Moby’s Revenge Walkthrough [Guide]

Moby's Revenge

If you’ve read or heard about Moby Dick, then you will probably know that Moby’s Revenge is not a retelling of the classic tale… Unless of course, there’s a mutated whale somewhere that was inevitably lost in translation! This game is an endless runner that is suitable for all ages, and it will allow children to learn that whales should not be kept in fish tanks. Contrary to what the game implies, however, pollution will not turn whales into invincible creatures, and they’re pretty tame to begin with. Control Moby in this fun game and read through this guide to orient yourself with everything that you need to know within this title.

Moby’s Revenge is an endless running game where players can control Moby as he swims in the ocean while avoiding harpoons, fishing nets, land mines, and various other obstacles. This is done by tapping on the screen to make Moby swim up, and releasing it to swim down. Powerups and other items can be collected, with each having its respective effect. Using and upgrading powerups as well as being able to properly maneuver Moby across the dangers of the waters is important in being able to survive for as long as possible.

Stars are the game’s main and only form of currency within Moby’s Revenge. Stars can be collected within the game, and these can be used in order to purchase one time use items as well as upgrades to powerups, which would make them last longer. Additional stars may also be acquired via in-app purchases, but this is completely optional as you can collect stars easily be constantly playing the game.

The seahorse is a special type of item that cannot be bought and can only be exclusively acquired while swimming. Once you have acquired the seahorse, all obstacles currently within the screen will be instantly destroyed, giving you a lot of freedom to collect all coins without danger of dying. Players should make collecting these a priority especially if there are many obstacles ahead.

Single Use Items
Single use items are items that can be bought at the shop or collected as you swim. Currently, there are only two kinds of single use items, namely the Bubble Shield and the Jellyheart. The Bubble Shield will protect you against damage once, after which the shield will disappear. However, the Bubble Shield will also prevent you from collecting any stars. On the other hand, the Jellyheart will allow you to be revived and have all nearby obstacles destroyed should you die and decide to use one.

There are different kinds of powerups that can be found within the game, and collecting these will transform Moby and give him different types of abilities. Getting one powerup while another is still active will discard the current powerup and activate the latest one. Powerups may also be upgraded using stars in order to make its effects last longer.

The Mutated Whale powerup will turn Moby into a giant whale that can destroy everything in its path, while the Happy Whale will attract all visible stars like a magnet. Lastly, The Angry Whale will allow Moby to quickly zoom forwards as well as making him invincible against any type of danger. The Mutated Whale powerup is symbolized by a yellow radioactive tank, and the Happy While powerup looks like a set of violet droplets. Lastly, the Angry Whale powerup looks like red mist floating in the water.

Challenges are objectives that you can accomplish either within or outside the game, within a single round or across multiple playthroughs. Challenges may include purchasing an item at the shop, collecting a certain number of stars within a single round, and other conditions. There are no rewards for completing challenges, except maybe for a feeling of accomplishment, so try and do all of the challenges available in order to prove yourself as a great underwater navigator.

Tips and Tricks
Try to swim as smoothly as possible. This will allow you to collect more stars, and would make maneuvering much easier if there are immediate dangers ahead. Lightly holding the screen and releasing it is the best strategy, as this will allow you to react much faster in case of any obstacles nearby.

Also, try to steer away from the surface of the water. Almost nothing good ever comes out of there, and there are many dangers such as boats or other swimming creatures there that can prematurely end your round. The safest place is at the bottom of the screen, but being there will give you less time to react in the case of fishing nets, or when trying to collect more stars.

Lastly, try as much as possible to use the left side of the screen when navigating Moby. This will give you a much clearer view of any obstacles that may appear, and you would not also obscure warning signs that would indicate harpoon attacks coming from the right.


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