Candy Blast Mania: Valentine Walkthrough [Guide]

Candy Blast Mania

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and that only means that it’s time to get out the flowers, chocolates, and candy. If you can’t get the latter, then maybe this new edition of Candy Blast Mania will suffice. Candy Blast Mania: Valentine brings that same old flavor that fans of the game have loved, and this update gives it a whole new romantic twist with new items that match the upcoming season. Here’s our guide so that you can make playing this game a pretty sweet deal.

Candy Blast Mania: Valentine is a match three type game where in players must switch tiles containing candies so that they can make matches of three or more. Each round requires players to collect a certain amount of candies within a limited number of moves, although some variations in objectives may also occur. There are also special tiles available which would either benefit or hinder your progress in the game, and powerups will provide you with additional help especially during tougher puzzles.

Gems are the main currency within the game. Like its predecessor, gems can be used to either purchase energy, buy additional moves, or purchase powerups should you run out. Gems may be awarded from time to time, usually from treasure chests, but the best way to get more is by buying them outright using real money. This is completely optional, though, and you can play through the game without any trouble even if you don’t spend a little cent.

Players are provided with energy, which are spent each time players play a level. Should the player fail the round or quit, this energy will not return, and players must wait until this is replenished should their reserves run out, or use gems to refill it automatically. Players will also not have their energy returned if they do not get two or more stars out of a round that they have previously completed.

Players can make more points by making more matches and triggering combos within the least number of moves. Finishing the round with more moves will also trigger Candy Craze mode, which would further increase your score. The higher your score is, the higher the stars awarded would be. This is very important as new regions may only be unlocked by collecting the required number of stars. Thus, it is very important to make the most out of each move and to return to previously completed levels in order to collect more stars.

Powerups are special items that can either be used at the beginning, end, or during the game. These powerups provide a number of benefits such as reshuffling the candies in the grid, collecting an entire row or column of candies, removing all candies of a specific color from the grid, and many more. Some powerups will regenerate over time, although some would require the use of gems so that they could be used. Some may even be rewarded via treasure chests. All puzzles can be solved without the use of powerups, and players must definitely be careful to use powerups only when necessary unless they have enough gems to spend.

Special Tiles
There are many different tiles available within Candy Crush Saga: Valentine and each will require players to strategize differently in each case. Making matches, for example, will increase the value of all required candies surrounding it. Making combos and matches of more than three would further increase this value. Thus, make it a point to prioritize these candies with higher values when making a match, as these increments would disappear after the next move.

There would also be special tiles, such as the Sprout Flower, which would spew out the required number of gems randomly within the grid once they have been activated. There are also tiles that will remove entire rows or columns as well as increase the value of specific candies once they have been triggered.

On the other hand, there are also items that will provide players with more of a challenge. Examples of these are goop and hard candies. Most of these objects would be immovable, and oftentimes the only way to remove them is by either making matches that include these tiles or by making matches adjacent to them a couple of times. Most of the time, removing these obstructions is also part of your main objective.

Gummy Bear King
There are certain stages where in players will be required to battle the Gummy Bear King. Gameplay is more or less similar, as players must collect a certain number of candies within a limited number of moves. Players should do this fast, though, as the Gummy Bear King would attack you from time to time, which comes in the form of candies being added randomly on the grid, most of which would give you a hard time to maneuver. Thus, it is important to take down the Gummy Bear King hard and fast in order to be able to progress.

Keys are awarded each time players are able to complete objectives, most of which are inherent within each level. Some challenges would also require players to download other games or watch videos. The number of keys awarded would depend on the challenge that has been completed. Once enough keys have been earned, players can get to open chests that can provide players with rewards such as gems or powerups.

VDay is a special map that features some unique powerups with Valentine related themes. Players can go through the levels such as they would with regular stages, and this would provide players with the chance to try other challenges should they want to stray away from the main campaign. Players can switch back and forth from each area as they please by clicking on the heart icon on the map.

Social Function
Candy Blast Saga: Valentine has a social function where in players can connect the game to Facebook. Once connected, players will be able to see how far their friends who are also playing the game have progressed. Connecting the game for the first time will also earn players a healthy amount of free gems, so doing this can definitely be an advantage.


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