Disney Hidden Worlds Walkthrough [Guide]

Disney Hidden Worlds

The Disney World is in trouble, and it’s up to you and a handful of inklings to make sure that our beloved characters are able to get the happy ending that they deserve. Use your imagination as well as your keen eye in finding required objects and crafting stories that will unravel as you progress throughout the game. See your favorite Disney movies in a whole new light, and this guide will help you unlock everything so that you can give these characters their happily ever afters.

Disney Hidden Worlds is a hidden object world where players are tasked with finding objects and details within classic Disney movies which include Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and Aladdin. By finding objects, players can craft items that can be used to unlock further locations and scenes to drive the story forward. A keen eye and attention to detail is required, as only by finding all items will players be able to progress and unlock the various scenes from some of the most beloved Disney scenes of all time.

Gems are the only currency within the game. Gems are used to purchase energy if you do not want to wait, and can also be used to acquire items, necessary for crafting, that you do not have yet. Gems are awarded whenever players level up, and can also be acquired via in-app purchases.

Fuel is a resource that serves as energy within Disney Hidden Worlds. Fuel is required whenever players want to play a scene, and like most games, this resource regenerates over time or can be refilled instantly using premium currency. By levelling up, the fuel meter will also be instantly refilled. Make sure that you have enough fuel whenever you want to play a lot of scenes continuously.

Different locations have multiple scenes that can be unlocked by having the right item on hand or by upgrading them. Each scene has different objects and items that can be found, and there are also specific areas where in certain resources can be collected. By replaying scenes, players can earn mastery which is represented by stars. This is also an easy way to level up especially since replays will have the same items showing up from time to time, allowing you to find them at a shorter amount of time the second or third time around.

Aside from finding all items within the scene, players can also try and get the best score. This is done by finding items in succession, which would increase your combo. The higher your combo and the faster you are able to complete the scene, the better your score would ultimately be and the faster you will be able to master the scene. Lastly, locations may be upgraded so that next playthroughs will require less fuel.

Different resources such as ink can be acquired so that various items can be crafted by the Inklings. These items are important in unlocking further scenes so that players can take on further stages. Inklings can only craft one item at a time, but spending gems can increase that number so that multiple items can be crafted at the same time. Likewise, crafting also takes time, but gems may also be used so that the process can be completed instantly.

Should players get stuck in the particular object, they can use hints which would highlight a random item from the list of objects to be found. Hints take time to be used again, so make sure to only utilize this privilege if you are having an especially difficult time. Of course, using hints is free, but this would take a lot of the fun and challenge out of the game.

Quests are tasks that are specifically developed in order for players to take on a more linear approach in playing the game. By completing quests, players will also be able to earn lots of experience points which are very important when levelling up. While completing scenes and crafting will earn players XP as well, the rewards of completing quests will be much greater than regular means, so make sure to invest your time and resources towards completing quests whenever possible.


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