Galcon Legends [Review]


Galcon Legends is the successor to the 2008 hit from Hassey Enterprises, Inc. This title is a strategy game that will require players to carefully plan out where they would like to deploy their ships – represented by little triangles – in order to capture neutral planets as well as completely invade their enemies. The mechanics are pretty simple, as all players have to do is deploy more ships than what are currently in that planet in order to capture it; but of course, your opponent would be doing the exact same thing.

With everything that’s going on, chaos will definitely ensue as players must utilize strategy as well as to plan which planets to try and invade, taking into consideration its size and distance from other planets. There are also quite a few enemies that have special abilities which can put you at a disadvantage if you are not smart enough to change your plan of attack. In skilled hands, however, you can even put their abilities against them in some cases.

Knowing how many ships to deploy is also important, as you would not want to waste your entire fleet in capturing a planet that will not give you that much of a benefit while leaving your other assets out for the taking. Thus, Galcon Legends is a cycle of offensive and defensive tactics until all planets are under your banner.

There are also team up matches where you must protect and ally against one or even multiple enemies. Teamwork and cooperation is a must here in order to find success. The game plays out across linear levels, and rankings can also be increased in order to provide a more suitable challenge for those who are already having an easy time winning under the current settings.

The game also has a plot that drives the campaigns forward. Players portray the role of Buck the Intergalactic Bill Collector as he meets with and even battles with some very eccentric characters. Each stage is a different challenge as your opponents’ playing styles vary, and the orientation of planets will really have players thinking on their feet in order to find success. This makes Galcon Legends a game that RTS fans will surely love.

Galcon Legends is also a game that will require fast paced decision making. The tide of battle can quickly sway in either’s favour, so utilizing whatever resources you may have is extremely important. Getting highly defensible planets that can generate lots of ships for you s integral, but sometimes having a lot of smaller planets near a place that you want to capture may just be the thing that you need. Players must keep an eye out for countless variables and scenarios, and that’s what makes this title truly exciting.

With everything that’s going on, and with your eyes required at all times to monitor and guide all of your movements as well as to oversee your enemies’ attack patterns, players might have a hard time looking at the numbers at directing your fleets when using a smaller screen. This is a minor annoyance, though, but can be easily alleviated by a larger device. There’s also not quite a lot of levels to play currently, but the title does allow for increased difficulty settings. This greatly increases playability since players would continuously challenge themselves with tougher and faster enemies.

All in all, Galcon Legends is a must have for those who want bite-sized RTS matches in their mobile devices. It is capable of decent challenges and will really require some solid planning and strategizing. All of this coming from a game that hasn’t really changed a lot over the past five years. Still, we’re not complaining one tiny bit.

While the title does not have a lot going for it in terms of graphics or even depth, Galcon Legends is still very enjoyable even without the bells and whistles.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 7/10

Galcon Legends was developed by Hassey Enterprises, Inc. it was released on February 6, 2014 via iTunes and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod iTouch devices running iOS 5.0 or higher. An Android version of the game is also available for purchase.


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