Angry Birds Go! Walkththrough [Guide]

Angry Birds Go !

The Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies are at it again, but at least they’re trying to settle the score in less destructive ways. Or are they? Angry Birds Go! is proof that these beloved characters can still be popular even without using the physics puzzling strategy that made them famous, but some of those elements are still very apparent in this title. Slingshots still appear, as well as some characters that you’ve encountered at one point or another. The gameplay is completely different, however, as player’s race against time and other players to perform missions and unlock more goodies within. Rev your engines, or rather your slingshots, and read through this guide in order to make the most out of this fun and addictive game.

Angry Birds Go! is a racing game where in players must perform challenges in order to acquire enough resources to upgrade their vehicles and go for bigger and more difficult challenges. Having a good vehicle is almost as important as having the right racer for the job, as different birds have different abilities that will serve you well during certain situations. Players also have access to different powerups that will prove beneficial in a tough race.

Different mission types make the game very refreshing, although most of the time the main objective remains the same – to not wipe out in the track, to collect everything in sight, and to make sure that you cross the finish line first.

Coins and gems are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are used to upgrade your vehicle as well as to purchase powerups, while gems are used to refill your energy instantly as well as to acquire additional powerups for your Angry Bird Driver. Coins can be won during races, and an in-app purchase will also allow you to earn double the amount of coins you win forever. In addition, coins can also be acquired in exchange for gems.

Gems, on the other hand, are also awarded during races, especially during Boss races, but are given more sparingly. The most efficient way to get additional gems is to buy them outright using real money. This, however, is not required.

Players can recruit birds, which serve as your drivers, in one of two ways. Players can purchase figurines that, when scanned with your device’s camera, can immediately be added to your roster. Another way to acquire them is to beat them three times during boss battles, after which they will automatically be recruited so that you can play as them during races.

Birds also have abilities specific to each one. These can be triggered at any point in the race. This can be done once for free, but players can add more by using gems. However, it is important to note that buying additional abilities must be done before the race starts, and that abilities have a cooldown period before they can be used again.

Each bird has energy, and this is consumed each time they race. Once all energy has been consumed, your driver must rest until their energy has replenished over, or if you opted to purchase energy refills for them. Otherwise, players will need to switch to another driver that still has energy left. Thus, the more drivers you have, the more races you can participate in within a shorter period of time.

Players also have access to different karts. The first one is free, but others will require real money to purchase. Players need not worry, though, as your kart can be upgraded using coins. Players can upgrade a specific area of their kart, which would then increase its cc. After your kart has been maxed out, it will level up, which will in turn allow you to upgrade it again. Your kart does not sustain damage during races, and any driver within your roster can drive the vehicle.

The game is divided into sections, and only by defeating the boss character will the next section or chapter open up. Under each section, players can play classic races where they would have to been multiple opponents. They can also play a race where in they must finish a solo race within a certain time limit, or race with an opponent while trying to smash the required number of fruits that are strewn all over the track. There’s also a type of race where players can play against racers patterned on the style of others also playing the game. Lastly, boss races are one on one matches against a boss character that can be recruited later on.

Each race will require players to have their karts be at a certain cc rating before they can be played. Also, stars will be rewarded per race depending on how well you performed and how high your score was. Racing also takes up energy, but serves as the main way for you to earn additional coins and, at times, even gems.

Powerups are special items that can be purchased and/or equipped before the race. There are three different powerups available, and each provides you with a distinct advantage over the competition. Players are initially provided with a specific amount of each powerup, and once this runs out, players must purchase more using coins. Equipping powerups is completely optional, but this will definitely give you an edge especially if you find it getting increasingly difficult to win.


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