Dead Rising 3: Untold Stories of Los Perdidos [Guide]

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 has a total of four DLC episodes that chronicle the stories of
other survivors during the Los Perdidos outbreak. As each DLC episode is
released, this guide will be updated to include a walkthrough and other
relevant information regarding that “Untold Story”.

If you’re looking for a guide for the core Dead Rising 3 game, please use this guide right here:

Dead Rising 3 [Guide]

Dead Rising 3: Untold Stories of Los Perdidos Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Operation Broken Eagle

Episode 1: Operation Broken Eagle
Broken Eagle Side Missions

2. Fallen Angel
Episode 2: Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Side Missions

3. Chaos Rising
Episode 3: Chaos Rising
Chaos Rising Side Missions

4. The Last Agent
Episode 4: The Last Agent
The Last Agent Side Missions
5. Conclusion

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1. Operation Broken Eagle
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Kane is a military operative sent to Los Perdidos to…kill the president of
the United States?! Control Kane as he attempts to survive the zombie outbreak
in the doomed city of Los Perdidos during the events of Dead Rising 3.

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At the outset, Kane is badly injured and is need of healing supplies. Kane’s
knives are fairly effective, better than most melee weapons, but you’ll also
want to gather other weapons that are in the immediate area.

So before walking out toward the zombies, be sure to grab the super rations,
handgun, crowbar, sledgehammer, and whatever else you can find in this
immediate area. Have Kane eat the super rations so he can heal himself, and
then you are free to run into the mess of zombies and start stabbin’ and
shootin’ everything in sight.

Continue pushing forward through the zombies and you will get a side mission
that pops up that you have to complete to continue the game. For more
information on side missions, just scroll down a bit to find the ones that
are specific to Operation Broken Eagle.

Also be sure to grab the auto shotgun that is near the immobile military
jeep. Go through the subway area and then you will be in Sunset Hills. There
will be a few enemy soldiers out here, so kill them and then loot the area
around them for more guns.

A yellow circle will pop up on the radar at this point. This is a side
activity that can be completed in this DLC. Go to the cameras and then press B
to hack into them. If you’d like, you can just go around hacking all of the
cameras (they are pinpointed on your map exactly), but when you’re ready to
continue, start making your way to the yellow objective marker that is
located in Ingleton.

This objective marker will lead you to the crashed helicopter (!). “Precious
cargo” needs to be retrieved from the site. First, grab the flight recorder
from inside of the helicopter. Afterwards, go out of the cargo hold to find
a container full of larvae sitting on the ground. Pick this up to complete
your cleaning of the crash site.

Afterwards, you will be told to go to the nearby motel. This motel is being
used as a safehouse for the illegals. Infect the motel by going up to the
door and use the canister of larvae on it, turning everyone inside into
zombies in the process. So that’s how that happens…this now becomes one of
the side activities that you can do in the game, sort of like a Broken Eagle
specific collectible.

Head to the taxi company. You’ll recognize this place from the main story
missions in Dead Rising 3. Your goal is to kill enough zombies here so that
the Bravo Team can enter without too many issues.

Just go to each of the different objective markers and kill the zombies there
until you get the clear. Then go to the next objective marker and repeat the
process. There’s plenty of firepower here, including a mini-gun as soon as you
enter the taxi company that makes support work of any of the zombies, including
the special zombie types in the area.

When all of the areas have been successfully wiped clean of any zombie
threats, go into the garage. Climb the stairs and you’ll be able to reach the
roof through here. On the roof is some crates with flareguns. Grab a flaregun
and then pop a flare off into the sky.

Your next objective is to locate Charlie Unit’s supplies. Upon arriving at the
warehouse where the supplies, specifically the Armadillo vehicle, is kept,
you will first want to clear the area and resupply. Then hop into the vehicle
and head to Ingleton.

Enemy soldiers will have this way blocked. So get rid of them and then head to
Central City. Use the freeway here to get across to Ingleton, which will allow
you to bypass the roadblock put up by the enemy soldiers. Be VERY careful with
the Armadillo; it has very weak armor and can be destroyed without all that
much trouble.

Upon arriving back at the taxi company base, park the Armadillo in the garage.
Get out, and then your next assignment will be to investigate the stage where
the president gave her speech.

Upon getting close to the stage, you will see that it is still being guarded
by president-loyal military personnel. Eliminate all of them from the area,
and then go to the stage proper. Inspect the dead bodies of the secret
service agents, and you will find a GPS tracker on one of them, revealing
the president’s location!
Now it’s just a matter of getting there and fighting your way up the mansion.
The room with the president in it is locked. Three secret service agents
will attack you, so kill them and the last one will drop the key. Use the key
to get to the president.

To Top

Just like the main Dead Rising 3 game, Operation Broken Eagle comes with its
very own set of side missions! This is how to complete all of the side missions
in the DLC.

The squad members are listed in the order that you will get the call from
Phoenix to check them out to determine whether they are A) a zombie, B) dead
or C) alive.

Smith is encountered automatically by going through the main story of Episode
1. It is actually required that you complete this particular side mission
before you are able to continue with the main story.

His dead body is leaning against a wall. After Kane identifies him, go over
to his body and snag his dog tags. This is an activity in the game, much like
hacking the cameras…collecting the dogtags of your fallen comrades.

Hancock can be found in the northern part of Sunset Hills right outside of a
suburban home. He will be walking around as a zombie, so he’s not as, uh,
cooperative as Smith…

Kill Hancock and grab the dogtag.

Brady is in a similar situation as Hancock. He can be found on the freeway
that connects the northern parts of Ingleton and Sunset Hills. His zombified
self will be hanging out by a barricade.

Simply kill Brady and he’ll drop the dogtags. Pick them up to confirm his

At the helicopter crash site that you visit during the story, Chang can be
found his head barely sticking out of the rubble. He’s not a zombie, but he is
most certainly very dead. His dogtag is just hanging out of the rubble right
there with him.

Han is just located in an alley with a bunch of zombies around him. Kill him.
Get the tags. Get out.

South Almuda. Dickson is in a rear parking lot of a building, just shambling
along and shooting his gun at random. Damn, are we ever going to find one of
these dudes alive? Put him out of his misery and snag the tag.

Tucson is just found in an alley in the shopping district. Kill him and get
his dogtags.

Jefferson is located inside of a small pharmacy. Kill him and get his tags.

Sunshine finally brings something new to the table! He is standing on top of
a military vehicle and shooting at zombies. Better yet, the dude is actually

That’s right, you can get Sunshine as a companion! All you need to do is go
up to him and join him on the roof of the vehicle. At that point, you can
issue him commands with your voice or using the d-pad on the Xbox One

There are three different commands that you can give to Sunshine:  Scavenge,
Follow, and Attack. Here are the controls for squad commands:

D-pad (up) – Follow
D-pad (left) – Attack
D-pad (right) – Scavenge

To bring up the “wheel” of commands, you first have to hit right on the d-pad

Wakowski is just another zombie soldier in Central City. Kill him and get the
tags. That’s all there is to it.

Ditto for Haverman. Nothing to say about him except to go to his zombified
form and put it to rest to get his tags.

Rodriguez is found on the bridge that connects Central City and South Almuda.
He’s not a zombie, but he definitely ain’t alive. Just pick the tag up off his
body and be on your way.

YAY! Another survivor! For an elite mercenary group, almost none of them are
very good at surviving, eh? Anyway, The Dutch is holding a position from
inside a convenience store. Meet up with him and he will join you just like

Collins is in Sunset Hills. You’ll get the call about him last. He’s nothing
special, just another zombie aimlessly shooting at the ground. Kill him, get
the tags, and you’re donezo washington.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
2. Fallen Angel
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Angel is one of the “Illegals”; an individual that refuses to be tracked by the
government so that they can allegedly keep track of the zombie infestations
that seem to pop up every so often around the globe.

Angel doesn’t start out hurt like our other protagonists, so that’s a plus.
Grab as many spiked maces as you can carry (maybe a healing item or two as
well) and then start making your way to the yellow objective marker.

You have quite the ways to go since you’re heading all the way over to a yacht.
When you get to the yacht, make your way to the end of it to find the supplies.
Then turn around and fight your way off the yacht and start making your way
to the next point of interest, which is a safe zone in South Almuda that you
are supposed to resupply.

Upon arriving at the safe zone, you will find that the residents inside are
all dead. Investigate their bodies to see the lone survivor, Winnie, making a
break for it. Follow the blood trail and you’ll find a dead body on a railing
next to a flashlight and an assault rifle. Investigate the dead body and you
will see Winnie again.

Hop over the rail and continue to follow Winnie. Kill the zombies outside
the door she’s hiding in then go inside the door and chat with her for a bit.
Your next goal is to head to Susnet High School, which is thankfully also in
South Almuda.

Follow the yellow objective markers and the game will lead you there the way
that you need to get there. The normal paths don’t work, so this way is by
necessity. Upon arriving at the school, you will find a few survivors inside
that are being attacked by mercs.

Kill all the mercs in the school and then on the tennis courts. There are
plenty of guns available, including shotguns and assault rifles from the dead
mercs, so it shouldn’t be a big problem wiping all of them out. Getting rid of
all the mercs in the area will allow the high school to be safe for Illegals
once again for now and then you can start making your way to the Communications

Doug will be waiting outside the Communications Tower for you. Talk to him
and then follow him into the building. Kill all of the zombies inside the
tower. If you need extra weapons, you can access any weapon that you have
used as any of the other characters in the game at the nearby Weapon Locker.

When they’re all dead, your new goal is to get to the Feastmobile, after
talking with Doug again of course. Drive the Feastmobile to three separate
locations where there are supplies that the mercs use. Get out of the
vehicle, grab the supplies, then get back in the vehicle and drive to the
next location. Be careful about roughing it up because if it explodes then you
are screwed and fail the mission.

After obtaining all three supply caches, drive the Feastmobile back to the
tower. Park it right outside where the yellow objective marker tells you to
park it.

The mercs will come from behind Doug, from a tunnel. Aiming out the window from
the vantage point, they will be to the northwest. Doug will say whenever there
are more coming. Just keep blasting them until they’re all dead.

Now it’s time to get into the lab. Head to the building and kill the mercs
that are standing outside. The one farthest back will have the key. Use the
food here to heal and grab the key off of him. Head inside and then continue
killing all the mercs. The Shockblaster is extremely helpful in this regard.

Grab the key off the dead scientist and then you can continue further into the
lab. There are two shutters in here that need opened. Open the one that is the
northernmost first. This will contain a blueprint and a new weapon that you
can use for subsequent playthroughs called the Super Crossbow. Free the
survivors in here and behind the other shutter to complete the DLC.

Destroying surveillance cameras and hacking them was just a side activity in
the other realms of Dead Rising 3, but Angel is tasked with destroying them as
a full fledged side mission. There are other side missions encountered
dynamically throughout the expansion.

In Fallen Angel, the side missions are all about destroying surveillance
cameras in the different sections of the city. There are four sections of Los
Perdidos that you need to be concerned with:

[ ] Ingleton
[ ] South Almuda
[ ] Central City
[ ] Sunset Hills

The security cameras need to be destroyed by either throwing objects at them
until they blow up or by shooting them until they blow up. Both methods will
work when getting rid of the cameras in the game.

Like the other collectibles in Dead Rising 3, the locations of the surveillance
cameras are shown exactly on the map. Simply make one of the camera destroying
missions your active quest and you will be pointed to the location of every
single surveillance camera that there is to destroy.

As you go through Angel’s story, you will encounter three survivors that are
being prepared for execution by a merc. Kill the merc and then go behind each
survivor. Press B to undo their binds and free them.

This will happen numerous times throughout the “Fallen Angel” expansion pack
for Dead Rising 3.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
3. Chaos Rising
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Hunter Thibodeux is better known to Dead Rising 3 fans as one of the first
bosses in the game. He is the leader of the bikers in the core Dead Rising
3 game…but how exactly did he come into that role? Dead Rising 3: Chaos
Rising shows us what the biker leader Hunter was doing during the early
days of the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos.

Leave your cell and head up the stairs until you get to the top floor of the
police station. This top floor has a ton of very useful weapons, such as a
crossbow, a katana, and more, on the tables in the middle of the room.

The key to the parking garage is also up here, and that is your main priority.
Get the key and then go back down the stairs. The door to the parking garage is
right by the cells where you started out. Unlock it and go into the garage

You can kill most of the zombies down here if you lure them to the explosive
barrels and then shoot the barrels. Remember that you can use Kinect to lure
zombies around areas. Say “Over here!” to get their attention.

Go over to the police car and get inside. An achievement will pop, and then
wait for the shutter to open. Drive the car out of here and into the streets.
Now start making your way to the bridge to talk to Spider.

Upon arriving at the bridge, you might want to check the perimeter for some
cool new weapons, such as the Hand Cannon and the Sawtooth. These weapons will
be extremely helpful, so grab a couple and then talk to Spider. Stand within
the yellow radius on the mini map to make sure you are in range of Spider’s

When the conversation is over, you’ll be sent to grab some Special Reserve
Whiskey for Spider to drink. Go to the location of the Special Reserver
Whiskey and grab it. Go back to Spider and then you’ll be forced to fight a
bunch of bikers in a small arena.

Use those weapons that I told you to grab earlier to make them easy as hell to
take out. When they’re all dead, you’ll be knocked out and wake up in a

Don’t eat anything in the dumpster. Hop out immediately. To your right as you
leave this area will be some food and vodka. Chug it down to regain your
health. Next go speak with Torque at his shop. He will ask you to bring him
some bikes so that he can customize a special bike for you.

Literally any three motorcycles will do. I recommend taking this time to
explore Los Perdidos thoroughly and also use this time to gather collectibles
and the like. Once you find a bike, take it back to Torque’s shop, park it
just outside, get off, and then leave for the bike to be counted.

After the first three bikes have been taken to Torque, he will then ask you to
get his own bike for him. His bike is located underneath the main bridge. You
have to get out of whatever vehicle you’re in and manually open the gate.
Inside will be a few enemy bikers, so take them out.

You may notice that the bikers now drop their Gang Rings upon death. You can
pick these up for a lot of bonus PP, so it is now a lot more worth it than it
was before to kill the bikers. Get Torque’s bike out of the garage and drive it
back to him, parking it just outside like always.

Once the bikes have been taken to Torque, speak with him. He will need some
time to build the bike, so you can use this time to do whatever you want, such
as completing side missions, gathering collectibles, looking for weapons,
killing zombies, etc.

Eventually you will be called back because Torque will have finished the bike.
Your new goal is to collect the Gang Rings of the biker leaders. You want the
rings of Razorface (Sunset Hills), Snake (Ingleton), and Cannons (South

Go to Razorface first, and make sure you have some good weapons, and definitely
a projectile weapon of some sort, preferrably the toughest you can find. Hand
Cannon works nicely. Also be sure to have some health as Razorface can be
quite deadly, though there are some health items in the area you fight him
that can be utilized.

Upon arriving at Razorface’s place, kill the bikers protecting him first as
they will become extremely annoying. Then worry about Razorface. Razorface has
a giant hammer that he uses and has a couple of different attacks. For one, he
will throw Molotov cocktails at you, which can be dodged easily enough by
rolling out of the way, and he also has a charging run attack.

When he starts to run at you, a red exclamation point will appear above his
body. Shoot him now, and depending on how much damage you do, it will either
just interrupt the attack or stun him. If he is stunned, run up and quickly
push Y + B together and you’ll do some melee damage to him that eats away a
nice chunk of his health bar.

If he does get you with his running attack, you will have a chance to avoid
taking any damage from it. A button will flash on the screen, so be quick to
tap it to get out of that situation.

Once Razorface is dead, get his ring. Then head on over to Snake in Ingleton.
I recommend using the Thrasher bike that Torque built for you, as it slices
through zombies like they’re nothing. Snake can be found in a building on the
third floor, near a window. Kill the bikers protecting him, then chase him
down; he’ll wind up getting himself killed anyways.

Get his ring and then go to Cannons. Cannons is equipped with the hand cannon,
so that makes her a lot more formidable than Snake, and even Razorface because
those weapons do a lot more damage. Again, kill the bikers that protect her and
then once you find her, she will flee to the roof on the next building over.

Follow her through the window and use the wooden plank as a bridge to get to
her. Close in the distance on her and nail her with a melee weapon. She will
smack you with the butt of her gun, but that does considerably less damage than
being shot by her. If you can, knock her off the roof to cut her half in
half easily, but know that once she’s dead, the ring will spawn on the roof
that you chase to her initially.

Once all three of them are dead and all the rings are collected, return to
Torque. After the cut-scene, it’s time to go to Shavey’s in Ingleton. Upon
arriving, there will be some bikers guarding the garage. Kill them and then
open the garage to find the Rollerhawg. Get on the Rollerhawg and exit the

Now before you drive the Rollerhawg south to the central bridge, you will
want to make sure you have some decent weapons and healing items. I recommend
the Hand Cannon, the Sawtooth, even Razorface’s big ass hammer, anything to
give you an advantage as you have another boss fight coming up.

Upon arriving with your Rollerhawg (which is necessary–be mindful of how
much damage the Rollerhawg is taking as you head there), you have to do
battle with Spider.

Spider will try to fight you in hand to hand combat, and if you shoot him
enough, he will take a couple of shots at you as well. This is not where he’s
dangerous. He’s dangerous when he tackles you to the ground, because this
causes you to drop whatever you’re holding, and it can be a pain picking it
back up with him constantly trying to attack you.

Dodge Spider’s charge attack and you will stun him momentarily, though
sometimes you will have to dodge it twice in a row for the stun to take
effect. When Spider is stunned, you can damage him once again by using Y + B
in tandem and performing an attack like usual.

Drain Spider’s two health bars and this DLC will be completed.

The side missions for Hunter are a little different than the side missions
experienced by the other characters that we’ve seen in Dead Rising 3 DLC so
far. Hunter has a new collectible to gather, not unlike the Frank West trophies
from the core Dead Rising 3 game, as well as something new to destroy besides
stupid ZDC cameras.

They have a similar symbol on the map as the Frank West trophies, but a
deeper shade of yellow and a black star that is slightly different shaped.
Just pick them up with B. They will appear on your map when you are close,
and they will give you bonus PP as well.

Taking the place of ZDC cameras are Emergency Phones that are set up around
Los Perdidos. These pole like structures can be destroyed for extra PP and
their destruction is one of Hunter’s side missions/collectibles.

Torque will give you the side mission to collect custom motorcycles for him.
Get a motorcycle and then take it to his shop. Each district of the city has a
select amount of motorcycles for you to collect. They are each shown on the
map in the form of a blue objective marker.

[ ] Sunset Hills #1
[ ] Sunset Hills #2
[ ] Sunset Hills #3
[ ] Central City #1
[ ] Central City #2
[ ] South Almuda #1
[ ] South Almuda #2
[ ] South Almuda #3
[ ] Ingleton #1
[ ] Ingleton #2
[ ] Ingleton #3
[ ] Center Bridge

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
4. The Last Agent
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Brad Parker is a ZDC agent that is just trying to survive in Los Perdidos,
and find out who has been spreading lies about the agency. Experience his
adventure in the final expansion of The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos.

Upon waking up, Brad will be a bit dizzy at first. This initial room has a
lot of supplies, such as rations to heal yourself as well as a cool new
pistol, of which there are two. This pistol is extremely good at killing large
hordes of zombies, so I recommend taking at least one with you, though two
would be the better option.

Leave this room by climbing out the window. Go to the gated area where the
chemicals van is parked. Go to the gate, and you will find that it is shut.
Head to the controls and push the button to open the gate. Retrieve the van
and drive it to Cora’s location at the hospital.

Be sure to open your map upon getting in the van, though. If you just rely
on the mini-map, it will make you think you need to go the opposite direction
that you ACTUALLY need to be driving in order to deliver the van successfully
to Cora.

Once the van is parked outside of the hospital, climb over the barricade and
talk to Cora to get your next mission, which is to retrieve the Pacifier
weapon. The Pacifier weapon is located on a truck on the top of the overpass,
and it is guarded by a couple of SWAT guys.

Upon arriving there, kill the SWAT guys and climb in the back of the truck.
Take at least TWO Pacifiers with you, but do NOT use them just yet. They are
wasted against zombies, but are extremely helpful when killing human enemies,
so hang on to them for now. You can also grab the very powerful Railgun, of
which you’ve encountered a couple at this point in the game. After getting at
least one Pacifier, you are given a new mission.

You are supposed to go to Sunset Hills and find 10 clusters of zombies. About
three of the zombies in each cluster will have Zombrex chips inside of them.
Kill the zombies, collect their chips, and then head to the next cluster of
zombies. Keep doing this until you have them all, and then return to Cora.

A couple of explosions will be heard, so go investigate the noise, over at the
stage area. There are bikers that have taken on a few hostages. Kill the
bikers. The Pacifiers will kill them with one hit, and if you line them up,
you can kill multiple bikers with a single shot.

Talk to the survivors after you’ve killed the bikers. You’ll get a new weapon
for your troubles. Now go around town and get rid of the six bikers that still
remain. Kill them however you want, though like I said, the Pacifier makes it
extremely easy to kill the bikers.

Return to Cora once all the bikers are dead and talk to her again. Then go out
and collect the bootlegged Zombrex. Return to Cora with the bootlegged Zombrex,
and have yet another chat with her. When that’s done with, go to Sunset Hills
to talk with the Hacker.

When you near the Hacker’s location, it will get a bit confusing because it will
tell you to get rid of all the zombies, yet there will probably not be zombies
in the area. What you need to do is go BEHIND the building that the Hacker is
in. In the streets back here, you will find a truck. Climb on top of the truck
and you can get on the roof.

Go to the edge of the roof and look down at the concrete support that is being
lifted up by a crane. Aim yourself so that you are level with the concrete
and then step down onto it. Turn around and enter the room with Nelson. Kill
the zombies clawing at him and speak with him. Then collect the computer parts
that he requires.

Go to Annie’s XXX and to the base. Talk to Nelson once you have all the
computer parts and he will begin working on it. Go around and do side missions
until Nelson is done working. Then go to the location of the jammer, and you
will find a strange server room. Investigate the servers. Take a fast vehicle
from this house, and start making your way to the Military Lab.

After the scene there, you have to pick up the survivors from the hospital,
the comm tower, and then finally pick up Nelson in the ZDC truck and escape
the city. Complete this objective and you’re done!

Just like all the other expansion packs, The Last Agent brings its own set of
side missions to the table.

Throughout the city on numerous occasions, you will come across survivors
that are surrounded by zombies. As soon as you are made aware of these
survivors, you need to go save them from the zombies. Failure to do this will
result in them dying very quickly.

After progressing a little ways in the main story of The Last Agent, you will
be given a side mission from Cora. The mission is to go to each of the four
zones in Los Perdidos and kill the 10 zombies there that have Zombrex chips
inside of them.

After killing these zombies (a total of 40), be sure to pick up the chips and
take them back to Cora.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
5. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you complete all of the episodes in the Untold Stories
of Los Perdidos DLC for Dead Rising 3!

Please feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters!


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