Dungeon Highway Walkthrough [Guide]

Dungeon Highway

Only a fool would go into a dungeon filled with monsters alone, but if that’s what you must do, then you just have to take as many of them down as you can with you. Dungeon Highway is a different kind of endless running game with 8-bit graphics and very basic gameplay. It’s free to play, however, and it also has three different game modes, so there’s really nothing to complain about. Read this guide so that you will be able to get the skinny on this title.

Dungeon Highway is an endless runner where in the goal is to survive for as long as possible while avoiding walls and enemies. Players are also supplied with a basic ranged attack that can destroy any monsters in your path. Killing monsters and getting farther distances before dying will result in a higher score. There are also powerups that will be able to provide you with some advantages, allowing you to survive for a longer period of time.

Controls within Dungeon Highway are pretty basic. Players can move their characters around obstacles and enemies as well as collect powerups by tilting the device left and right. The controls are pretty sensitive so players would have to be really careful especially when working around tight passages. Players can also fire at enemies by tapping at the screen. Multiple projectiles may be fired at once should there be multiple monsters ahead, but their range is pretty short, so you should fire only when they are already close by.

Different powerups may be collected during your runs, and these would be triggered automatically once you have acquired them. Powerups provide different effects, and each can be put to your advantage. The yellow jar, for example, would make your character grow twice in size which would allow you to take one extra hit before dying. The blue jar, on the other hand, will provide you with the ability to fire bolts in multiple directions, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with one tap. There are also items that will slow time around you and increase your total score and many more. One rule to follow is that you should collect any item that appears if it is within reach.

Game Modes
Dungeon Keeper can be played under either Normal or Hardcore Mode. There’s really no difference aside from the difficulty level and the number of obstacles and monsters within the stages. There’s also the Daily Challenge where new stages can be encountered, although gameplay is pretty much the same. The game does not offer an online leaderboard, so the only score that would be recorded would be your own personal best.

Tips and Tricks
It will take some time to get the hang of the tilt controls to move your character around. Just keep at it until it becomes second nature. Also, keeping things in perspective can be a bit difficult especially with the game’s 3D-ish visuals. Most of the time, you should stay at the center road and just move around if there are any blockages along your path. Otherwise, you might find yourself smacking against the wall if you’re running too much on the left or right side, especially since these areas can be a bit confusing visually.

As much as possible, don’t avoid monsters. You have unlimited firepower, so don’t hesitate to run directly towards them and shoot when the timing is right. Don’t just keep on tapping the screen, however. It takes a while after each volley before you can shoot again, and the last thing that you would want is to run towards an enemy while you’re still on empty. On the other hand, your weapons won’t do any good against walls, so the only thing to do when you come across them is to find an open area on the road.

Always keep your eye on incoming obstacles or monsters. This is a good strategy as oftentimes you’ll only have a split second to react as some walls will block your view of the path immediately behind it. Thus, hone your reflexes and be ready to either change your direction or start firing away to destroy enemies. Be attentive also of ay powerups that might come along the way, as these can really help add onto your score. The powerup that essentially gives you an additional life as well as the spread shot powerup are some of the best, but getting other powerups will never be a bad thing, as well.

Lastly, try the other game modes, and don’t just stick with the Normal difficulty setting. There are a lot of dungeons to discover, although the gameplay and environments pretty much remains the same, but playing the other modes will definitely help keep you on your toes and you can boast personal best scores for each of these.


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