Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus Walkthrough [Guide]

Ratchet and Clank Before the Nexus

The companion game for the recently released PS3 fame has now reached the mobile platform, and players will get to experience playing as their favourite Lombax and, in part, his mechanical companion in this thrilling endless runner and shooter. As expected, players will get to use different gadgets and weapons as Ratchet tries to shoot down different robots and save the kidnapped victims of the evil Prog Twins. What’s even better is that items collected can be transferred to the actual game, giving you all the more reason to give this title a try. Get ready for an adventure and read this guide to ensure that you are able to survive and last for as long as you possibly can.

Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus is an endless running game with some sections where players must shoot at enemies and other objects. Players must work towards being able to sustain their run for as long as possible without getting damaged or without falling off ledges. Players can also work towards collecting bolts, gadgets, and other items that each serves a specific purpose.

Controls within the game are pretty basic. Players can swipe left and right in order to switch rails, and they can also jump over obstacles and to collect bolts hanging higher up. Players can also hold their jumps upon jumping in order to hover over longer gaps. Gadgets which have been collected can also be triggered to give you an advantage during your run.

Bolts are the game’s main currency. Bolts are collected all throughout your run, and these are used to buy almost everything in the shop, as well as to upgrade items such as gadgets and weapons. Bolts can be acquired via in-app purchases should you want or need more.

Raritarium is the rarest item that you can find within the game, although you can also purchase them outright using bolts. Raritarium does not serve a purpose within the mobile game, but players who have both the PS3 version of the game can transfer Raritarium for use in getting new items and making upgrades. Players would have to connect to their PSN accounts in order to be able to use this feature.

Skill Points
Skill points can be earned by completing tasks displayed at the beginning of each run. Some tasks, such as traveling a certain distance, must be completed within a single run while others can be accomplished throughout multiple playthroughs. Completing these quests will earn players Hero Bolts, which would allow players continue their run should they die in a round. For those who need more Hero Bolts, however, these can also be purchased using real life cash.

Gadgets are special powerups that can be collected and triggered during your run. Different gadgets have different effects such as attracting any nearby bolts, or removing all enemies from the screen, or doubling the amount of bolts collected. These appear randomly during your runs, and players can choose as to when they would like to be activated upon collection. However, make sure that you make use of this quickly, as collecting a new gadget will automatically remove the previous one from your person.

Gadgets will have to be purchased using bolts before they appear. They can also be upgraded so that their effect would be prolonged. The higher the gadgets’ levels are, the longer they will stay active.

Aside from running and trying to avoid obstacles, Ratchet and Crank: Before the Nexus also allows players to go on the offensive, especially against robot enemies. Players can also choose to smash boxes and other items that may contain additional bolts. Players can use weapons by tapping on the object that they want to blast.

Different types of weapons can be purchased and equipped. The most powerful one, however, would require players to save ten Terachnoids during your runs before it will become available. Upgrading them will make them more powerful. Both initial purchases and upgrades will require bolts, and additional ammo may also be purchased during your run. Make sure that you have powerful weapons and enough ammunition in order to keep up with enemies that would blasting away at you as well.

Usually, getting damaged will end your run. However, using armor will allow you to get hit a certain number of times before dying. Players can purchase different types of armor at the beginning of the round, and this can be acquired using bolts that you have collected throughout the game. This works best if you want to extend your run but couldn’t seem to go any further without getting hit.

Tips and Tricks
If you are stuck in an area with lots of obstacles as well as enemies, focus towards swiping rather than shooting. Once you have cleared the area, you can then concentrate on dispatching the enemies. However, keep in mind that enemies can shoot at you. Oftentimes, there are spots displayed where the shots will land, allowing you to anticipate the blasts and plan out your next moves.

Don’t forget to smash objects whenever the situation allows it. Most of the time, these would contain bolts that you can add to your stash. Also, don’t hesitate to spend your bolts on upgrades so that you’ll have an easier time lengthening your run. Don’t spend your bolts on consumables like armor as, the better you get at the game, you’ll be able to go farther without the need of these items. You also don’t have to spend real money on other items as these would not be worth it especially if you die early on.

Lastly, just keep on playing. This way, you would be able to get enough bolts to max out upgrades on gadgets and weapons. Also, don’t forget to link your game to the PS3 version if you have a copy, as this will allow you to get some great upgrades for free. Sign in via the Playstation Network in order to make the transfer.


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