Front Wars [Review]

Front Wars

Once you’ve loaded up Front Wars for the first time, you might see some similarities with this game and another, the fantastic Game Boy Advance classic, Advance Wars. To put things bluntly, Front Wars is an almost exact replica of the latter, from the gameplay, to the mechanics, and even with the animation style. All of that is forgivable, though, as imitation can still be considered as the highest form of flattery, even when it comes to developing games.

As compared to Advance Wars, Front Wars is set in the World War 2 era where the Allied forces are battling against Nazi Germany. Other elements of the game are similar to the latter, such as the ability to acquire coins from bases, being able to train troops as well as produce different types of troops and vessels, and even down to the battle sequences. Still, for those who are not familiar with Advance Wars, Front Wars may very well be an acceptable, if not undeserving, substitute to the title since this is not available for the iOS. In addition, despite Front Wars being an outright ripoff, it cannot be taken away from the game that it’s still pretty entertaining to play.

Spread out across multiple missions, players must take turns with the AI to move their troops around and engage in battle with each other, capturing bases along the way. Winning is decided by which troops get wiped out first, or whose headquarters get captured first. This will require players to really plan ahead of time and strategize while taking their opponents’ actions into consideration. This is a pure turn based strategy game that will really challenge players to think and plan moves several turns ahead in order to win.

The game also provides multiplayer support which allows players to do battle with others online. This at least takes away from the eventual monotony of the game especially once you have completed all of the missions. Gameplay is the exact same thing, though, so that really is something else that you have to consider before buying this game.

Players should take caution before shelling out their money, though, as the game reportedly still has some bugs. Things like bad touchscreen responses are most common, and there are also error messages that pop up from time to time. You can call it bad programming or shop shod coding, but nevertheless, this translates to a bad gaming experience especially for most of us that would like their games running as smoothly and conveniently as possible.

The game also features some ratty English, which might mean that some texts, particularly in the Mission briefings, may have just been pulled out somewhere are translated roughly. This would serve once again as minus points to a game that is already getting bad reps for being unoriginal and unabashed of that particular fact. Also, if the above concerns would be resolved anytime soon is anybody’s guess, especially since the title isn’t backed by any big gaming development company.

Front Wars, in conclusion, is something that is worth a shot if you’re willing to risk a couple of dollars on it. There are a lot of others games just like it on the market, though, so you won’t be sleeping worse by not trying this game out. If you want something just like Advance Wars, however, then Front Wars is as close as you can get without getting the actual game for your device.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 6/10

Front Wars was developed by Gregory Challant. It was released on January 22, 2014 via the iTunes store and is available for most Apple devices running iOS 5.0 or higher.


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