ZEZ Walkthrough [Guide]


ZEZ is, at a glance, a very simple game. While this may be true, there’s still a lot of fun to be had. I mean, how can having a cat armed with a giant metal fist jumping and smashing into monsters not be enjoyable? This game is a mashup of endless running, though it relates more to match three-type games. If you enjoy either genre, then ZEZ is right up your alley. Read through this guide so that you will be able to get a running, or jumping start, in this very addictive title.

ZEZ is a match three type game where in the main goal is to jump as high as possible in order to smash through the enemies below. Each round is divided into three sections, namely the jump-off, the jump itself, and the attack modes. Players will get to earn currencies by making matches, and this will also allow players to be able to go higher. Once a certain height has been attained, players would be able to smash through enemies. Future updates will make use of currencies earned as well as new weapons that would soon become available in the store.

Coins are the main currencies within the game. Coins are earned by making matches and by smashing through enemies. Coins can also be purchased using real money. This currency can be used to purchase new items in the store, although this feature is not yet able as of writing. Thus, make use of this time in order to accumulate enough coins so that you’ll have enough of them once purchases become available.

Leveling Up
For each run, players will earn experience points. Experience points will serve towards allowing you to level up. Leveling up will increase the level of difficulty, as well as unlock combos so that you will be able to jump higher and faster, allowing you to reach higher and score more.

Starting Your Jump
At the beginning of each round, players will have to stop a meter, the level of which it stops would determine how high your initial jump would be. Timing is essential so that you will be able to stop the bar at the maximum level, which would provide you with the biggest boost possible.

While in mid-air, players will be able to make matches. Matches can only be done if the tiles are at the top of the pile, and this is done by switching tiles within the column. Matches can also be done horizontally, but this will limit the matches that you make to three, whereas you can make up to four matches horizontally.

Making matches of more than three as well as making matches in quick succession will allow you to jump higher. If you don’t make matches quickly, though, your acceleration would decrease, stop, and you will eventually slowly decelerate. Making four matches will also trigger combos that will depend on what level you have already attained. Players have one minute to make as many matches as possible before they fall down.

After the one minute mark, your character will start to fall down and get ready to attack. In order to speed up your fall, there will be a dedicated button that you can press. Regardless of how fast you fall, the impact would be the same. The height that you fall from, however, will determine if you would be able to smash through your opponent.

The store is where players would be able to purchase new weapons and possibly other items. This is done via the use of coins, which is earned throughout the game. this feature, however, is not yet available, so make sure to keep yourself posted in order to take advantage of any upcoming content.


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