BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea [Guide]

Bioshock Infinaite: Burial at Sea

Welcome back to Rapture. BioShock Infinite took us to a city in the clouds,
but Burial at Sea brings us back to the infamous city that solidified BioShock
as a gaming classic.

It is cheaper in the long run to just purchase the Season Pass then buying
each piece of DLC separately.

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Episode 1
Episode 2

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Booker DeWitt is visited in his office in Rapture by a woman named Elizabeth.
She offers him help to find his lost daughter, and together they explore the

LT – Plasmid
LB – Cycle Plasmid/Plasmid Wheel
RT – Fire
RB – Cycle Weapon/Weapon Wheel
Y – Melee
X – Reload/Loot/Open
B – Crouch
A – Jump
LS – Move/Sprint
RS – Look/Zoom
D-pad (down) – Audio Log
Back – Objectives
Start – Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea is split up into two different parts. The
walkthroughs for parts 1 and 2 can be found here.

In Booker’s office, the first thing that you’ll need to do is light Elizabeth’s
cigarette. Approach her back and press X to accomplish this. When that’s done,
follow her outside.

Elizabeth will lead you around various areas in Rapture. Just follow her and
enjoy the sights along the way. Follow her into the elevator and press the
button yourself to follow her to Cohen’s floor. Then go with Elizabeth to
Cohen’s door.

The two of you will not be permitted into Cohen’s party without one of his
creepy invitational masks. So, it’s time to procure one of those. There are
three different stores for you to explore at this point. You can choose which
one you want to go to first by marking the objective in the “back/select”

Elizabeth will go to whatever store you mark. The stores are all in this area,
so none of them are hard to find. Simply go to each one, talk to the store
owner, and then bypass them to the backroom and loot it to find the mask case.
The last store you check will have the mask that is needed.

Return to Cohen’s door. You will now be permitted entry. Just move forward
through all the trippy lights and stuff. Then wait for the dancing to be
over. Speak with Cohen. Then go with Elizabeth to the “dance floor”.

Following a scene, Elizabeth and Booker will arrive at a different part of
Rapture and you can now engage in combat. Right now you only have a revolver
pistol for a weapon, called the Hand Cannon. You also have two Plasmids. One
allows you to have enemies be on your side temporarily, and the other will
light them and everything around them on fire.

Right now is a good time to get acquainted with how the gameplay of BioShock
Infinite works. What you’ll need to do is walk around, loot everything in
sight to replenish your health and EVE (mana, magic, whatever you want to call
it), and choose to either kill enemies stealthily, loudly, or whatever else.
Obviously, you should play through BioShock Infinite’s main game before
tackling this DLC, so you should already be pretty good at the combat in
BioShock Infinite.

Anyway, explore a bit and you’ll see that there is a hook that you can use to
get across a gap if you have one of those fancy sky hooks from the main game.
Notice the man hanging upside down that’s frozen? Examine him to find one of
these. Then aim the camera at the hook and press A to zip up there.

Wait for all the enemies to run through. The point at one of the enemies and
take them out with an air strike. You can now use the hook as a melee weapon
by pressing Y.

In the next area, the game will teach you about how the stealth combat works.
Press B to crouch, then walk up to an enemy and hold Y to take them out with a
stealth execution that will definitely kill them.

At this point, you should feel free to explore the areas in the game. Your
main goal is to get a Plasmid called Old Man Winter so that you can freeze the
water in the Tram area to create a bridge, as you saw illustrated when you were
hanging from the hook earlier.

As you move forward, you’ll come to an area with Splicers trying to break
into a door. There is an explosive barrel with a bunch of oil all over the
floor right next to them. It is at this point that the game teaches you about
laying traps for enemies. Hold LT to prepare the trap, aim where you want the
trap to be, then release LT to lay the trap.

Obviously, in this situation, you’re going to want to use fire. Lay the trap
near the explosive barrel. Then get the attention of the Splicers. They will
charge, and hopefully walk right into the trap. The resulting explosion should
kill all of them. If not, pick out the stragglers and then loot all of their
corpses in the aftermath.

To continue through to the Daily Bread, you’ll notice that you need lockpicks.
Elizabeth can be used to open locked doors if you have lockpicks. Locked doors,
locked safes, and whatever else that are required to be opened in order to
complete the game can be unlocked by Elizabeth using her hairpin. Just aim
at the lock and press X to tell her to unlock it.

Go up the stairs and you’ll pass the Dressing Rooms, which have a turret inside
of it. The turret is guarding a pretty decent piece of gear, so blow up the
turret if you have the ammo. Loot the remains of the turret, grab the gear, and
continue on your way.

At this point, you can continue to explore for extras and whatever else you
want. When you’re ready to proceed, look for the hook on the ceiling and use it
to continue. You’ll go through the Ladies’ Wear area, which will have a room
just covered in ice. Think our ice-using Splicer went through here? Probably.

To get through the next door, you’ll need to pull the lever to the right of
it. These levers indicate airlocked doors. These doors separate the major
areas of the game. Going through this will get you to the multi-level Pavilion
area of the game. This place has a lot of little stores to explore and loot,
plus if you look to the sky, there will be the rails that you can use to zip
around and what-not.

Again, explore everywhere. Listen to the Audio Logs. Gather cash. Purchase
upgrades. Do whatever you want. But when you’re ready to go, use the rails to
get to the upper floor. You’ll know it’s the right one because, of course, it
will be covered in ice. Hop off the rail and land on this floor.

If you want the Shock Jockey Plasmid, and you do as it is very helpful, notice
that there is a large door here that leads directly to the area where you may
require it. The room behind this door is quite large, and there are many
Splicers here. Kill all of the Splicers and then do your typical rounds of
walking around and looting everything that you see.

You’ll find the Shock Jockey Plasmid just sitting on a pedestal with a couple
of checkered racing flags by it. Snatch it up and you are now able to
electrocute your enemies. If the enemies are standing in water, you can fire
electricity at the water to fry them that way as well.

With Shock Jockey, you are able to shoot the malfunctioning levers. This will
allow you to use a broken elevator in this area. Use the elevator to ride down,
hop out, turn around, and you’ll see that there’s a lot of goodies underneath
the elevator.

Anyway, head back to the Old Man Winter place on the upper floor. The first
little cubicle room up here will have a malfunctioning lock that you can open
with Shock Jockey. Blast it and then go inside and you’ll have plenty of
goodies to collect.

Head deeper into the ice area and you’ll have the jump on the ice Splicer and
the regular Splicers that are here as well. Use the rails to get around and
kill everybody. When everyone is dead, you are free to go to the cabinet that
houses the Old Man Winter Plasmid. Open it, and it will be discovered that the
ice guy drank them all.

But wait! Elizabeth has an unexpected trick up her sleeve! A little something
that she forgot to mention is that she is able to pull things from other
dimensions, so she makes an Old Man Winter Plasmid appear in the case. Drink
it and now you’ll have one of the most effective Plasmids in the game.

With Old Man Winter, you can freeze a Splicer with a single blast, then hit
them with a melee attack to shatter them to pieces with a single press of a
button. You’ll now notice shimmering “tears” in the rooms that, if you instruct
Elizabeth to do so, will bring helpful items from other dimensions.

The first you’ll see is a samurai. Bring the samurai into Rapture and it will
kill the nearby Splicers for you. Kill any stragglers, loot their bodies…you
know the BioShock drill at this point.

Return to the tram station with your new Old Man Winter Plasmid. Freeze the
spray of water and then use the newly-formed ice bridge to get to the
bathysphere on the other side. Approach the vent once you exit, there will be a
little scene with Elizabeth, and then explore the area.

Your goal is go to each vent and close it, then turn up the thermostat to
get Sally out of the vents. This is a fairly linear thing. Each vent is
very visible. Just move from room to room, kill the enemies, close the
vent. There is one in the Bistro, so do that one before going into the “toy”
airlock. Also grab the Range Gun while you’re in there. The code for that door
is 3958.

Elizabeth’s tears will become extremely important in this episode at this
juncture. There are opportunities all over the place to activate them, and they
bring VERY helpful objects and items into the fold. There are crates full of
medical kits, gun turrets, and more that you can utilize while you are going
around and shutting all of these vents.

When all the vents are shut, go to the room with the temperature controls. If
you are lost, press “up” on the d-pad and a big green arrow will show up on the
ground and point you in the right direction. At any rate, choose to turn up
the thermostat, then rush back to the vent that you were trying to pull Sally

Attempt to “look in” in the vent. A Big Daddy will attack and serve as the
final boss of the episode. Activate the patriot robots that are around here
and have them distract the Big Daddy while you lay into it with your most
powerful weapons and Plasmids. Since this is the end of the game, just go nuts
with your ammo, EVE, and everything until the Big Daddy is dead.

Once “Mr. Bubbles” has been defeated, return to the vent. “Look in” and you
will see the final scene of Episode 1.

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Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea – Chapter 2 Guide

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