X-Men: Battle of the Atom Walkthrough [Guide]

X-Men Battle of the Atom

The X-Men have broken up, and it’s up to Wolverine – in his surprising role as new headmaster of the school of gifted youngsters – and his allies to pick up the broken pieces left behind. Fans of the X-Men will know that most of their favorite mutant heroes are present in this game, and some of them are brought from different timelines and dimensions to do battle with various villains within the canon Marvel universe. Not only is X-Men: Battle of the Atom a very challenging game to play, but it is also every X-Men fanboy’s fantasy come true. Here’s our guide so that you can better guide your X-squad to victory against some of the biggest and baddest superpowered menaces in the world.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom is a card collection and battle game where players can form their own squads made up of different X-Men from different timelines and dimensions. Players can do battle with enemies during missions as well as with other players online. Focus is geared towards the acquisition and management of cards, which can be strengthened via multiple methods, as well as with the planning of which X-Men to deploy during each turn. Different rewards may be used to keep playing or to help enhance your team. There are also special events that players can participate in so that they can earn even bigger rewards.

Credits and X-Coins are the main currencies within the game. Credits are earned when completing missions or selling cards that you would like to dispose of and these are used as currency for when transfusing or evolving cards. On the other hand, X-Coins are used to purchase items at the shop as well as for buying rarer and more superior cards to add to your roster. X-Coins are available via in-app purchases,

Other types of currencies include recruit points and time crystals, among others, and these can either be acquired as rewards during missions, or can also be provided on a daily basis. These can also be used for recruiting new cards. Thus, it is important to collect these currencies whenever they become available.

Leveling Up
By participating in missions, players can earn experience points. This will in turn allow them to level up. Leveling up will then provide you with skill points that you can allocate in order to either increase your stamina or cost capacity. Thus, the higher your level is, the more you could play or the stronger the squad you can form.

Stamina serves as the energy within the game. Each turn you make will consume stamina, and you can no longer play if you do not have any more of this resource. Stamina regenerates over time, or you can use items to replenish this automatically by buying them in the shop. Leveling up will also fully replenish your stamina meter as well as give you the chance to increase its maximum capacity.

Collecting and managing cards is the main focus of the game. Cards can be earned as rewards during regular gameplay, and they can also be purchased via different currencies. Each card has a specific power, team affiliation, and connection to certain characters. During battles, deploying those with similar power sets, those belonging to the same team, or have a connection with each other will result in you causing increased damage, among other benefits. Thus, players should organize their squads in order to exploit this feature, as well as to only call on specific cards to attack so that they can take advantage of each opportunity to strike.

Once players make their attack, selected cards will be removed from the lineup and would be replaced by random cards on your squad. With this, it is very important to plan your moves ahead and not just let all your cards attack in a single turn, as holding some cards back may prove to be beneficial later on as they might be able to create additional bonuses that can deal a much larger amount of damage. Also, it is important to note that all cards have costs, and players must create their squads by selecting cards whose total cost do not exceed the allowed capacity, which in turn can also be increased when leveling up or when completing missions.

Cards can be upgraded in one of two ways. The first is evolving; where in cards of the same type can be combined in order to create a single but more powerful card. Transfusion, on the other hand, will allow players to sacrifice other cards in order to increase a target card’s experience level. Both transfusion and evolution will require credits to complete. Playing your cards regularly will also help in increasing its level. The higher the level of your card and the more evolved it is, the stronger your card will get.

The store is where players are able to buy different items that have different effects when used. Some will replenish your stamina while others will boost your overall stats for a limited period of time. Others, on the other hand, will allow you to purchase packs that will provide you with more powerful cards. Most of these items will require X-Coins, but you will also be able to get free items from time to time, usually on a daily basis.

Game Modes
There are various game modes within X-Men: Battle of the Atom. The first is Regular Missions, where players can control a character as they embark on missions closely related to the comics. Players can use their squad to bolster their attacks, and they also have to chance to earn experience, win credits, as well as gather some new recruits. Each mission is divided into several stages that players can complete in succession.

There’s also an XvX mode which is essentially the game’s version of PvP. These battles take place multiple times a day, and winning is determined by how strong your squad is as compared to the opposing team. Lastly, there are also special events that players can participate in so that they would have the chance to earn big rewards. These events are only available for a limited time, though, and can be extremely difficult. Thus, a lot of preparation must be done in order to assure victory.

Social Function
Players can create and join different X-Teams. Here, they can work together with other players as well as chat with each other so that they can create a formidable team. Team leaders may also choose to remove members as well as resign from the team altogether.


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  1. avatar Anthony says:

    Once hey evole that’s it. But some cards do take more than two to evole if the card Ames more than two it will change colors slightly and have a plus sign at the end of the name

  2. avatar frank says:

    on each card lower left when you view the card there are lightbulbs, if it is a c or uc there are 2 so 1 full evolution since the first one is the base and already lit up.

  3. avatar Will says:

    Have a question about this game that I hope someone can help me with. How many evolutions does each card have. It’s easy to combine 2 cards to make a more powerful card but are you able to do this again? Since I have 2 of the same cards(both evolved) and the option isn’t coming up I would assume not?