. Food is used to purchase and upgrade equipment like armor, weapons, and powerups, and can also be used to upgrade your headquarters. Vaccines, on the other hand, can be used to purchase more premium weapons and items that cannot be bought using basic currency. Vaccines may also be used to refill your number of lives should you run out. Both of these currencies may be acquired via in-app purchases.

During each run, players are provided with a set amount of health. By running into zombies or other obstacles, players will lose health, and they will fail the round should their health meter get completely emptied out. However, falling into pits or getting caught by the crowd of zombies from behind will also cause the round to end more matter how much health you have.

When players have to replay a stage, this will consume lives. Lives are, in fact, required whenever players play a stage. Lives regenerate over time, but the easiest way to get more is to either ask Facebook friends for gifts or to use vaccines for them.

Your camp is where players would be able to rest between missions. Here, players can periodically collect food from the various shelters, although player should make sure to do this regularly as these structures will no longer produce food after a certain amount has been reached. Here, players will also be able to upgrade their headquarters which would allow them to unlock and purchase even more items from stores which would also be accessible from this area.

Players can gain access and equip weapons that they can use against any zombies that stand in their way. Shooting is automated, and this can be done for as long as there is ammo. Weapons would have to be unlocked by attaining the required HQ level, and they would be then be able to upgrade them in order to increase both firepower and ammo capacity.

Armor is another item that can be purchased at the store. Armor will increase your health, which means that you are able to withstand more damage. Like weapons, armor can also be purchased and unlocked, and upgrading them will increase the number of additional hit points that you will be provided.

Players also have the option to use powerups. These are special boosts that will provide players with the ability to destroy a large number of zombies for a limited amount of time. Activating this can be only done once per round, so using this wisely such as when encountering waves of zombies are essential. Powerups may also be unlocked and purchased as well as upgraded so that their effectiveness would be prolonged.

In the store, players can also acquire costumes that will alter the look of your character. Some of these would require currencies to purchase, while some would need players to complete certain quests to unlock. Aside from appearances, some costumes would also be able to provide permanent buffs to your player such as increased damage or HP whenever they are equipped.

Aside from the main missions, players would also be able to perform quests and other objectives that can either be completed across one or multiple playthroughs. These objectives include fighting a boss character a set number of times, defeating a minimum number of zombies, and leveling up your equipment. Completing these tasks will earn you previous vaccines, and sometimes you would even have to ask for the help of Facebook friends in order to defeat a particularly tough opponent.


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