Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Cut the Rope 2

Spiders have stolen Om Nom’s candies, and it’s up to you to help him get his tasty treats back. You’re not alone, though, as you’ve got some friends to give some timely assistance. Cut the Rope 2 features the same basic mechanics that were present in the first game, but with a few noticeable changes for fans of the series. Here’s our guide for Cut the Rope 2 – and be on the lookout out for those sweets!

Cut the Rope 2 is a physics based puzzle game where, as the name implies, players must cut ropes attached to objects so that all items within the stage will interact with each other, with the main point being having the candy reach Om Nom, or vice versa. Aside from ropes, players will also get to encounter balloons, planks, air blowers, as well as different creatures that can work together towards helping you reach your goal.

A secondary objective within the game is to collect stars as well as the occasional four leaf clover, which will unlock further stages once you’re finished with the current set of levels. There are also powerups as well as aesthetic changes to Om Nom and the environment that can be purchased and used. Players will have to restart the level if there is no other way for the candy to reach Om Nom, or if Om Nom or the candy falls off the screen. However, if Om Nom falls after reaching the candy, the game will still consider that as a win.

Nommies are creatures that are newly introduced in the game. These include fireflies that can carry stuff for you along a certain path, a chameleon that can form bridges so that items can roll towards a particular area, and a creature that can replicate itself and can be used to stack objects vertically, among others. Being able to use these creatures’ abilities will certainly help you reach your goal faster, and will allow you to feed Om Nom while collecting all other objects within the stage.

While collecting all stars within the stage is not mandatory, this is the only way to unlock the next set of stages as these would require that a certain amount of stars have already been acquired, although unlocking them using real money is also an option. There are a total of three stars that can be collected, and this is done by having the candy come into contact with it. Make sure to replay levels where you have not gotten all candies so that you can unlock all available levels within the game for free.

Sometimes, there would also be some clovers floating around in the game. Like stars, these would have to be collected. Acquiring all clovers within a set will unlock an additional stage, so make sure to try and get these each time one is present in a level. Some of the solutions to get these clovers would be more difficult than usual, though, so keep at it and don’t hesitate to use a powerup or two if you find yourself stuck at a particular problem.

There are three types of powerups that can be acquired within the game, and they can be used to help you out in tougher puzzles. However, it is important to note that using powerups is actually not required to solve any stages, except for those that explicitly call for it like in tutorial stages. Powerups range from balloons that you can attach to objects and even to Om Nom so that they will float, as well as candy rain that will cause candy to fall from the sky. The most important powerup, however, is the hint, which will provide you with clues on how to solve the stage.

Players will initially be provided with free powerups, but after using them up, in-app purchases to refill your inventory would be required. With that, make sure to use your powerups wisely so that you’ll have enough when you’re especially stumped.

After players have completed a stage, players can retry it in order to complete specific missions that are accessible at the bottom of the screen. There’s really no tangible reward except getting a medal for that stage as well as a sense of accomplishment. Examples of missions include not getting all stars, or not using the assistance of Nommies to complete the stage.

In-App Purchases
Aside from powerups, there are also costumes that you can buy to change how Om Nom looks. These are purely aesthetic changes and do not affect gameplay whatsoever. There are also customizations where you can change the candy into the much healthier fruit, as well as changing your swipe animation into bubbles or rainbows. As mentioned, these are only visual changes and would require real money to acquire, so spend on these only when you have the cash to burn.


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