Space Hulk Walkthrough [Guide]


Space Hulk, at first glance, may be a bit confusing with all the mechanics that are presented to you. After a few rounds of play, however, you’ll definitely be able to get the hang of everything that you need to do. Despite that, winning is a whole different thing altogether. This adaptation from the board game based off the Warhammer 40K universe will put players in the shoes of one of two factions, and they will take turns to strategize and plan their moves in order to reach their goals and have the advantage. Here’s our guide on how to tackle this game so that you won’t get lost in the dark.

Space Hulk is a turn based strategy game with dice rolling elements to simulate chance and luck. Those who are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons may find the mechanics a bit similar. Under regular play, players can take control of a team of space marines, called Terminators, as they go through maps comprising of narrow corridors and try to complete missions presented to them. Under multiplayer, players can also take control of the antagonists, called Genestealers, which have their own set of rules with regards to movement and behaviour.

Different missions are available within the game. More missions will open up once players have completed the current one, while some will only be available by purchasing them using real money. Most missions will have different parameters, and only by meeting all of them will you be able to move one. Players are provided with teams that have different abilities, and all of them must work together towards meeting the objective.

Missions are set in a space station that has narrow corridors, small rooms, and both operational and broken doors. Aside from maintaining proper formation, players can use these elements to better strategize their attack or defensive plans. These include closing doors to cut off your enemies’ route, or having your teams converge along an opening so that you can gang up on any enemies that appear.

There are different types of Terminators that can comprise your team. While most of them pretty much look the same, each has specific weapons and abilities that can be activated. At the start of the mission, players can deploy them in any of the allowed spots, after which they can be controlled and commanded independently. Knowing the abilities of each member of your team will earn you a tactical advantage so that you can properly use them during the right situations.

Action Points
Each member of your team is provided with Action Points at the beginning of each turn. These can be used for players to move forwards, backwards, as well as to open or close doors. Different actions will require a certain amount of Action Points, and even turning will consume this resource. Take note of your team’s individual AP such that you can still end up with the best formation without one being out of place due to having not enough AP. There are also special units that can provide you with additional Action Points, giving you more freedom on what you want to do and where you want to go.

Command Points
At the beginning of each turn, the team will also gain a certain amount of Command Points, or CP. CP is determined via luck, and is shared across all members of the team. Unused CP will also not be carried over to the next turn. Command Points can be used should you run out of Action Points, but is generally used for performing offensive or defensive techniques.

Actions such as Melee or ranged attacks will cost CP, and so will putting yourself in a defensive position. There’s also an Overwatch function which would allow you to shoot at any enemies that will come within your range during their turn. This is one of the most important commands within the game as, generally, all actions are performed during your own turn. Players can also have teams that have access to other abilities, and there’s really no other way to learn about them but to try them out.

Genestealers are the game’s main antagonists. While not visible, they will appear as blips on the map, and players will not know exactly how many there are until they are within a Terminator’s line of sight. Under single player, there’s no way to control Genestealers, but players can play as them under Multiplayer mode. Genestealers follow a different set of rules when it comes to consuming AP and CP, something which is explained during the tutorials.

Multiplayer allows players to play against each other. One side will play as the Terminators while the other will control the Genestealers. Both players will not be able to see the other’s turn until after they have been committed, and they will take turns until one team defeats the other in asynchronous play.


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