Small Fry Walkthrough [Guide]

Small Fry

It takes a brave soul to soar through the wide open ocean, and it would come as a surprise that a really small fish can navigate across the waters alone, with all the dangers that are abound within. With Small Fry, an endless running/swimming game, players control a ‘small fry’ as he swims through the ocean, across the sky, and even up in space. This is a really challenging game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an enjoyable ride. Use this walkthrough as a guide so that you can swim the farthest that you can.

Small Fry is an endless running game where players must navigate through the environment while avoiding other fishes as well as the shark that will relentlessly chase at you. The main point of the game is to survive for as long as you could while swimming the farthest that you can. Shells collected may be used to purchase boosts as well as new characters to add variety into the game.

The game is divided into three stages, namely the water, the skies, and outer space. More or less, the focus is the same regardless of where you are, as you would have to jump off bubbles, avoid obstacles, and collect seashells wherever you may be. Players can also access special boosts that will allow them to jump faster as well as get limited vulnerability, as well as have the ability to dive, float, and jump to break the water’s surface in most instances.

Clams and pearls are the two currencies available within the game. Clams can be collected throughout the game, and completing challenges will also allow you to earn more of this currency. Clams are used to upgrade powerups as well as to make aesthetic changes to your fish. Clams may also be used to skip challenges that may be too difficult for you.

Pearls, on the other hand, are the game’s premium currency and, like most games, would be able to provide you with benefits that clams will not be able to provide. Pearls are also scarcely provided, and the best way to acquire these is via in-app purchases. Additional clams may also be acquired in this way.

Powerups are items that your fish would encounter from time to time. These provide different benefits like automatically drawing all nearby coins towards you, giving you invulnerability to damage, spawning more clams or powerups in the stage, and many more. Powerups may also be upgraded so that they could be more effective. These upgrades are permanent, although the clam cost will increase for each level. Also, powerups that have been maxed out can no longer be upgraded further. Make it a point to try and swim towards powerups whenever they appear as they will increase your survival as well as allow you to score more.

Challenges are special objectives that you can try to meet. Some challenges encompass multiple runs, while others will require players to complete them within a single round. Challenges come in sets of threes, and completing them will open up another set. This will also entitle you to free clams that you can use to purchase items in the store. Make it a point to try and accomplish objectives so that you can earn currencies a lot faster.

Players may also have the option to purchase additional fishes and other accessories. Each item will cost clams, so make sure that you spend on all upgrades first before these, as they serve no other purpose aside from cosmetic changes. If you feel that you would no longer require the use of any other powerups, however, then you can splurge and mix and match as much as you want.

Tips and Tricks
Control is a very important aspect of the game. Being able to navigate through the waters is very important especially when collecting clams and navigating through enemies. Prioritize the latter rather than the former, though, as hitting enemies would slow you down and would increase the chance of the shark to be able to chase you down and prematurely end your run.

Also, prioritize being able to reach above the waters and bouncing on top of bubbles. This will allow you to reach outer space faster, where you would also be able to collect more clams freely. Lastly, always remember that you can control the speed by which you drop. When in free fall, you can tap and hold the screen so that you will fall faster. This is also a great strategy if you want to catch and bounce from a bubble directly below you. Just make sure that you don’t fall right on top of any enemies, aside from turtles and other similar creatures, which might slow you down.

Ultimately, try to just survive by trying to move up as much as possible, but don’t forget to get clams and powerups whenever you get the chance. Once the shark appears, though, make sure that you stay as far away from him as possible by breaking the water’s surface and, if possible, reaching space until the sharks falls back from the chase once more.


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