Perfection (iOS) [Review]


The iOS has always been a welcome home for puzzle games, and yet games like Perfection seem to be rather scarce. Most might think that it takes little imagination to create a game with minimalist visuals, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Less is more, even in its design and the foresight it takes to make it work. So when gamers see something like Perfection, hope that it turns out good like Hundreds.

Its name seems rather presumptuous at first glance, but Perfection does soothe and relax gamers who mostly play games full of fireworks and shenanigans. Maybe this game was inspired by an old board game, also named Perfection. It does look a lot more like another old board game called Superfection, which also plays on shapes.

This title by Dumb Fat Games, who seems to have a quirk for picking interesting names, is led by a simple premise. All you have to do is to cut shapes into an outline on screen to fill it in, and you can find the best solution to every puzzle in order to get “Perfection”. The levels are randomly generated, so no two playthroughs would be exactly the same, which lends this game a good bit of replay value.

It does look quite cool, with a clean and polished look that makes good use of the shapes and colors. As for the interface itself, there is not much else other than the puzzle you need to solve and a pull-out menu tab on the bottom. The music also does well in adding to the soothing feel of the game with relaxing melodies, which is good if you have to wrestle with your brain in coming up with a solution for the puzzles. Gameplay is made up of various puzzle modes that can be selected from the tab on the bottom. There’s the Standard mode that just lets you cut the shapes, then the next lets you rotate them, and the one after that lets you adjust the size, and so on.

Upon getting used to its minimalist interface and controls, you can get into its laid-back gameplay that’s perfect for roadtrips and other such times when you’re waiting for something to happen. It takes you away from the stress while still maintaining brain activity through the puzzles. However, that’s only if you can get past the more frustrating parts of this game. The gist of it is supposed to be quite simple, but it’s not easy to figure out, especially due to the random nature of the puzzles.

Unfortunately, there is little to nothing in the way of instruction in gameplay, being as minimalist as it can be. You may need to figure out for yourself how to do them though as there’s almost nothing that explicitly describes what should be done. Once you open a game up, you just get a puzzle pop up and you’re supposed to solve it, and that’s it. It would have been fine if it were intuitive, but it’s not really as much as it should be.

It would be good for players who are more self-motivated, but perhaps it may not be able to retain younger audiences who don’t get it in the first few minutes. Maybe the more curious and exploratory players or the ones instructed beforehand would stay with it a bit longer, but it’s quite rewarding once you do figure it out. It could be rather cruel to harshly judge a game that actually isn’t that bad, but that’s what happens when you name your game “Perfection”.

This game is available now in the App Store for about a dollar, so perhaps it shouldn’t be grumbled about too much, especially since it doesn’t have the in-app purchases that plague the mobile landscape these days.

Tested in iOS. Final Score: 7/10


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