Tank Domination Walkthrough [Guide]

Tank Domination

What would it feel like to drive your very own tank? While it would be far-fetched to think that you could drive the real thing, Tank Domination can probably bring you closest to that dream. Not only will you be in the cockpit of your own multi-ton tank, but you can also put it out on the field and battle others in team-based warfare. How’s that for a consolation prize? Featuring some realistic looking tanks – as well as tons of items to customize – Tank Domination is sure to give the popular game World of Tanks a run for its money. Get ready for some great action with this game, and keep yourself abreast with everything that the game has to offer with this comprehensive guide.

Tank Domination is a battle simulation game where players can control their own tanks and pit them against others in ten vs. ten multiplayer combat. The goal is to either capture the opponent’s base by occupying it for a specific period of time, or destroy all of your opponents. The game does not allow you to respawn, and your tank will be put on hold until the match ends.

Being able to properly do battle in the field is important, but more essential is the way that you manage and upgrade your tanks. There are various consumable and permanent boosts and upgrades that you can acquire in order to improve your tank’s attributes, and you can also acquire more vehicles so that you can keep playing even while other matches are ongoing.

Credits and Warbucks are the two currencies within Tank Domination. Both currencies are used to purchase ammo and other items that can be equipped and used to upgrade your tank. Credits are used for more basic items while premium ones require Warbucks to purchase. It is important to have both as you will never know when they would be needed.

Credits are earned regularly through usual play. Both credits and Warbucks can also be earned via daily logins or by participating in weekly events. If you want more Warbucks and credits, however, then it would be a good idea to acquire them using in-app purchases where you can spend real money to get more currencies.

Valor serves are the game’s experience mode. As you participate in fights, you will earn valor, after which you will be able to level up. Getting valor is required as it will unlock more items that will be made available for purchase. Thus, the higher your level, the more you would be able to get in order to improve your tank.

Players can gain access to multiple kinds of tanks, with each having a specialty of its own. This makes them work better against different types of enemies as well as in specific kinds of terrain. It is important to have many tanks in your possession as this is the only way to keep playing even if your current tank is incapacitated. Each tank can also be equipped and customized based on your liking and style of play. Some tanks can be purchased using credits while others will require Warbucks. Players would have to reach a certain valor level before some tanks can be unlocked.

Tanks also have specific attributes such as hit points and capacity, the latter of which comes into play especially if you are equipping different items into your vehicle. Other stats include movement speed, armor, accuracy, and others. While some tanks are inherently better than others, purchasing the proper equipment and upgrades will more than more up for any disadvantages that you may have.

Also, tanks will require repairs after each battle. Players can set auto repairs to be done at the expense of credits, or they can do this manually especially if damage is not that significant. With this, players can also own several tanks for as long as they have enough slots to carry them, although additional slots may also be purchased using premium currency.

Support Items
Support items are items that can be used in the field to help you or your teammates. Players can purchase and equip these items, although they should mind their tanks’ weight capacity. Should you run out of supplies, you can buy more at the store using either credits or Warbucks depending on the supply item in question.

Upgrade items provide players with boosts that will be applicable all throughout the match. These will increase certain attributes in your tank, and many can be equipped at once. Like support items, upgrades can be purchased using either currency, and will also take up weight.

Powerups work pretty much like upgrades, except that they are typically more powerful with regards to how it will increase your stats. However, unlike upgrades, powerups are consumed once they are used, and often have drawbacks once activated. Examples of powerups are scanners that will allow you to better detect enemies at the expense of you being more visible to them, as well.

Players can also equip up to three different kinds of shells on their tanks. Like other items, these will take up weight, so make sure that you are able to balance out the things that you will be bringing into battle. Different kinds of shells will have certain advantages and disadvantages, but at least one is required before you can begin combat. This can be bypassed by turning on the feature that will allow you to purchase shells automatically. Otherwise, you will have to make purchases for each one manually.

Vehicle Modules
Vehicle modules are special items that you can equip for each specific part of your tank. There are many modules to choose from and these increase the specs of a particular area. Players can mix and match modules in order to suit their preferences and style of play, although a good idea would be to provide a good balance among all parts so that you will not have any weak points. Vehicle modules can be purchased using either credits or Warbucks depending on how effective it is. Players can also swap between parts that they have already purchased in order to make adjustments as they see fit. It is also here that players can change the appearance of their tanks, but this is only an aesthetic modification and will not help you in any other way except maybe to provide some camouflage in specific terrains.

Visas are special items that can be purchased using Warbucks. Visas are used to provide you with bonuses that will only be available for a limited time, so it is recommended that players keep playing while they are active. There are several types of visas that can be purchased and more than one can be equipped at once. These will provide bonuses such as extra valor or credits earned, wile some will provide you with some useful boosts in some areas of your tank’s performance.

The depot is where items that you have purchased but do not have currently equipped. You can view these items and even sell them off to free up some space or to acquire some needed currency. Layers are provided with limited depot slots, but this can be increased by spending Warbucks.


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