Mega Jump 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Mega Jump 2

How high can you go? This question will soon be answered once you have played Mega Jump 2, the sequel to the exciting and very challenging endless running – or jumping – game from Get Set. Play as different monsters as you collect coins and try to reach bigger heights with each playthrough, all the while avoiding some creatures that stand in your way, as well as trying not to make a nasty fall. There’s a lot of content within the game, and this guide will help familiarize you with everything that you will see within this title.

Mega Jump 2 is an endless running game where players are tasked to reach as high as they could without dying. Your character can jump high, but they cannot defy gravity, which is why they must capture items that will prolong their flight as well as gather coins that can be used to increase the effectiveness of powerups that they can also gather during their jump. There are obstacles and monsters to avoid as well as various other objects that they can interact with. Upgrading powerups, buying new characters, using boosts, as well as having fast reflexes and good controls will all work together towards making you reach the highest score possible.

Coins and gems are the two currencies available within Mega Jump 2. Coins can be collected throughout the game, and these can be used to upgrade powerups, purchase boosts and extra characters, as well as skip certain adventures within the game. Coins collected may also be doubled permanently via an in-app purchase, allowing you to win coins and purchase items at the store much faster.

Gems, on the other hand, can be used to purchase special characters that are better than the usual ones you can buy using regular currency. Gems may also be used to revive your character after you fall, although the cost will increase each time it is used in a round. Gems and coins may be purchased using actual money, and players may also earn currencies via Lucky Boxes, which are won in-game.

Powerups are special items that can be acquired during your jumps. These will give players several advantages such as attracting all nearby coins, increasing your size and making your invulnerable against enemies, doubling the coins that you’ve collected, and many more. These effects will only be effective for a limited period of time, but this duration may be increased by upgrading them, which costs coins. Some characters may also have certain perks that will allow them to take advantage of specific powerups. Powerups are strewn randomly all over the stage, so make sure to zero in on them once you see one.

Boosts are special items that have beneficial effects, as well. Some boosts, like the shield, can be triggered at any point during your jump, while others will be effective either at the start of the game or for the duration of the round. Boosts may be purchased using coins, although players should weigh in the costs and benefits as these may have a high price that you can better use to upgrade powerups or purchase new characters.

Mega Mode
Once players have collected enough items, a meter will slowly be filled up. Once this meter has been completely filled, it will activate Mega Mode, which would be active for a limited period of time. Under Mega Mode, players will shoot up higher and at a faster rate than usual with the level providing you with more coins to collect. You will also be invincible during Mega Mode, so you can shoot through any monsters that are in your way. Like other powerups, Mega Mode can also be upgraded using coins so that it would be active for a longer period of time.

Players can also purchase additional characters, allowing you to swap the default one with several others. Aside from changing your character’s appearance, certain characters will also provide for special perks such as prolonging the effect of certain powerups. Some characters may be purchased using coins while better ones will require the use of gems. Lastly, some characters can only be unlocked once enough eggs have been collected.

Lucky Boxes
Lucky boxes are earned each time players reach an adventure milestone. Lucky boxes may contain different rewards such as coins, gems, and eggs, which are used to unlock new characters. Some Lucky boxes are acquired in-game, while additional ones may also purchased using coins.

Adventures are essentially quests that players can try to accomplish. Examples of adventures are reaching a certain height, collecting enough coins within a game, or upgrading a specific powerup. Some adventures must be completed within a single playthrough, while some can be accomplished across multiple playthroughs. Once an adventures has been completed, more will open up.

Once enough adventures have been completed, players will earn bonus items like coins and Lucky boxes. Perhaps most importantly, players will also earn multipliers that will quickly add to your score. With that, it is important to try and accomplish adventures as much as you can in order to get the most out of the game.

Tips and Tricks
Players should make the most out of every coin collected. With that, prioritize purchasing powerups evenly, as the ones that you will be able to collect will appear randomly, while focusing less on boosts. This will allow you to get more permanent gains. Once you have maxed out on powerups, concentrate on getting characters that provide perks for your favorite powerups. Some of the best powerups are Mega Mode and Embiggenate, as these are the ones that will allow you to collect the most number of coins.

Mega Jump 2 does not require you to spend real money to get ahead. If you do want to get more out of the game, then the Coin Doubler would be your best bet. Purchase gems only if you have money to burn, and if you want to be able to continue your jumps regularly in order to be able to complete harder adventures.


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