The Walking Dead: Season Two [Guide]

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day

Season Two of The Walking Dead stars Clementine as she continues to try her
best at surviving a world filled with the zombies. Can Clementine survive the
zombies and the malicious people?

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The Walking Dead: Season Two
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013 – 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
Episode 1: All that Remains
Episode 2: A House Divided

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1. Introduction and Controls
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
This guide for The Walking Dead: Season Two will be in a unique format
because we will keep all the episodes under this one document. As each new
episode is released, we will post the guide for that episode and continue to
update the guide over time.

This format is the same as the one we are using for The Wolf Among Us guide. In
the future, Telltale is planning to release games in the same style based on
both Game of Thrones and the Borderlands franchise.

All of these episodic adventure games from Telltale play similarly. Players
point and click around the environment to examine objects, areas, and talk
with characters. QTEs pop up every now and then that will require your input
to complete successfully.

Telltale games have some branching paths. However, the end results are almost
always the same. What this means is that while you may make a choice or do
something that doesn’t appear in the guide (or if I mention having done
something in the guide that you didn’t do), don’t worry about it. All the
important stuff will be covered and this guide is designed for you to complete
the second season of The Walking Dead to its fullest and unlock every
achievement and secret possible.

Also keep in mind that the story in Season Two may already be somewhat
different based on the choices that you made in the first season of the game.

If you are interested in Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us and want to complete it
to its fullest, you can find the guide (in progress) here:

The Wolf Among Us [Guide]

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Before starting the game for the first time, it will check to see if you
have a save from the first season. If you do, it will ask if you want to
transfer that save. Any decisions made in any episodes that you’ve completed
will carry over. Any uncompleted episodes will have their decisions randomized.

If you are, for some reason, wanting to play this game WITHOUT playing the
first season…DON’T DO THAT. Just go play the first season first. It’s fun and
cheap. Go on now! Scadaddle!

And if you’re ready to play Season Two…here we go.

Talk with Omid and Christa outside of the truck stop. They will go into the
men’s restroom for some, uh…recreational activities. Go inside the woman’s
restroom and check all the stalls for zombies. Then check the sink for running
water. Grab the water bottle out of Clementine’s backpack when you found out
that there is none.

Clementime will drop the water bottle and it will roll under the stall furthest
from the door. Go to this stall now. An intruder will come in and find you.
Deal with her any way you wish…


Man, time flies in a zombie apocalypse, doesn’t it? Anyway, the goal now is
to make the fire stronger. Dig around in your backpack. You’ll find a couple
of pictures and then the lighter at the bottom. Use the lighter to burn the
scrap of paper Clementine is holding. To do this, hold A and then tilt the
left stick to the paper to light it on fire.

This isn’t enough, so go around the campsite and look around for more
flammable things. There is a log on the opposite side of the fire, and other
junk lying around the site that isn’t flammable. Go to the fire and choose to
either burn Duck’s drawing of his family, the picture of Lee, or the log.

In typical Walking Dead fashion, things go south real quick. Choose to either
sneak away from the people or distract them. They will pursue Clementine
through the trees, so complete the QTEs to survive. This will require you to
mash on the A button and push the left stick in various directions to dodge
zombies and other things that are hazardous to Clementine’s health.

Whenever you see a red marker on the screen, move the cursor to it and pull
RT. Other than that, there’s not much else to the QTEs at this section. At the
end of the first part of the game, you’ll have to throw a rock at the group of
zombies that are coming after you. Just pick any of the zombies and toss it.

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The second part of the game takes place on a shoreline and then in the woods.
On the shoreline, just walk all the way to the end. You can check out the canoe
sticking out of the water for a grisly site. Push the right stick up to make
the camera shift up to see a broken piece of what used to be stairs sticking
out of the cliff. Climb up there.

At the mouth of the woods, there’s not much to see. There’s a dead zombie
(redundant?) with a sign sticking out of its head to the right. Deeper into
the woods, you’ll find a new companion.

Clementine will follow the dog to another campsite. It is abandoned. The goal
now is to find some food. Because remember, Clementine’s last attempt at
dinner was pretty rudely interrupted…

You can play with the dog using the flying disk that is lying on the ground.
You can check the van to find a picture of the dog’s family. What you’re
really interested in at this point, however, is the walker that is tied to a
nearby tree.

Go to the zombie there and you’ll see that it has a knife stuck in its arm.
Examine the zombie, then move the right stick down as far as it goes so the
cursor drags down the camera. Lying on the ground there is a large piece of
wood. Pick it up and use it to bash in the zombie’s brains.

Grab the pocket knife now. Go the nearby trash barrel. Dig around inside of it
to find a can of beans. The can of beans will have three different points on
it that Clementine needs to stab into in order to get the can open. Stab into
each of the three points and you’ll successfully pry open the can of beans.

Start eating and then fight off the assailant. I won’t say who the assailant
is because of spoiler reasons. When that’s done with, Clementine will later
wake up in the woods, but she’ll be too tired to really get away from the

Just push the left stick forward. Holding RT won’t make Clementine run faster
as it usually does due to her weakened state. Mash on the A button when

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Go through the conversation options and Clementine will be taken to the
cabin to be looked at by the other people in Luke and Peter’s group. They
decide to lock her in a shed, so now your goal is to get out of the shed and
steal the medical supplies necessary to patch yourself up.

The first thing that you need to do is get a hammer. The hammer is located on
a shelf above Clementine. Pull out the table on the wall and climb on top of
it. Grab the hammer from the shelf, but it will all fall down. Pick up the
shelf off the ground to grab the hammer underneath of it.

In the corner of this shed, next to the anchor, is a tacklebox. Open it up to
get some fishing line. Then use the hammer to rip the board out of the wall.
Kick out the piece of wood that remains over the hole and crawl out. Ignore
the zombie in the distance and head to the house.

Go around the side of the house until you find the piece of wood that is
plugging up a hole on the porch. Rip it off using the hammer and crawl
underneath the porch until you reach the trapdoor. Use the knife to jiggle the
door open and climb out into the den.

You can listen to the adults talk about you if you push open the kitchen door a
tad, but don’t linger there long or you’ll be spotted. Go up the stairs and
head into the bathroom. Go to the mirror and inside the medicine cabinet you
will find a needle. Someone starts coming up the stairs, so hop into the
shower to avoid detection.

When they leave, go to the bedroom that is directly across the hall from the
bathroom. Speak with the girl in here and she will get you hydrogen peroxide.
Leave her room when ready and then go to the bedroom that is done the hall
from here. Check the desk for rags. Grab them and then head back to the shed
the way you came.

Back inside the shed, get to work on fixing up Clementine’s wound. First use
the peroxide to disinfect the wound. Then apply the stitches using the needle
and fishing line. To stitch Clementine’s wound, hold in the A button and
move the left stick to the right. Keep doing this until the wound is completely
stitched up.

Next grab the bandanges and try to wrap Clementine’s arm. The bandages will
fall to the ground. Try to pick them up and SURPRISE! a zombie will grab at
Clem. Try to grab the hammer off the table to use it on the zombie, and Clem
will fall to the ground. Grab whatever you can off the ground to hit the
zombie back and complete the QTEs as they pop up on the screen. They will
mainly consist of mashing on the A button and then hitting whatever button
pops up after you complete the mashing portion.

The zombie will be knocked into the anchor. Pick up the hammer at this point
and use it to beat in the zombie’s brains. The adults of the cabin will find
you, so talk to them.

Continue to speak with them inside the cabin.

The next morning, go with Peter and Nick to the river. Talk with them how you
wish. Then when you near the river, a grisly site will be there to behold.
There are dead bodies everywhere.

Check the closest one for a headshot wound. When that is confirmed, look
over the river to the body that is slumped over there. Examine it from afar to
point it out to Peter and Nick. Then go help Peter search the rest of the

Go to the end of the bank and you’ll find Clem’s backpack and someone that
isn’t a zombie. Question him, and then either give him the water or refuse to
give him water.

Zombies will start to come down on Peter and Nick, and you have to make a
decision as to who to go after and try to save. There will be more zombie-
dodging QTEs to go along with this, so be ready!

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Episode 2: A House Divided
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Clementine and whoever you saved at the end of the last episode will be in a
shed. Right off the bat, there is a button mashing QTE followed by a single
button press in order to keep the door shut and the zombies outside. You can
make a choice about how to handle the door situation.

When the choice is made, you are free to converse with Nick or Pete and then
examine the shed. There’s not much in the shed except some homemade whiskey
on the far shelf. Just look at everything, and then there will be another
scene followed shortly by Clementine’s escape from the shed.

To open the doors, a new type of QTE will pop up. You’ll see two brackets close
in on each other, with the hand symbol in between them. This means that you
need to hold in whatever face button they are closing in on, and the hand is
“A” for Xbox 360, highlighted green.

Hold A and then move the left stick in the direction of the arrow that pops up
to open the door. Then you have a couple more QTEs to push and avoid the
zombies that are shuffling around in the woods.

Back at the cabin, you can interact with the people like you normally do.
Then you can interact with Sarah however you want as well. Eventually an
“intruder” named George is going to come a knockin’…

Again, it is pretty much up to you how you want to deal with George. You can
open up to him or don’t tell him much of anything. When he leaves, the others
will come back. Talk to them about the situation, and then you all will be
heading out to the next area together.

Clementine will be in control of some binoculars. Use them to spot the various
landmarks over the horizon. You need to point out the chairlift, the lodge,
the bridge, and the small house by the bridge. Choose the “look” button (hint:
press Y on Xbox 360) to accomplish this.

Chat with folks. When you get to the bridge section, there will be more combat
to deal with, and you need to be QUICK on the QTEs. After that, another
stranger will approach.

When that’s over, it’s time to scavenge the house. Grab the survival knife off
of the counter. Use the survival knife on the nearby chest to find the supplies
inside. Talk to Alvin when he comes in.

At the lodge, climb up to survey the situation. You can see some lights in
the distance. Climb down and then you get a happy reunion! SPOILER WARNING
for those that are, for some reason, trying to use this guide a bit

Anyway, Clementine is now reunited with Kenny. There are a couple of big
decisions regarding this…mainly at dinner later, but we’ll get to that in a

First of all, the main goal here is to first talk to Walter and introduce
yourself to him, and then decorate the tree. To decorate the tree, first
talk to Sarita. Then go up the stairs to the top floor of the lodge. Speak
with Rebecca, and then turn your attention to the cardboard box here.

There are three possible decorations. If you want to please Sarah, choose to
put the angel on top of the tree. At dinner, you have to choose if you should
sit by Kenny or Luke.

Later a situation arises where you find the identity of the man on the bridge.
How you handle this situation is also a big choice in the game. You can try to
tell the truth about what happened to Walter, which will make him actually
save Nick’s life later, or you can choose to lie about it, which will cause
Walter to let Nick die.

When you get to the wind turbine, use the lighter so you can see. Grab the
keys from the right and use them to turn off the turbine. However, the walkers
are everywhere at this point, so complete the combat sequences like you
usually do.

When things calm down a bit, you’re going to wind up hiding with Rebecca on
the second floor of the lodge while a hostage situation goes down. You can
choose to turn yourself in immediately or go look for Kenny and Luke. If you
choose the latter option, you will have to make some more choices that will
decide the fate of more people.

Basically, when you get to the point where you can choose to either A, try to
shoot the intruder yourself, B, let Kenny take the shot, or C, tell Kenny NOT
to take the shot, you need to tell him NOT to if you want the maximum number
of people to make it out alive. Otherwise you will lose two people during
this sequence instead of just one.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
The Walking Dead games from Telltale are all about making choices. Each
episode is filled with choices that can alter the course of the story. These
are the different choices encountered in each episode. Be warned that if you
don’t want spoilers, to AVOID THIS SECTION OF THE GUIDE.

Rather, use this part of the guide to find out what the MAJOR choices are in
the game and see what you can do to change your story for subsequent plays
through the game.

>Did you try to save Christa?
>Did you kill the dog?
>Did you accept Nick’s apology?
>Did you give water to the dying man?
>Did you save Nick or Pete?

>Did you take blame for Sarah’s photo?
>Did you sit with Nick or Kenny at dinner?
>Did you tell Walter the truth about Matthew?
>Did Nick live or die?
>Did you leave to find Kenny?

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