Razor Run Walkthrough [Guide]

Razor Run

Razor Run is a whole new approach to the endless running game. Instead of having your character running over, under, and through obstacles, Razor Run will have players controlling a plane as they fly past different objects such as mines, pipes, and boxes. Making a single mistake can potentially end your run, which is why smooth flying and acquiring the right powerups is very important. Razor Run may have presented the genre in a unique way, but it doesn’t make the game any less satisfying.

Razor Run is an endless running game where players can go through a long tunnel filled with obstacles like fire streams, floating mines, partially opened doors, and many more. There’s also a power core at the end of certain stages, which players must destroy using your laser.  Players are provided with shielding as well as , as previously mentioned, weapons that can be used to protect themselves from certain types of dangers. However, some obstacles would really have to be avoided in order to avoid certain death. Powerups and upgrades are also available and can be upgraded, while new weapons may also be acquired and improved using in-game currencies as well.

Coins are the main currency within the game. Aside from being collectible through all runs, coins may also be acquired in exchange of real cash. Coins may be used to purchase items at the store such as new weapons and upgrades, as well as improvements on powerups and other enhancements to your plane.

On the other hand, crystals are also collected within the game but come in much rarer quantities. What’s special about crystals is that you can use these to revive yourself should your plane get destroyed. However, keep in mind that the cost will increase the more consecutive your revives become.

Aside from coins and crystals, players will also get to come across different kinds of powerups that will provide them with benefits. for example, the magnet powerup will automatically attract all nearby coins for collection, while the time powerup will slow down time or you, giving you more time to dodge obstacles or fire at mines. These powerups may also be upgraded at the store. By spending coins, you would be able to make their effects last longer.

A special type of powerup is your shield. Shields will provide you with limited protection against flames and mines, although there is a limit to their effectiveness. Also, crashing against solid objects like pipes and doors will render your shield useless. The duration of your shield will depend on the blue meter located at the bottom of the screen, and this fills up the more coins that you collect. There are also upgrades that will allow you to fill up this meter more as well as slow down the rate that it is exhausted.

Upgrades can also be made on your ship. Like most of the things that can be purchased at the store, this will require coins to perform. Upgrades include making your ship able to fill up your shield and weapon meters faster, as well as to decrease your ships speed so that you will have more time to react to the obstacles in front of you. Out of all items available for purchase, maxing out these upgrades is most important as these will allow you to last for as long as possible.

Players are provided with a blaster that can be used to shoot at some obstacles during your flight. Different kinds of weapons may be purchased, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. All weapons will consume a portion of the green meter once fired, and certain upgrades will either increase your weapon regeneration or decrease your consumption. Further upgrades, also using coins, can be done in order to further improve their power, range, or other stats.

Tips and Tricks
Only shoot when you have to. Weapons are a much more important resource than shields, and the only way to get past power cores is to destroy them using your guns. You can survive using your default weapons, but make sure to purchase more powerful ones if you have enough coins to acquire them. Don’t forget to upgrade them, as well. Upgrades that will help you fill up both shields and weapons would also prove to be very advantageous.

Whenever possible, keep yourself at the center line. This will allow you to quickly manoeuvre to the upper and lower levels to avoid any objects on your path, especially when your acceleration would make it hard to do double swipes and avoid crashing. Lastly, don’t be too greedy. If you feel that you can’t make it past a certain object, forget that last coin or two in the bunch if getting them would result in a nasty crash.


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