Assassin’s Creed Pirates Walkthrough [Guide]

Assassins Creed Pirates

Fans of the Assassin’s Creed series of games may not be all too familiar with this particular title’s mechanics, but that’s understandable as Assassin’s Creed Pirates is independent from the series as well as with the franchise’s new release altogether. Still, the game does take elements from the original series, primarily with regards to the retelling of history through actual gameplay. This time, players will get to follow the story of a pirate that will uncover the secret behind legendary buccaneer La Buse the Buzzard’s hidden treasure. Get ready to sail the seven seas and read this comprehensive guide so that you can venture forth with confidence and avoid swimming with the sharks.

Assassin’s Creed is a naval battle simulation game where players can navigate the open seas and complete quests in order to push the story forward. This will require players to acquire and upgrade ships as well as recruit additional crews so that you will be able to get abilities that will help you in your voyage. You will also get to battle against different ships which would require timing and quick reflexes. While the game provides you freedom on where to go, there are many places where you will need to go as well as challenges that you must complete in order to be able to advance.

Gold is the main currency within Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Gold can be acquired via in-app purchases, although the main way to get this is to collect from completing quests and destroying enemy ships. Gold is needed whenever players would have to upgrade perks, hire crew, or upgrade ships, among others, which is why this is a resource that you should never run out of.

Aside from gold, other resources can also be collected within the game. These include supplies, wood, and books. Each serves a specific function, and can be won either by completing quests or sinking ships, where in players can then collect bounty from the wreckage. Supplies are used to travel from location to location, while wood is primarily used for upgrading your ships. Lastly, books are used to upgrade any perks that you may have. Additional wood, supplies, and books may also be acquired by spending gold for them.

By performing quests and battling other ships, players can earn experience points. This is important as experience points are required for levelling up, and certain quests and areas will only be made accessible once players have reached the minimum required level. Also, experience might also provide you with bonus items as well as give you more available slots for crew, increased offensive capabilities, and the like. Thus, players should really need to earn experience in order to move forward and improve their ship and crew.

There are two ways by which your ships navigate. Players can control movement of their ship by manually using the sails and the wheel, or they can access the map and simply swipe at the route that they want to take or the destination that they want to go to. Oftentimes, the latter method is much easier and more efficient, although some quests, especially those that will require you to chase down other ships, will force you to use manual controls when directing your ship’s movements.

There are main quests as well as different side quests available within each area. Players can do side quests in order to collect resources, currency, and experience, but main quests are required in order to move forward in the game. Players can activate quests by going near the indicated markers within the map. Make sure that all of your actions are working towards the completion of one quest or another so that you would not waste time and resources on other tasks that would not be worth it in the end.

Players also have access to different types of ships. These can either be collected as bounty or purchased. Each ship has their own attributes which could in turn be upgraded using the required number of coins and wood. Players can switch between ships, and this would also serve as good strategy as some ships are most effective against others during battle or when navigating, especially if some attributes have already been upgraded and maxed out.

Crew and Perks
In Assassin’s Creed Pirates, players would also be able to get to hire additional people in order to bolster their crew. Hiring crew, which uses up coins, will provide players with necessary boosts as well as give you additional perks that you can then use to improve your ship’s overall performance.

Perks are boosts that can be either passive or active in nature. Perks must be equipped so that they can be activated, and players must either have the appropriate number of slots or exchange one for the other should they want to use another one. Perks provide different kinds of benefits, although some have a cooldown period before it can be used again. Upgrading perks will reduce the cooldown period and may even increase its effectiveness. Perks can be upgraded using the required amount of gold coins and books.

Battles are activated almost automatically. Naval focuses around shooting and avoiding getting sunk by the enemy by making sure that their volleys do not hit you. With that, battle sequences switch between offense and defense modes. While you are the one doing the attack, players must line up their shots and release their hold on the screen in order to make shots. This can be done repeatedly until the sequence changes to defense mode. However, players cannot just shoot and shoot, as your armaments will take some time to reload. Just make sure to take advantage of the opportunity by shooting as much as possible and dealing as much damage as you can.

Players also have access to different kinds of weapons, the most effective of which is the swivel gun, as this provides you with a more accurate shot. This is especially important as sometimes certain sections of the enemy’s ship will be marked in red. Once shot at successfully, this will cause a critical strike that will deal a lot more damage than usual.

Under defense mode, all players have to do is to dodge your enemy’s shots. This is done by timing dodges by pressing at either side of the screen. This will help you avoid getting shot at, and making enough perfect dodges will also provide you with a chance to make a spider shot, which will disrupt your enemy’s offensive moves. All of these come together towards ensuring that you win every battle you engage in.

Of course, having a high quality and upgraded ship will also help. Factors like size and speed will also play a part as smaller and quicker vessels will be much harder to hit but at the expense of usually weaker weapons. There are also minor objectives that can be met, such as not taking damage or sinking the enemy within a specific period, which will reward players with bonuses depending on their achievements.

Treasures are collectibles that can be acquired throughout the many destinations within the game. While these are not required objectives, collecting all treasures within a set will allow you to earn some extra coins. This will also provide you with a chance to prove that you’re one of the greatest pirates of all time.


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