Motocross Meltdown Walkthrough [Guide]

Motocross Meltdown

It’s time once again to hit the dirt tracks and prove to the world that you’re still the best. Motocross Meltdown is a game that is both exciting and challenging, and it requires complete focus on the part of the players in order to dominate both against the AI and against some of the best racers from all over the world. Play Motocross Meltdown and show them what you’re made of, but make sure to read this guide first before hitting that starting line.

Motocross Meltdown is a motorbike racing simulation game where the focus is more towards providing input in a timely manner based on visual cues. Timing and reflexes are very essential in order to be able to get maximum acceleration as well as better tricks. All of these work together towards helping you win matches against both AI and human opponents. There are events that you must either finish faster than your opponent, perform better tricks than your opponent, or do a combination of both in order to win. With that, having the right tricks up your sleeves as well as having a high quality motorbike is absolutely essential.

Cash and gold are the two currencies within Motocross Meltdown. Both of these currencies can be used to purchase new bikes as well as upgrades, although superior bikes can only be acquired with the use of gold. Also, gold can be used to purchase boosts, refill your gas and energy, as well as have the mechanic tune up your machine for better performance.

Cash can be earned by racing, while gold is only awarded whenever players level up. Both currencies may also be acquired via in-app purchases or by logging in daily and claiming rewards.

Leveling Up
By racing, players will be able to earn experience points that they can then use to level up. Leveling up will open more content within the game like new bikes and tricks, and this will also completely refill their gas and energy meters. Lastly, leveling up will also earn players gold that they can use for a variety of purposes.

Gas is required in order for players to be able to race in events. Gas has a maximum capacity, and will regenerate over time. For those that do not want to wait, refills can be purchased at the cost of gold. Leveling up will also completely refill the gas meter. Make sure that you have enough gas so that you can participate in more matches.

Energy behaves just like gas, except that it is used for PvP matches rather than those found in usual missions. Energy has a lower capacity than gas, but it also regenerates over time. Energy is also refilled automatically upon leveling up or can be filled using gold as well. Make sure to exhaust both gas and energy before logging out of the game so that these resources would not go to waste.

Motocross Meltdown can be played across different kinds of events, each with its own set of rules and difficulty levels. Some events may also be played multiple times after completing the levels, while others would have players progress through different opponents in order to move the plot of the game forward. Other modes would also be available for only a limited time. Once certain events have been completed, more would be unlocked, albeit on a more difficult level. This means that you would constantly have to buy on improve on your bikes as well as equip better and upgraded tricks in order to be able to keep up. These matches will also require gas.

While there are different types of matches’ available, gameplay pretty much remains the same. All players have to do is to time their taps based on the visual cues, such as when launching from the starting line, going around curves, or jumping dunes. Players can also perform tricks in mid-air by holding your presses once directed, and then releasing just before you reach the ground. Failure to do this will result in a crash and an automatic disqualification.

There are many different kinds of bikes that are available for purchase. Some would require cash to purchase, while others will require the use of gold. In some cases, players would also have to complete certain criteria in order for the bike to be available for purchase. All bikes have different stats such as power, weight, grip, and control, and all of these would work together towards making your bike better, the numeric value of which is indicated by the bike’s AMX ranking.

Bikes can also be upgraded with different parts, which would improve certain aspects of your bike. However, it might also affect other areas in some cases. Upgrades can be made using either gold or cash, and these would also take some time before they can be installed in your machine.

Tricks are special maneuvers that you can perform while in mid-air. Like motorbikes, more tricks would be made available once certain conditions have been met, like earning enough RP. Players can buy tricks and upgrade them using either cash or gold, and multiple tricks may also be equipped in order for players to be able to get a higher star ranking when performing them during matches.

The Mechanic is able to tune your bike so that it would be able to perform better for a limited time. This will also provide you with bonus scores with regards to tricks. Mechanic services will require gold, the amount of which would depend on how long you would like the improvements to last. Look towards using the Mechanic if ever you want temporary boosts to your performance, especially during tougher events.

Players can also customize different aspects of both their drivers and their machines. These would cost either gold or cash, and while some of these items serve only as aesthetic changes, some customizations would provide you with bonuses per race, allowing you to earn more currency each time.

PvP is a chance for players to race against others online. This will require energy, the amount of which would depend based on whether you would like to race with your current bike’s stats or with certain boosts applied. Players may also purchase or equip boosts that will improve certain aspects of your performance for a limited amount of time. Boosts can either be won as rewards or purchased outright using gold. Multiple boosts may also be equipped at once.

Winning or even participating in races will earn players RP, which will in turn determine your rankings in the global leaderboard. Once PvP events have finished, the top racers will have the chance to earn big rewards. Prizes will also be given once players have won enough matches, with the rewards becoming greater the more you rack up the wins.


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