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Flappy Bird

The biggest name in gaming right now isn’t Mario. The most talked about game isn’t Titanfall. In fact, the game that has the entire world raving (and cursing) is not even available to download anymore because the creator became too stressed out from all the publicity he is receiving.

The game I’m talking about is, of course, Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird released in spring of 2013, but it just recently became a worldwide phenomenon. With a level of popularity that rivals Angry Birds, Flappy Bird became an overnight mobile sensation. Since it is no longer available to download, people have been selling their Flappy Bird-loaded iPhones on eBay for a hefty chunk of change. If anything, the deletion of Flappy Bird only made the game even more popular.

In order to show support to the creator of Flappy Bird as well as to piggyback off the success of the game, numerous clones have been made. A movement of sorts by independent game developers has launched to produce clones based on the Flappy Bird gameplay design. The best of these clones can be found here with links.

Which Flappy Bird clone do you think is the best? Here are the best of the bunch:

Flappy Bird Flash
Flappy Bryan
Flappy Doge

This next one isn’t playable in an online web browser, but you can download it for Minecraft on PC. Basically, someone took the Flappy Bird concept and then they recreated the game in Minecraft. This Minecraft version of Flappy Bird is especially impressive because not only does it capture the basic essence of Flappy Bird within the Minecraft sandbox, but it features multiple difficulty levels and other features that really show that the creator of this went the extra mile.

Check out Minecraft Flappy Bird for yourself in the link below. The download link for Minecraft Flappy Bird can be found in the description box of the YouTube video:

Minecraft Flappy Bird

* * *

My personal favorite is by far Flappy Bryan. Being a huge fan of WWE, I love the added audio touches inspired by professional wrestler Daniel Bryan. Whenever players successfully pass through pipes, the game says “YES!” Whenever plays fail, we hear “NO!”

Flappy Doge is also pretty amusing as it plays off the meme well. The message that you get after losing is particularly funny…

And then of course, Kongregate has managed to throw up Flappy Bird Flash, which is basically the exact same thing as the original game but tailor made for computers, using the spacebar to make the bird flap. For the record, most of these clones can be played with a touchscreen or mouse click instead of using the spacebar.

If you can find more Flappy Bird clones online, please share them in the comments below and if they are fun enough, they will be added to the list!

Maybe one day the original Flappy Bird will be back up on the app store, but until then, we will have to make due with these rather imaginative clones. Enjoy!


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