Endless Boss Fight Walkthrough [Guide]


The frustrating thing about beat ‘em up games is that you have to go through a long line of cannon fodder before facing the boss, who is usually the only character that will be able to pose a challenge to your skills. With Endless Boss Fight, however, every fight is a boss fight, hence the name. What’s even better is that you can also set your personal enemy boss against other players, making him work for you in the process. You can also challenge other players’ bosses just to make them see who the real boss around these parts is.

There’s a lot of customization to do here, and although gameplay can be a bit repetitive at times, the increasing difficulty and challenges will definitely get you hooked. Get ready for a very thrilling fighting game with Endless Boss Fight, and this guide will keep you up to speed with everything that you need to know about this title.

Endless Boss Fight, or EBF, is a fighting game where your character can battle your own boss or fight it out with bosses developed and upgraded by other players. On the other hand, players can also upgrade their own boss and organize their other players so that they can easily beat others that would like to challenge it.

Controls simply revolve around moving and punching, and players must avoid getting damaged in order to continue fighting. There’s also a timer that signifies the end of the round. Different rules apply for both single player and multiplayer modes, but the main concept remains the same – avoid the boss’ attacks, and beat it up until it gets destroyed.

Players can also swipe at the screen to quickly dodge attacks. There are also powerups that the player can use which can stun the enemy as well as deal a lot of damage. Using these power punches, utilizing items that drop from the sky, and upgrading your characters are all very important in order to last for as long as possible and earn enough currency to upgrade both your own character and your boss in order to become unstoppable.

Coins are the basic currency within the game. Players can earn this currency through regular gameplay, and premium currency can also be used to acquire more. Coins are used to purchase utilities for both your character and your boss, as well as extra power punches that you can use in battle.

White Milk coins, on the other hand, are the game’s premium currency. This is rewarded sometimes during single player mode, especially when you finish a round without getting damaged, and you can also win this in the Arena randomly. This can also be acquired via in-app purchases. White Milk Coins are used to upgrade DD and your boss’ stats, making them much more powerful in battle. It can also be used to revive your character in a fight under single player mode.

Your character’s name is DD, and you can upgrade his stats so that he will be more formidable in a fight. These attributes include the number of Ammo that he can bring in the fight, as well as his Attack and Defense stats. Stats are upgraded by spending White Milk coins, with the cost becoming higher as your stats increase.

DD also levels up each time he fights. Whenever DD levels up, the maximum level by which attributes can be upgraded will increase. Also, his total HP will be increased, as well. Thus, the more you play, the stronger DD can potentially become.

Power Punch
Power Punches are punches that can be activated by tapping and holding the screen during fights. The number of Power Punches that you can bring in the fight will depend on your Max Ammo stat, although this applies only during Single Player mode. Under multiplayer, only one Power Punch can be equipped. There are three types of Power Punches available, and all require coins to purchase. Power Punches can also be upgraded using in order to make them more effective. Activating your Power Punch and making a direct hit will really turn the tide in your favor and can easily dispatch weaker enemies.

Like DD, you can upgrade your boss. Aside from Attack and Defense, players can also upgrade Power in lieu of Ammo. Power plays a very important part when building your boss and customizing its attack patterns. Bosses will also level up depending on how many fighters challenged them. Like DD, leveling up will mean that your boss’ HP will increase as well as its maximum stats. It is very important to upgrade your boss as winning multiplayer matches will earn you more White Milk coins than just participating. This will also increase the difficulty level of single player matches, which is why you should match this up by upgrading DD equally as well.

Build Boss
Building your boss is as important as upgrading it. Building your boss pertains to selecting which weapons your boss will use for each of the three rounds during multiplayer battles. Only one weapon type, the reverse missile is free to use, while others will use up a certain amount of Power. Players would not be able to exceed the limit, although this capacity can be increased by using premium currency for upgrades.

When building up bosses, players should consider energy costs, power, as well as any disadvantages that you may have. For example, reverse missiles can be sent back to your boss and damage it. Other things that can be built up include the number of attacks that you can make each wave, and the idle time between waves, among others. These upgrades would also cost power that must be within your limit.

Utilities are boosts that both DD and your boss can bring into battle. In the case of DD, utilities are purchased and equipped on a per match basis, with the selections available differing during single player and multiplayer modes. Utilities for the boss, meanwhile, are effective for a certain time period. Boosts include providing your characters with increased damage, longer effects for powerups, more health, and many more. These are purchased using coins.

Single Player
Under single player, players will control DD as he battles the boss. Gameplay only ends should the timer run out without having defeated the boss, or if you get killed. Players also have the option to revive DD should he fall, which is important especially if you are trying to reach a certain objective and would like to continue fighting without losing progress, Each time the player is able to empty the boss’ health, he will reset, oftentimes with new weapons, and players will have to defeat him again.

There are also different types of powerups that will fall from the sky from time to time. These include magnets that will attract coins as well as health items that will regain a small part of your HP. There are also detonators that will destroy all missiles on sight, and shields that will prevent you from getting damaged for a limited period.

There are several objectives that can be met during single player, such as being able to collect coins. Each time you hit your boss, a certain amount of coins will drop from the score. Collecting these will add to your inventory. Additional coins will also be rewarded should players perform combos by hitting specific missiles in succession, or if you are able to defeat the boss in a certain round without getting damaged.

Another goal for single player mode is to get the high score. The longer you survive and the more combos you make, the higher your score would be. There are also missions that can either be completed within a single game or across multiple games. These are bunched together in sets of three, and once completed, will add a multiplier that will significantly increase the points that you earn.

Under multiplayer, you can have DD fight against other bosses. There are a total of three rounds each, with each round having a much shorter time limit than usual. The goal is to defeat the boss within the specified time limit at least two out of three times. Should the player run out of time or gets killed, then he will be defeated regardless of what round they are currently at.

Here, players will pit themselves against bosses that other players have customized. Players will also get the chance to earn free resources like currency by randomly choosing a prize at the end of the match. Winning matches will increase your DP while losing matches will decrease it. DP will represent how well you are as a fighter, and your total ranking will allow you to join leagues of increasing levels and difficulty.

As for battles pertaining to your modified and upgraded boss, this is done automatically, and reports will come in from time to time about the results of previous battles. This is displayed in your boss’ battle log. DD also has a battle log, so check up on these two stats to see how your characters are faring against other fighters. Your boss also has a BR rating that acts just like DP, allowing you to join groups segregated in terms of stats and winning prowess.


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