Naughty Kitties Walkthrough [Guide]

Naughty Kitties

Imagine cute kittens holding devastating weapons and destroying robotic drones and ships while aboard a flying vehicle of their own. If you can’t visualize that, then Naughty Kittens will certainly give you a rude awakening. This is an endless runner-slash-tower defense game where players must last for as long as possible against relentless hordes of enemies. These cats may be cute and cuddly, but they definitely mean business. Follow their lead and read through this guide so that you can crush anything that stands in your way with your furry pals.

Naughty Kitties is an endless running game with tower defense and real time strategy thrown in. The main goal is to survive for as long as possible against an endless wave of enemies that can hurt you in many different ways. Players are equipped with a ship as well as an endless supply of cats, and these cats can be put on the ship in order to help you defend your ship as well as attack the opposition.

Cats would have to be swapped with each other as they have limited stamina. Players must plan how they can go about this as players will have limited slots on board, and the selection of cats that you would have is randomly generated. Choosing the right set of cats to bring to your mission, upgrading both your cats and your ships, and even bringing the right gadgets with you will be essential to success.

Gold and fish are the two currencies within the game. Gold can be used to buy gadgets, make them last longer in the ship, purchase and upgrade ships, and also upgrade cats at lower levels. On the other hand, fish can be used to acquire new cats and gadgets as well as to upgrade your cats even higher. In addition, fish can also be used to continue your run should your ship get destroyed, and to refill your cookies once you run out of them.

Gold can be earned during regular gameplay. This is done by destroying enemies, getting boosts and performing combos, and even completing missions. Gold may also be earned by leveling up and exchanging fish for them. Fish, on the other hand, are awarded at a rate of one for each level increase. Fish may also be acquired via in-app purchases.

Cookies serve as the energy within Naughty Kitties. Cookies regenerate at a rate of one every fifteen minutes, and you can only hold a maximum of five at a time. Players will consume cookies whenever they play, and this can be refilled either by waiting or by spending fish so that it can be replenished instantly.

Leveling Up
By constantly playing the game and completing missions during your runs, players will earn experience points which would in turn allow players to level up. Leveling up provides a lot of benefits as it not only gives you free coins and fish, but it will also unlock new features such as gadgets, new ships, and new levels. Thus, continue to level up so that you can get more content.

Players will be able to acquire different kinds of cats with different abilities. Some cats are purely offensive in nature, while some will have special skills such as being able to repair your ship or making your other cats have more durable stamina. Bringing the right combination of cats during each stage is important to that you can last longer each time you play.

Players can unlock different cats by using the Cat Machine. Players can spend six fish which would guarantee them a new cat, or two fish which would provide either a new cat or a gadget. Cats may also be upgraded so that they will have better abilities, and this can be done by spending coins at lower levels and fish later on. Lastly, players can spend coins on food, which would keep your cats well fed and happy, which would in turn make them last longer in the ship.

During regular play, players can take a number of cats with them depending on the capacity of their ship. As players put cats on the ship, the slot will have a cooldown period after which a random cat would then be available. Players can use the new cats to swap with cats already on board, or they can fling them away so that new cats would be generated.

Players can also perform boosts, which are done by having cats of the same type in all available slots of your ship. Boosts will greatly increase your cats’ abilities, but at the cost of faster stamina usage. Players can chain boosts into combos by swapping a cat with another cat of the same type. This would earn players extra coins as well as fully replenish all cats’ stamina.

Ships are your main vehicle as you fly across the air. Ships can be upgraded and they can also be purchased using coins. This will upgrade its overall health and ability to damage enemies with its one weapon, which can destroy or at least heavily hurt multiple enemies at once. However, this weapon has a long cooldown rate, so make sure to be able to use this wisely.

Higher level ships also have a higher cat capacity, which means that more can be placed on board at the same time. Ships cost a lot of coins to purchase and upgrade, so make sure to save up and continuously play the game so that you can acquire the necessary funds. Also, it is important to reach the required levels as some ships would only be available for purchase after reaching a certain point in the game.

Like cats, players can take gadgets with them as they play. They can only bring a limited amount of these items with them, and they are also consumable, which means that they’ll be gone after you use them. Gadgets can be triggered during gameplay and can provide different benefits such as giving you shielding for a brief period of time, refreshing your cat queue, blasting you a certain distance forward, and many more. Gadgets may be purchased using coins and can also be one using the Basic spins in the Cat Machine.

Naughty Kitties currently features three different stages, with the latter two unlocking once players have reached certain levels. Each stage is ranked by star, and the more stars a stage has, the more difficult the enemies are. However, coins and experience rewards are much greater proportionally, as well. Thus, if you find it very easy to survive in easier stages, and then make it a point to move to other stages in order to both test your skill as well as to earn more experience and currencies.


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