Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (iOS) Walkthrough [Guide]

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

If you’re sick and tired of the usual Italian plumber racing around with his brother, princesses, allies, and enemies, then Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed has got your back. This racing game features some of the most beloved characters in the Sega franchise such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Ryo Hazuki, Joe Musashi, and many more. An otherwise loyal port of the previously released game, this title is sure to bring some great racing fun that will give you tons of enjoyment either via single or multiplayer. Get ready to burn some rubber, and read through this guide to increase your chances of finishing first in this very exciting game.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is a racing game where players can race as their favorite Sega characters. The main goal is to finish first, and this can be done by being able to handle your vehicle well and maintain your speed, as well as by knocking your opponents out by using powerups or even smashing through them. Of course, opponents can do the same to you, so you must be able to drive defensively as well.

Currencies can be used to unlock new content such as new tracks, characters, and difficulty settings. There are also in-app purchases on top of the original price tag where in you can unlock exclusive characters as well as play through all difficulty modes for free.

Stars and rings are the two types of currencies within Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. Both of these currencies can be earned during races, with more being awarded the better your finish is. While both can be used to unlock different items, the more precious ones such as better drivers or higher difficulty settings will require stars rather than rings. Stars may also be used to purchase additional rings, while additional stars, in turn, may be acquired using real life currency. When buying stars, keep in mind that they more money you are willing to shell out, the better deal you will be able to get.

Difficulty Modes
There are four types of difficulty modes within the game. These are easy, medium, hard, and extreme. Initially, only the easy mode is free to play, with harder difficulty levels only accessible should you prefer to spend stars or rings. Of course, the higher the difficulty level, the more you would be able to win as rewards. The game also offers an in-app purchase where players will be able to access all difficulty levels without the need to spend stars or rings.

Players have the option to change the way that they control their characters. Acceleration is automated, so all players have to worry about is steering, using powerups, and other actions. Under default settings, steering is done via tilting, but there are also settings where players can use a virtual joystick. The game also supports playability with a game controller, so choose the control style that is available to you and suits you best.

Game Modes
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed features two types of game modes, namely single player and multiplayer. In single player, players race against the AI as they unlock events and new tracks, while multiplayer will have you battling others online. There are also daily events where in players can participate in races for a limited time for a chance to earn special rewards. There’s no energy system at play within the game, so you can play for as much as you want.

Different characters from several Sega games are available within Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. Each character drives a different vehicle, and they each have different attributes such as acceleration, speed, handling, and boost. Only a few characters are initially accessible, but some can be unlocked by purchasing them using either rings or stars, while some would have to be purchased using real money.

There are many different tracks accessible within the game, with more accessible as you progress. Each track has their own obstacles, and hitting them will greatly slow you down. There are also drops where, should your character fall, he or she would be placed back on track but would be penalized. Knowing the different tracks like the back of your hand is very important especially if you want to take first place.

Power Ups
Different powerups are also available throughout the game. Most of these powerups can be picked up during the race via boxes marked with a question, or can be provided via the tumbler which players have access to before the race. Powerups usually serve as projectiles that can be fired forwards or backwards, while some would be able to provide you with support like limited invulnerability.

The most powerful type of powerup is the All Star powerup. This is a rare item as it will provide you with a significant boost in speed as well as the ability to crash through enemies without getting affected negatively. This powerup can be acquired by spending stars as well. Being able to collect and activate powerups will also be able to provide you with a very distinct advantage especially when you are trying to catch up to your fellow racers.

Turbo Boosts
Turbo boosts are abilities that will allow your player to have an increase in speed. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Examples of these are by picking up boost powerups, or by going through boost strips, which are paths that are indicated in pick. Players can also perform tricks while jumping or by drifting. These actions can fill up the boost meter up to three times, which means that the more boost you have accumulated, the longer you will be able to use it.

The Tumbler is a series of wheels that can be spun in order to get free items before the race. These are perks that include powerups, or perks that will allow you to earn double coins. Players can choose to spin between one to three wheels, with each iteration increasing in cost. Spinning the wheel is completely optional, but this will definitely give you an advantage especially if you have won the right items.


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