Hero Siege [Review]


Hero Siege follows the story of a hero that is tasked with releasing their kingdom from the clutches of evil demons from Hell. Armed with simple weapons, he must hone his craft in order to send these creatures back to where they came from. That, however, is no easy feat, but that doesn’t mean that the quest you’ll be taking would be any less enjoyable.

Playing Hero Siege may bring about some nostalgic feelings especially if you came from the older generation of gamers, with its 8-bit design and rather simplistic control scheme. However, that’s really what would endear players both old and new to this title, as it presents a hack and slash, RPG-style game that is simple yet very fulfilling to play despite these limitations.

Hero Siege allows you to play as one of three characters, namely the Viking, Marksman, or Pyromancer. With further updates, it would probably be extended to five, if the blank areas on the character select screen are any indication. Each character has unique stats, but all of these would even out eventually regardless of which character you choose. After this, Hero Siege becomes a traditional hack and slash where in players must travel different areas and dungeons while fending off waves of creatures of varying strengths and abilities.

Along the way, players will be able to pick up different items as well as have access to different abilities that will bolster your offense in addition to your primary weapons. However, most of the time you’ll be relying on your primary mode of attack, except maybe for temporary boosts or health items that can be collected as drops or by destroying containers within the environment. The difficulty would increase as the game goes on, which is why players must strive to level up in order to keep up with the challenges of each level.

With that, players can earn skill points each time that they level up. Skill points can then be spent in order to permanently increase your attributes. In addition, there’s a talent tree that can be upgraded so that you will be much more formidable in combat. Still, having good strategy and planning especially when facing multiple enemies from different sides is much more important than having high stats that would be normally useless should you get swarmed.

Sadly, strategy more or less revolves around the character that you choose. Ranged characters like Marksmen and Pyromancers have the distinct advantage of being able to strike from a distance, providing them better maneuverability and room to attack. Vikings, on the other hand, will not get to enjoy that luxury as they are limited to close range attacks. Without any balancing effort on the part of developers, Vikings would probably be the least among the three to be chosen, as selecting to play as him would put you at an extreme disadvantage.

Fortunately, Panic Art Studios, the brains behind this title, have promised that Hero Siege is a work in progress, which means that players can expect more with regards to updates and new content.

As the game was inspired by games such as Diablo and Legends of Zelda, those who are familiar with and are fans of the genre will surely get to love Hero Siege. The game also features a thrilling soundtrack that will push players on as they hack and slash at different monsters and creatures in their way. The game also supports MOGA and NVIDIA shield, so you can experience the action and adventure in several different and more enhanced ways.

Despite its simplistic nature, Hero Siege has tons of items that can be acquired, and there’s also a lot of customization to be had. The world is vast and is freely explorable, and different creatures with varying behaviors will need you to think on your feet. Lastly, there are different difficulty levels that will allow you to customize the challenge experience, giving you more value for your money and allowing you to extend your playing time within this dangerous world.

While the game may be a bit repetitive at times, there are certain groups of people that would actually enjoy mindless destruction and carnage. There’s also something for those that would like to put in more thought into their character with the many upgrades and items available for the taking and equipping. All in all, Hero Siege is a very enjoyable title that can take up minutes to hours of your time, depending on your personal opinions about the genre. One thing can be safely said about this game, however, is that Hero Siege can definitely take you into a nostalgic yet very challenging journey into danger and adventure.

Tested on Android. Final Score: 7/10

Hero Siege was published by Panic Art Studios. It was released on January 3, 2014 and is available via Google Play for Android devices.


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