Super Ball Juggling Walkthrough [Guide]

Super Ball Juggling

Super Ball Juggling came from the same mind that created the new hit Flappy Bird. With that, you can expect to get just as frustrated and infuriated with this particular title. Now, you’d really need steady hands to even have a chance of gaining a respectable score, and even that may not save you from being abysmally bad at this game. Here are our top tips in helping you get over the hurdles that you will encounter within Super Ball Juggling.

Super Ball Juggling is a timing game where players must tap either side of the screen in order to make the player on the respective side kick a ball, which must stay in mid-air for the game to continue. Tapping too early or too late will make the player miss, and how high or how low the ball will bounce will also depend on as to when the ball will make contact with your kick. Initially, players will only have to control one ball, but shortly after two balls will come into play, which would require more focus and coordination with regards to tapping.

Tips and Tricks
The rules that you need to follow when playing Flappy Bird more or less applies to Super Ball Juggling, as well. The first thing that you will have to do is to find a comfortable position and to set your device in a sturdy location. You can also hold on to your device with both hands, but make sure that only your thumbs are capable of touching the screen of your device. Any errant fingers may kill your streak, so make it a point to keep your other fingers aside from your thumbs away from the screen.

Timing is also very essential within Super Ball Juggling. While there are no pipes to fly through, timing your kicks just right is important so that you can get the best height of the ball’s bounce, which would give you more time to adjust based on the situation. The game is much more forgiving than Flappy Bird, but making a low bounce might slow down your ability to compensate especially when there are now two balls to look after.

The best time to kick is when the ball is more or less level with your height. This will provide you with the best height of the bounce. However, there will be instances where in you might want to hit the ball later for a lower bounce, especially if you want to align the two balls as much as possible. In doing so, you will have a much easier time keeping two balls in the air at the same time as all you have to do is to make simultaneous taps at both sides of the screen. Still, make sure that you keep your focus and adjust accordingly just in case you weren’t able to maintain the uniformity of your balls’ bounce.

Another good trick that you can do is to turn Super Ball Juggling into a two player game. Essentially, you and a friend can own either side of the screen and play independently. It would thus be an individual responsibility to keep the game going. Just make sure that the both of you are spaced adequately so that you wouldn’t be able to touch each other and possibly ruin each other’s tempo.

Lastly, it is very important to take a break once in a while. Take the time to flex your fingers as well as to rest your eyes. Super Ball Juggling can be really frustrating, especially for beginners, and it would take some time before you find yourself racking up the points. With regards to the score, however, this will only serve as a distraction to you, so keep in mind that your main goal is to last for as long as possible. Everything else will then soon follow. Also, don’t even try to multitask as the game will require your full and total attention.

Don’t forget to look at your friends’ scores as well as your own. This will better motivate and encourage you to do better, and to forget all of that rage in trying to get and beat your personal best score. Don’t forget also to post your scores online so that you can motivate your friends, as well.


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