Collosatron: Massive World Threat [Review]


The city is under attack, but this time, you don’t play as the hero that will save the day. Rather, you are the unstoppable mecha stomping at everything that stands in your way. This is Colossatron: Massive World Threat, and the game offers some massively addictive gameplay that merges several elements from different genres that will surely be enjoyable whatever your pleasures are.

The focus of the title is very simple. While players cannot directly control the eponymous character, they are in charge of helping Colossatron become more powerful. This is done by attaching sections, called powercores, which would provide your monster with a new way to attack the military headed by General Moustache. Powercores can also be combined, match three style, in order to create more powerful weapons. Players may also blend different colored cores to create new sections that vary in terms of attack and function with regular ones. With that, players must ensure that they have enough powerful cores so that they can complete missions across the different cities within the countries that Collostratron would lay siege at.

Currency earned can be used to repair Colossatron in between his attacks, and players may also choose to purchase new powercores to attach to the snack like monstrosity. Like most games, Colossatron: Massive World Threat also utilizes a freemium model where new cores can be unlocked early for use using premium currency, called prisms. There are also gadgets which allows your robot to trigger attacks and special abilities that can help you complete missions.

At its core, the title combines elements of Snake, Zuma, and any match three type games that you can think of, plus a bit of tower defense thrown in. With player’s just having to concentrate on building up Colossatron, there really is no direct control between the players and the monster. This can be pretty off putting, but that only gives players a much better opportunity to choose the right place to set the wayward powercore into the chain. This is much easier said than done, as in addition to Colossatron moving around, the monster’s entire form isn’t even visible on the screen at times, especially if the formation is already lengthy. This gives the relatively simple task of attaching cores a whole new challenging layer of complexity.

Players must also weigh in the pros and cons of having to attach which powercore in between which sections. Will a longer chain of weaker cores be more effective especially when there are lots of enemies, or will it just mean that there’s more for enemies to shoot at? Similarly, would a shorter chain make your mech more powerful, or will it just mean that you’ll have to make less mistakes as every shot and every hit would have a much bigger impact as a whole? With that, in addition to deciding exactly how to spend your hard earned coins, it can be seen that Colossatron: Massive World Threat is more than just mindless destruction but requires players to think and strategize as well.

One of the things that most players who have already tried this title out rave about is the narrative. As players progress through the levels, there will be displays and announcements, CNN style, that can really be enjoyable at times. Players can really see, from the news reels, reports by journalists, and interviews from different people, how your actions are affecting the virtual world that Colossatron is destroying. This also breaks into the monotony of the game, which is one thing that others are complaining about due to the inability to control where Colossatron has to go.

Colossatron: Massive World Threat will definitely appeal to those gamers that want to play as the bad guy for a change. Players will also get to see the action as it happens, and as reported by the dedicated people of Action News 6. While the game can get pretty bland after a while, those who want to build bigger, better, and badder robots to stomp tanks and the rest of the military with can definitely get behind this title with its numerous powercore combinations and combinations, and being able to see just how much destruction you can deal with your mechanized monster alien snake thing.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 7/10

Colossatron: Massive World Threat was developed by Half Brick Studios. It was released last December 19, 2013 and is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 7 or later.


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