Castle Doombad [Review]

Castle Doombad

Suffice to say, Castle Doombad is not your usual tower defense game. Whereas when you normally play as the good guy/s, in this title you portray the villain. Or rather, the villain’s loyal henchman. As ordered by your boss, Dr. Lord Evilstein, you must protect your master’s castle as different heroes try and rescue the princess from your lair. With that, there are a lot of traps that you can set, as well as lesser minions that you can set loose upon them.

If that sounds like typical tower defense gameplay, it’s because it is. But Grumpyface Studios were able to design the game in such a way that it is still fresh and unique. As most games are more linear in nature, the action here takes place across multiple floors, and multiple entry points will require players to think on their feet, swapping between the different traps available and making sure that no one shall pass without having a trap or two in place. There are also interactive traps that would deal a lot of damage, but would require a lot of timing and attentiveness on the part of the player.

Like most mobile games, Castle Doombad offers in-app purchases for currencies available within the game. Both Doom-shekels and Evilness, used to buy and upgrade traps and powerups respectively, can be purchased using real cash, although these are not optional if you are willing to save your resources as well as do a little bit of grinding. That will be more difficult over time, though, as the challenges will increase dramatically as you go through the higher levels, but there’s nothing a little bit of time and effort cannot do to strengthen your defenses.

The graphics are also amazing, drawn in the classic Adult Swim style. Audio is also top notch, and it really matches the style and feel of the game. If there’s one thing that can be complained about Castle Doombad, however, is that keeping your eye on the entire castle, especially when there are already multiple floors built, can be difficult especially with devices that have smaller screens. Scrolling up and down and looking for any heroes that might enter from various entry points can be a real pain. For bigger devices such as iPads, however, this isn’t really an issue.

For a tower defense game, there’s a lot of content to be collected and encountered. There are different kinds of traps, which each affecting heroes in various devastating and sometimes humorous ways, and there are also different kinds of heroes that will require you to adapt your strategies as you see fit. Given the limited slots by which you can carry traps in, players will definitely have to properly manage which items they bring to the table, as well as be able to utilize powerups whenever the situation calls for it.

This may sound simple, especially to veterans of tower defense games, but things can get hairy pretty fast especially if you find yourself being attacked from all sides by numerous heroes. You’ll also find yourself running out of screams fast, which is why upgrading is an absolutely important part of the game. Castle Doombad is entertaining and very stimulating, but you’ll soon find out that it is anything but easy.

Castle Doombad is an amazing game that will keep you addicted for a long time. Aside from the complaint about the difficulty of playing with small screens, the game is a very challenging title that will definitely have you hooked from the start. It can truly be rewarding to be evil once in a while, and you will really be able to find enjoyment in dispatching heroes left and right as they try to attempt and save their damsel in distress.

You’ll also be entertained by the humorous remarks given by Dr. Evilstein. While there’s no real narrative within the title, your master’s insults and boasts are something to really laugh about, and can take away from the monotony of your assigned tasks. This makes Castle Doombad a very welcome addition to the ever growing community of tower defense games that range from epic to downright forgettable. With the attributes that Castle Doombad possesses, it can very well be said that this particular game has the potential to belong to the former group rather than the latter.

In Castle Doombad, it’s okay to be bad. Besides, all you’re doing is protecting your home, isn’t it? That is if you’re taking the kidnapping a princess part out of the equation. Whatever your moral position may be, the fact cannot be taken away that playing Castle Doombad is a pretty fun experience.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 8/10

Castle Doombad was developed by Turner Broadcasting System and Cartoon Network in cooperation with Grumpyface Studios. It was released on January 9, 2014 and is available for all devices running iOS 4 or higher.


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