Marvel Run Jump Smash! Walkthrough [Guide]


It’s high time for Marvel to throw their hat into the endless running genre, and Marvel Run Jump Smash! is a welcome addition to the club. Play as your favorite SHIELD agents – as well as your favorite Marvel superheroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and many more – as they battle Loki, who has gotten control of the all-powerful Cosmic Cube. Avoid obstacles and defeat evil minions as you embark on a superpowered journey that will make you shout “Excelsior!” in delight. Read through this handy guide to know more about this game:

Marvel Run Jump Smash is an endless running game where plays can control different SHIELD agents as they avoid dangers such as electrified traps, pits, and different creatures by blasting or jumping over them. They can also tag in different superheroes, with each having special abilities of their own. Currency owned can be used to purchase additional superheroes and upgrade them, and there are various powerups that can help you extend your run as well as give you an advantage with regards to earning coins and, eventually, gold.

Gold and gems are the two currencies available within Marvel Jump Run Smash! Gold can be used to purchase and upgrade superheroes, as well as buy permanent boosts and powerups. Crystals, on the other hand, may also be used to acquire and upgrade superheroes, albeit at a much lower quantity. However, crystals are much harder to come by, and the only way to acquire them is via daily login bonuses and by purchasing them using real money.

Conversely, gold may be earned during regular gameplay by acquiring coins, of which different types having different values are available, the quantity of which is determined by the number of coins collected divided by ten. Gold may also be earned by completing daily missions or by exchanging crystals for them.

Each round begins with the player selecting between any of the two available SHIELD agents, which would serve as runners. A third runner in the form of Agent Phil Coulson will also be available at the latter stages of the game. Runners would be able to jump and blast at enemies, and they can also collect coins that will be converted into gold at the end of the run.

Runners can also perform special attacks by filling the special gauge at the top of the screen. This is filled up by collecting items which will gradually fill up the meter. The round will end once your runner falls, either from obstacles and traps or by hitting or being hit by enemies.

Scoring is determined by a number of factors. Distance traveled and the number of coins collected is taken into consideration, and bonus points will also be awarded depending on the number of superheroes that you have summoned. Players will also get to score more points by upgrading core stats and using certain powerups, as well as by collecting all coins within a group, as this will earn players combos that will help improve your total score.

Different superheroes can be called upon during your run. This can be done by collecting tokens which would then cause your runner to be switched by the superhero symbolized by the token. Once the superhero enters the fray, they would unleash a special attack that will destroy all obstacles and enemies on the screen. Superheroes also have special abilities such as double jumps and other skills which would allow them to be more versatile when avoiding dangers and defeating enemies. Like runners, they would also be able to jump, perform basic and special attacks, as well as collect coins.

Superheroes would only be active for a limited amount of time, and players will switch back to their runner once the timer runs out or if the superhero falls into a trap or gets hit by an enemy. Superheroes can also be boosted by upgrades, which would be discussed later on. There are various other superheroes available which can be unlocked and purchased using either gold or crystals.

There are many different kinds of powerups that are available within the game, and each will provide you with benefits that will allow you to extend your run. Core stats are permanent boosts that will provide you with boosts that include lengthening the time that superheroes are activated once they enter the run, increasing the number of gold to be awarded to you after each rounf, and being able to provide you with limited protection from enemies and traps. By leveling these core stats up, their effects will increase. This is done by spending gold.

There are also powerups that can be picked up only during your run. These are the coin magnets which would automatically attract coins toward you, as well as the shield which would protect you from harm. Certain items will be able to prolong how long these would stay active.

Bonus items, on the other hand, are boosts that are our current run. These cannot be upgraded, and would be gone after the round. Benefits include prolonging the effect of items picked up, giving you a head start without fear of getting damaged, giving you an extension even after your runner falls, and many more. Bonus items will require gold to acquire.

Lastly, superheroes can also acquire different types of powerups that are triggered automatically during their run. Luck plays a factor in these situations as upgrades are determined via random “spins” that will provide your superheroes with different types and different quantities of powerups. Players can also use either gold or crystals for upgrades, with the latter providing more superior boosts than the former.

Daily Missions
Daily missions are special objectives that the player can meet in order to acquire additional gold as rewards. There’s only one daily mission per day, and this can only be accomplished a certain number of times. Daily missions may include collecting a certain number of coins in a single run, or being able to run for a minimum distance.


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