Naughty Kitties [Review]


Aliens are trying to take over the Cat Planet, and it’s up to a band of furry kitties to save their home. They’ve got the armaments and a lot of willing fighters, and they’ve also got a big ship that can bring the fight to the invaders. Now it’s up to you to control and deploy them so that they can fend off their enemies for as long and as far as they can.

Naughty Kitties is a mix of endless running and tower defense, as while the screen rolls forward, players will get to encounter hordes of enemies ranging from basic ones to mini-bosses that players must fight off using the cats in their roster. Difficulty levels switch from easy to extremely difficult, adding on to the unpredictability and challenge of the game. The difference in enemy types will also have players thinking on their feet as ships can only have a limited number of cats on board, and they can only enlist a certain number of cats out of their roster.

The game also focuses on risk and reward, since the cat that would be available after a certain cooldown period will be completely arbitrary. Thus, players would be forced to either dispatch of the cat, which has limited stamina, that is on the queue or immediately swap them with a unit already on the ship so that the next cat could come up quickly. There are various cats that are available within the game, and choosing which ones to bring along will definitely be important, especially if you take into consideration their range, damage, abilities, and other statistics.

Aside from cats, additional ships can also be purchased and upgraded. The former is important as better ships will allow you to have a bigger capacity of kitties to carry at a time, and it will also have a more powerful weapon that can be utilized from time to time to devastate your opponents. The latter, in turn, can also be used to upgrade those stats so that you would be able to last longer against enemies. Lastly, gadgets are consumables that can be purchased using basic currency, and these can be triggered at any point in the game so that you can enjoy its beneficial effects.

Speaking of currencies, the game has the generic dual currency system, but players might be upset by the fact that, further along the game, further improvements to your roster of cats would hit a brick wall especially if you are not willing to spend real money on premium currency. At latter levels, upgrading your cats will require fish rather than coins, and even the system that allows you to acquire additional cats to add to your roster will require premium currency to perform. While there is a “basic” purchase system that will provide you with a chance to acquire a new cat with relatively fewer fish, you’ll wind up on the losing end more often than not.

As the only way to earn fish free of charge is by leveling up, most of the time you’ll be grinding just to reach that next level so that you can get one without paying for anything. Even that, however, is hindered by an energy system that only regenerates at a rate of one every fifteen minutes, and with only a maximum of five units at a time, you’ll be torn between waiting for your energy to fill up or spend those hard earned fish so that you can get to play right away.

Despite these flaws in the gameplay mechanics, you will soon find that Naughty Kitties is extremely fun and addictive. It features cute cats with abilities that you can mix and match to suit your style of play against different enemies that will require you to adapt your strategies, and it also has tons of room for upgrades and modifications. It can only be good for short bursts of time due to the limited energy that you are given, however, and you’ll have to wait for quite some time before you can play again without spending money, but you would be sure to have a spanking good time with whatever time you’re given.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 7/10

Naughty Kitties was developed by Coconut Island Games Limited, and is available via iTunes store. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 5.0 or higher and was made available on February 6, 2014.


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