Eternity Warriors 3 Walkthrough [Guide]

Eternity Warriors 3

The latest installment in the Eternity Warriors series has now arrived. Eternity Warriors 3 features new items and weapons to acquire, as well as brand new quests while still being able to bring that same old action and adventure that fans of the franchise are familiar with. There are different creatures to face, and numerous areas to explore and test your mettle in. Read through this guide to ensure that you are able to find all there is to know about this exciting game.

Eternity Warriors 3 is a hack-and-slash game where players can control different characters with each having their own special abilities. Players are tasked with going through different dungeons and areas where they can fight against different creatures as well as powerful bosses. Currency and loot earned can be used towards upgrading your character by learning and upgrading skills as well as getting powerful weapons and gear that will better enhance your character’s overall attributes.

Coins and gems are the two currencies at play within Eternity Warriors 3. Both of these currencies can be acquired as loots or as treasure from chests. These may also be won by completing quests or via daily log in rewards. Coins and gems may be used to purchase different items like consumables as well as new weapons and gear. Gems, however, are the game’s premium currency, so the items that they are able to purchase are much better and more useful. These can also be used to unlock and upgrade skills early. Additional currency may be acquired via in-app purchases, although this is completely optional.

Players can choose between three different character classes. These include the Warrior, the Mage, and the Monk. The Warrior is more of a tank character, having high strength and defense but has short range. On the other hand, mages have longer ranges and are capable of dealing large damage to multiple enemies. Lastly, monks are faster and are capable of effectively dodging attacks.

As each class has their own set of abilities and attributes, it is important to choose the best class that suits your preferences and style of play.

Leveling Up
By questing and by defeating enemies, players will get to earn experience points, or XP. Once enough XP has been earned, players will level up. Whenever players level up, their base stats would increase. They will also have their health and energy refilled, and certain skills will and other content will also be unlocked. Thus, the higher the players are able to get with regards to levels, the stronger their characters can potentially be.

Players also have access to different skills during gameplay. Skills are special abilities that can be activated either actively or passively. These have varying effects depending on the class that you are playing as. Skills would have to be unlocked first before they can be used, and players can either spend gems to unlock or upgrade them early, or to wait until they have reached a certain level so that the said processes can be done using coins, which is the more basic currency.

Once active skills become available, these can be triggered during the fight. However, skills have a cooldown period before they can be used again. Proper usage of skills at the right time will definitely turn the tide of battle in your favour, as well as knowing which skills are best used in which type of situation.

It is also important to note that players should have enough energy, a resource that is consumed whenever active skills are triggered. Energy regenerates over time, although players can also choose to use items in order to regain more quickly.

Different types of equipment may also be acquired, either via purchase, by being collected as loot from defeated enemies, or as rewards or treasures found in chests. Equipment can be used which would change your character’s attributes, although players should check the capacity that your character can carry. Ideally, the higher your weapon or equipment’s stats, indicated by the Gear Score, the bigger chunk of your capacity it can take. This capacity, however, can be increased using premium currency.

Equipment can be upgraded in order to make them stronger, as well. This is done through fusion, where in other weapons may be sacrificed, as well as pay coins, so that the target weapon will have its experience increased. The stronger the weapon, the more the item will be able to level up. Weapons have a maximum level before they can be evolved. This will require requisite items that can be collected during questing, and the resulting weapon would be stronger and can be fused once more.

Different types of items may be acquired within the game. These can be acquired as daily logins as well as loot. Items may also be acquired using either gems or coins. Different items have different effects such as regenerating health and items, among others. While optional, using items appropriately would be able to give you the advantage especially when you have your backs against the wall against more powerful enemies.

Players may also offer tokens and other currencies to one of three gods, namely the Iron God, Silver God, or the God of Gold. The higher the god you are making an offering to, the higher the chances of you being able to get better items and weapons, such as those of Epic, Rare, or Legendary class. Players would be able to get tokens for free pretty often, so most probably the Iron God will be the one you’ll have action to the most.

Social Function
While Eternal Warriors 3 does not have a PvP or multiplayer mode, it does offer up the chance for players to create and join guilds where they can share loot and other items with each other. They also have the ability to chat with each other for a more social experience. Of course, you would have to be online to be able to use this function.


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