Table Top Racing [Review]

Table Top Racing

For such a little game (pun intended), Table Top Racing provides a lot of content. There are a lot of events to participate in, and gameplay varies from stage to stage. Of course, the main focus remains the same, and that is to reach the goal as fast as possible. It’s a casual racing game that is not afraid to be tongue-in-cheek, as can be seen in the visuals alone. Table Top Racing takes place on a table top, not surprisingly, and players will get to control toy cars as they navigate past things that you would usually find on tables like notebooks, bottles, and even a sandwich or two.

The game offers simplistic controls, as acceleration and braking is handled for you. All players have to do is steer in order to be able to successfully navigate corners and, in some instances, try and pass by fellow racers. There are also powerups and weapons that can be acquired, both of which can be used to either slow your opponents down or speed yourself up.

With regards to the actual competition, players can choose from a variety of events, some of which would require players to race against the clock or against other vehicles. Both single player and multiplayer modes are provided, with the latter allowing for both online and local connectivity. Add to this the numerous other game modes that you can unlock, and you can challenge yourself to test your skills in different areas.

Some events will try and test your drifting skills, while others will have you smashing through different vehicles using the many items that you will pick up along the way. Some challenges, on the other hand, will simply test your speed and manoeuvrability as you race both against other players as well as against the clock. This translates to hours upon hours of enjoyment, which would also allow you to level up and earn tons of coins in the process.

Coins and experience earned can thus be used to purchase and unlock different vehicles as well as upgrades. Attributes vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the difference between lower level and higher level cars can become prevalent especially with regards to speed, handling, and acceleration. These cars will take quite a while to acquire, however, especially if you don’t want to go through in-app purchases just to buy that car that you have your eye on.

Luckily, almost all of the content within the game can be acquired without having to pay for a single cent. However, acquiring coins using real money can be a definite advantage especially if you want to roar past the competition with superior vehicles. For casual gaming, on the other hand, simple grinding and earning coins in the usual way will be more than enough.

Table Top Racing provides one of the most complete experiences when it comes to racing games. The AI is pretty smart, and the competition can be tough unless you upgrade your vehicles or upgrade your own skills. You can also participate in pure racing modes, or duke it out like Mario Kart. All of these are laid out in tracks that boast stunning visuals that will have you looking at the environment almost as much as checking your position or the time.

This title has the potential to become one of the most popular racing games out there today. It provides multiple game modes that will keep players absorbed, and it’s simple enough that even younger players can get into the game easily. Further updates of the game have also allowed for game controller support, and perhaps tit controls, a control scheme dominating much of the games of a similar genre nowadays, will be added later on. Still, Table Top Racing is pretty entertaining even without these additional bells and whistles and it is able to catch the attention of those that are not particular with realism and authenticity with regards to their racing games of choice.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 7/10

Table Top Racing was developed and published by Playrise Digital. It is available via the iTunes store for devices running iOS 5.0 or later. It was last updated on December 21, 2013. An Android version is also available via Google Play.


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